KBF came up with this event after eliminating the State Adjustment Factor, as a way for KBF Members in “small-bass states” to achieve success on the national level. Because state rankings play such a huge part of one’s Challenge AOY score total, and because one person, at least, from each state will be invited, this gives almost everyone an equal shot at the national limelight and high-dollar payouts.

  1. Top Challenge AOY Points earner for each state (rolling down until the slot is filled). Points are accumulated in all KBF Challenges through mid-October. No more than two KBF State Challenges can count each month, and up to 20 Challenges in all. If you compete in more than that, lowest scores are culled. No limit on Special Challenges (like the KBF One Night Stand and the Dog Days Challenge in August).
  2. After states with at leasts one KBF member residing in them are all represented, then starting at the top of the Challenge AOY Points ranking, we work down, inviting each person, skipping previously invited, until we have 100 who accept the invitation and confirm
  3. Invitations will go out right after the Columbus Day Challenge in mid-October, but no one should be surprised to receive an invitation; rankings will be updated periodically so everyone will have a pretty good idea where they stand.
  4. Two-Day event is concurrent with the End on the Bend KBF OPEN Series Tournament on Toledo Bend out of Many, LA, with HQ at Cypress Bend Park, the first weekend in November. Same rules as the OPEN: 5 bass creel each day.
  5. Prize pool is being built of $2.00 from every Challenge registration throughout the season. If you figure we have about 1,000 competitors per month, March through September is seven thousand registrations, so we’re looking in the neighborhood of a $14,000-15,000 pot.
  6. First place guaranteed $10,000, with remainder of the prize pool distributed proportional to rank to the next nine anglers in rank. (I guess if someone refuses the prize money, it would roll down.)
  7. No Entry Fee. No AOY Points. No BONUS BUCKS. No KBF-NC Slots. For those, sign up to fish the KBF OPEN…same time, same water, same rules.

2017 KBF 100 Challenge Championship Invitees

These are 43 top-ranked KBF Members in each state or province, based on KBF Challenge scores, plus 57 others who occupy the top ranks, nationally. (Five Members who rank at or near the top in their states have already notified KBF that they would be unable to participate, so they’ve been culled and alternates moved into their slots.)

KBF will send emails to each of these members, inviting them to compete for a $10,000 first prize on Toledo Bend and the title of KBF 100 Challenge Champion. Each one will have four days in which to commit. If they fail to respond or notify KBF that they withdraw by Saturday, October 14, then their positions will roll down, either within the state (if qualifying as the top score by state) or nationally.

Member State Count Points
Jonathan Lessmann AL 20 1309.1
Cody Milton AR 20 1542.6
Bryce Gibbs AZ 17 1609.0
Matthew Brannon CA 9 791.0
Kenny Hood CO 18 897.1
Greg Matakaetis CT 8 529.2
Justin Tuxward DE 4 338.0
Jason Broach FL 20 1837.9
Ron Champion GA 17 1352.1
TYLER COLE IA 12 1005.5
Jeremy Miller ID 15 1042.8
Joseph Palmer IL 11 772.4
Scott Drescher IN 14 746.9
Joshua Martin KS 19 1214.4
Jay Wallen KY 20 1377.4
Jamie Broad LA 19 1176.0
Mike Elrick MA 20 1382.4
Dave Thompson MD 6 553.5
Jason Gardner ME 9 727.6
James Snow MI 9 675.5
Jeremy Curtiss MN 13 992.9
Mel Ashe MO 20 1485.5
Brad Case MS 20 1774.0
Ricky Rowland NC 20 1692.5
Marty Hughes NE 11 848.5
Adam Rourke NH 4 281.0
Mike Appalucci NJ 6 452.0
Jeff Sherwood NM 4 226.8
Richard Kattau NV 15 814.5
Clayton George NY 11 829.1
Eric Siddiqi OH 20 1220.2
Michael Ring OK 5 473.0
Richard Ofner ON 11 806.4
Jeremy Miles OR 4 313.0
Garrett Gincley PA 9 486.8
Serge Ricard QC 4 191.2
Barry Davis SC 11 697.4
Joshua Stewart TN 19 1393.5
Robert Moore TX 18 1298.9
Clayton Most UT 1 97.0
jody queen VA 18 1359.9
Loren Olson WA 6 478.0
Don Thompson WI 6 460.0
Brian Aliff WV 18 1331.1
Jerry Burdine FL 19 1605.8
Karl Hudson MS 18 1572.6
Jamie Denison NC 20 1427.8
Ken Wood MA 17 1342.7
William Son KY 20 1312.7
Jason Adams AR 18 1295.8
William Weems TX 17 1202.9
Matt Ball OH 20 1199.4
Mark Azevedo FL 17 1159.5
Sammy Pugh WV 20 1144.4
Anthony Shingler TN 14 1130.2
Rebecca Golden KY 20 1122.0
Casey Reed VA 15 1112.9
Tim Isaacs OH 18 1104.1
Billy Reynolds MO 20 1091.5
Justin Brewer AR 14 1070.5
Drew Mixon FL 16 1030.0
jason scapanski FL 20 1025.2
Matthew Dunn NC 16 1003.2
Shelly Efird NC 18 995.2
Henry Veggian NC 14 993.9
Mario Galaviz AZ 15 975.6
Jim Kemp Sr WV 19 950.8
Clint Henderson GA 18 946.3
David Neace KY 16 936.2
Brandon Watson AL 13 924.3
Doug Wilson FL 12 923.2
Adam Riser TN 18 918.6
Hans Bentz MO 18 918.0
Jason Kincy AR 13 900.4
Kurt Smits OH 11 893.2
Dustin Good VA 18 888.0
Tim Beers FL 19 870.6
Chris Odom AL 16 867.4
Tom Monahan ID 13 832.4
Brian Soefje AZ 9 825.6
Andy Thompson Jr GA 11 818.1
Eric Brost TX 15 817.5
Glen Wingate FL 12 808.2
Nick Crull NE 10 801.3
Donnie Jones MS 14 794.3
Steve Buechner CA 10 777.9
Michael Lawhon WV 10 772.5
Nick Stephens IA 11 764.0
Andrew Snyder AZ 12 755.3
TJ Duffy IA 9 752.5
John Rapp WV 16 743.6
Mitchell White GA 14 741.2
Jeremy Mitchell MO 11 740.6
Brian Slone KY 11 732.5
Arlie Minton NC 12 728.7
Matthew Flett TX 12 721.0
Steve Leaman MO 17 718.5
Gina Ueke MO 13 716.8
Trev Stuckey CO 8 716.5
Ralph Nolan NC 10 711.8
When is the 100 Challenge Championship?
It’s the first weekend in November on Toledo Bend (the same weekend as the End on the Bend KBF OPEN).
Where is this event to be held?
Out of Cypress Bend State Park near Many, Louisiana on Toledo Bend Reservoir—the lake Bassmaster Magazine has named America’s #1 big bass lake two years in a row.


Which AOY Points count toward this event?
Not all KBF AOY Points count; those earned through competition in KBF OPEN Series and TRAIL Series tournaments do not.

The 100 CHALLENGE Championship will consider only AOY points earned in KBF Challenges (both the monthly KBF State Challenges as well as Special Challenges).

Do points from all Challenges count?
No more than two KBF State Challenges per month contribute to one’s total, so if a KBF Member fishes in KY, PA, OH, and WV KBF State Challenges in the same month, we’ll count the two for which his AOY Points were highest and cull the two lower scores.

There’s no limit on Special Challenges, but we offer only two or three of those per month.

AOY Points from no more than 20 Challenges will be counted in determining who gets invited to the 100 CHALLENGE Championship.

How do I get to compete in this event?
It’s an invitation-only event. The top scoring KBF Member from each state will be invited (and if he declines, that invitation rolls to #2 in score, and so on down the rank until each state is represented). Then, the remaining positions are filled by starting at the top of the Challenge AOY scores nationwide and working our way down, inviting each one until we fill out the 100.
What is the Entry Fee?
No entry fee. $2.00 from each Challenge registration all year goes into the pot. First place pays out $10,000, guaranteed, with the rest of the prize pool distributed among the next nine in rank.
When do invitations go out?
In order to get invitations out in time for people to respond and make their travel plans, the last Challenge that will contribute points toward the 100 Challenge Competition will be the Columbus Day Challenge (10/7-8). Immediately following posting of that event’s results, invitations will be distributed. We hope to have the roster finalized, all slots verified, by October 17—two weeks before the event.
Will every state and province be represented?
Every US state and Canadian province with at least one KBF Member resident who earned 2017 KBF AOY Points in KBF Challenges will be included. We have no members at this time in some states and in only two provinces, and others may have only one or two members, who didn’t compete in Challenges. No invitations will be offered in those states.

If one resides in states that have only one KBF Member (MO, NM, and RI, at the time this was written) and competes in even one Challenge, he has a 100% chance of getting invited. If no one in the state accepts the invitation, then that open position will be filled based on overall ranking.

No fair; I live in a state with 200 KBF Members!

If you mean your chances of getting an invitation would be better if you lived in Rhode Island, then okay; we see your point. Your odds of being invited are almost certain for our single RI member. In most states, though, you’ll have to top your state or be in the top ranks nationally to have a shot at receiving an invitation.

KBF is promoting participation in kayak fishing across the US. and Canada. In every state and province. So we’re creating incentives for bass anglers in states like New Mexico, where the number of kayak anglers now is relatively low, to jump in, become KBF members, and compete in Challenges. The 100 Challenge is one way we do that.

KBF is organizing the event, staffing the event, promoting the event, and paying all the expenses to hold the event, For those reasons we get to take our mission into account. In the long run, this plan benefits all KBF Members, even though it reduces the odds of an invitation for individuals.

What's the pay-out?
The prize pot is made up of $2 from every KBF Challenge Entry Fee throughout 2017. $10,000 of that is guaranteed to First Place. The balance of the prize pot is apportioned to the next nine places in rank.
Is this a KBF National Championship Qualifying Event?
No. Most likely every competitor invited will already have qualified. If not, though, they may compete in the KBF OPEN “End on the Bend” that will run concurrently. Same water. Same time. Same rules.
Will KBF BONUS BUCKS be paid out?
No. But if one competes in the concurrent “End on the Bend” KBF OPEN going on at the same time, same place, bonuses will be paid out in that event.
Will KBF AOY Points be awarded?
No. KBF doesn’t award Angler of the Year points at invitational tournaments (e.g., “The TEN,” Bienville Bassin’, National Championship, 100 Challenge Championship).
With a non-resident fishing license from either Texas or Louisiana, may I fish all Toledo Bend?
“Residents of Texas or Louisiana who are properly licensed in their state (or are exempt because of age), or persons who hold valid non-resident fishing licenses issued by either state may fish in any portion of the lakes and rivers forming a common boundary between Louisiana and Texas inland from a line across Sabine Pass between Texas Point and Louisiana Point.” (Source, Texas Parks & Wildlife)

And from Toledo Bend Lake Country: “A fishing license is required when fishing on Toledo Bend Reservoir. Since the lake is bounded by both Texas and Louisiana, a fishing license from either state is valid for residents of either state fishing on any part of the lake (not from the shoreline!). For visitors who will want a temporary license, where you are staying (Louisiana side or Texas side) is not particularly relevant so long as you will be fishing on the lake and not from the shoreline. Therefore, generally, you may be staying in Louisiana and could fish with either a Louisiana or Texas temporary license – or vice-versa.”

For official information on fishing regulations and license fees:



Where can I get more information about Toledo Bend Reservoir?
Start here, at the Texas Parks & Wildlife Toledo Bend Reservoir page: https://tpwd.texas.gov/fishboat/fish/recreational/lakes/toledo_bend/

2017 KBF 100 Challenge Championship on Toledo Bend

Cypress Bend Park, Many, Louisiana, November 3-4, 2017