2017 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

March 2017 • Kentucky Lake • Paris, Tennessee
The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship will be the top freshwater kayak fishing tournament of 2017, with the largest payout, most added money and top competition from around the Kayak Bass Fishing Nation.

2017 KBF National Championship Competition Rules Addendum

This is an addendum to the KBF Competition Rules Standards. The rules that follow are specific to the 2017 KBF National Championship.

    1. KBF National ChampionshipVenue Host: Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce
    2. Tournament HQ: Henry County Fairground, 565 Royal Oak Drive, Paris, Tennessee
    3. Tournament Director: Chad Hoover
    4. Eligibility: This event is limited to 2016 KBF Members who qualified through KBF and KBF-sanctioned tournaments, challenges, tournament trails, KBF Partner clubs, and events.
    5. Competition Rules: KBF Rules are in two parts:
      1. By registering, each competitor acknowledges he has read and agrees to abide by (a.) the KBF Competition Rules Standards (including the Release and Indemnification Agreement and Copyright and Use of Images Agreement) and to (b.) the specific rules outlined in the KBF Competition Rules Addendum on this page; and
      2. The competitor further agrees to abide by the KBF Event Participation Terms and Conditions.
    6. Event Schedule
      1. Competition start times were established as approximately one hour before sunrise.
      2. Thursday 3/30, 4:00 p.m.: Prefishing on Eligible Water ends.
      3. Thursday 3/30, 2:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.: Check-in and Late Registrations at Tournament HQ
      4. Thursday 3/30, 6:30 p.m., approximately: Immediately following KBF OPEN Awards Ceremony, mandatory Captains Meeting at Tournament HQ
      5. Friday 3/31, 6:00 a.m:. Competition Start Time. Anglers may be on Eligible water earlier, but no lines in water until 6 a.m.
      6. Friday 3/31,3:00 p.m.: Deadline to be in line at Tournament HQ for on-site upload of digital photos via memory card or cable.
      7. Friday 3/31,4:00 p.m.: All anglers must be in or through the judges line at Tournament HQ for photo confirmation.
      8. Friday 3/31,5:00 p.m.: Mandatory Captains Meeting
      9. Saturday 4/1, 6:00 a.m.: Competition Start Time
      10. Saturday 4/1, 3:00 p.m.: Deadline to be in line at Tournament HQ for on-site upload of digital photos via memory card or cable.
      11. Saturday 4/1, 4:00 p.m.: all anglers must be in or through the judges line at tournament HQ for photo confirmation and distribution of meal tickets.
      12. Saturday 4/1, 4:30 p.m.: (or as soon as possible thereafter) Begin Awards Ceremony at Tournament HQ
    7. Spring 2016 Kayak Bass Fishing KBF OPEN Fishing Tournament Eligible Waters

      (Click for larger image.)

      Eligible Water & Location: For the 2017 KBF National Championship, eligible waters are Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, bounded by the two dams in the north, I-40 in the south, and the Red River confluence with the Cumberland River in the east, plus any backwaters, bays, creeks and sloughs contiguous to those lakes at summer pool level. Water must be accessible by paddling a kayak from the main bodies of water; they may not be separated by a dam, levee, bar, reef, berm, other land form.

    8. Entry Fee and Registration Procedures
      1. This event is conducted as an online KBF Tournament powered by TourneyX.
      2. Sign up and pay the Entry Fee at TourneyX.
      3. Entry Fee Amount: $250.
      4. Check-in and Captains Meetings will be at Tournament HQ.
      5. Entry Fee Transfers—Up until one week prior to the event, Entry Fees may be transferred to another Competitor’s account. There is no service charge for transfers.
      6. Entry Fee Refunds—Refund requests must be received by Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC by email or in writing no later than one week prior to the event. All refunds will be assessed a 10% service charge.
    9. Manual Submission of Digital Photos: The preferred channel for submitting digital photos is upload from the angler’s smart phone directly to to TourneyX. If an Competitor cannot or will not upload photos to Tourney X, Tournament Staff will do so at Tournament HQ. Anglers who need to have their digital photos upload to TourneyX by Tournament Staff must be in line at Tournament HQ by 3 p.m. on Competition Days and be prepared to surrender their camera’s memory card or cell phone and cable. No Competitor who arrives in line after 3:00 p.m. will be allowed to turn in their memory card or cable to Tournament Staff for on-site uploads.
    10. Prizes
      1. The number of places and payout amounts will vary with the number of registered competitors.
      2. In addition the 20 top anglers not previously qualified will qualify for slots at the 2018 KBF National Championships:
      3. In addition to prizes, BONUS BUCKS will be awarded to Program participants who finish high in the ranks and, in some cases, own and use KBF Sponsors’ products.
    11. Awarding of Prizes
      1. Competitors must be present to receive awards.
      2. Cash prizes and BONUS BUCKS bonuses will be distributed at the Saturday evening National Championship Awards Ceremony at Tournament HQ.
      3. Tournament results will be visible on TourneyX and subsequently will be posted on this Website and on Facebook
MILITARY QUALIFICATION DEFERMENT – A member of the US Military who qualifies to compete in a KBF National Championship may receive orders to deploy at a time that prevents him from participating. His qualification will be deferred to the following year. The qualifying authority, either KBF or a KBF Partner, will roll the vacated slot to the first alternate and will allocate one of its subsequent year’s slots for that military member.
A Kentucky and Tennessee reciprocal fishing license agreement permits anglers with a valid fishing license from either state to fish certain areas of the state, as defined below. In all of Lake Barkley and on Kentucky Lake outside of the applicable area, competitors must carry a valid fishing license issued by the state(s) in whose waters they fish.

From the Kentucky Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Page 15

On Kentucky Lake, anglers with either a valid Kentucky or Tennessee sport fishing license may fish from Eggner’s Ferry Bridge (U.S. 68 and Hwy. 80) in Kentucky south to the Governor Ned McWhorter Bridge (U.S. 79 and Hwy. 76) in Tennessee. This includes all embayments and tributaries, except the Blood River embayment in Kentucky. Anglers must abide by the fishing regulations of the state in which they are fishing.

From the 2016 Tennessee Fishing Guide, Page 43

Each state will recognize the sport fishing licenses for the other state on the portion of Kentucky Lake south of the Eggners Ferry Bridge (US 68 & Hwy. 80) in Kentucky and north of the Governor Ned McWherter Bridge (US 79 & Hwy. 76) in Tennessee. This includes all embayments and tributaries within this portion of Kentucky Lake except the Blood River embayment. Blood River embayment shall be defined as a straight line between opposite points where the embayment connects to the main body of Kentucky Lake. A sport fishing license holder from either state may fish from the bank or attach legal sport fishing trot or limb lines in this described portion of Kentucky Lake.
     Sport fishing license holders shall abide by the regulations of the state in whose waters they are fishing. Wildlife enforcement officials in either state shall have the right to inspect the licenses, permits, catches and equipment of any person on this portion of Kentucky Lake subject to the laws of either state.

Information KBF Competition Rules Standards 2017 KBF National Championship Facebook Event Page Register at TourneyX for the 2017 KBF National Championship  Enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS Become a Kayak Bass Fishing Member

National Championship Qualified Anglers Roster

Competitors in KBF-directed competition and in KBF Partner organizations qualify for slot(s) in the 2017 National Championship:

  • The top 20 places at the 2016 National Championship
  • The top 20 places at the 2016 KBF OPEN on Kentucky Lake (we intended 10 but originally announced 20, so we’re honoring that and qualifying the top 20)
  • The top 10 places at the other two KBF OPEN Series tournament during 2016 (West Virginia and Toledo Bend)
  • The top 5 places at each KBF TRAIL Series tournament
  • The single top KBF Member in each KBF Regional Challenge (and other KBF Challenge identified as a “Qualifying Event”)
  • The top 10 KBF Members at the MSKA Flood Relief Tournement (Non-members have two weeks from date of award to join KBF, or their slot rolls down to the top alternate in that event.)
  • From 2 to 10 top anglers from each KBF Partner organization through a process of their own choosing (e.g., top 10 in AOY rankings)

In any case, if a competitor qualifies for a slot at the 2017 National Championship and has previously qualified in another Challenge or Tournament, then the slot rolls down to the first not previously qualified alternate. For example, if Bob Smith qualifies at the 2016 KBF OPEN because he was in the top 10 and later comes in first in the KBF-RC1605 Southeast Region KBF Challenge, then since he already qualified the slot will be offered to Ed Jones, who placed second. If Ed, too, previously qualified, then the slot rolls on down to the next highest ranking competitor in that event.

Qualification “roll-downs” are not retroactive; that is, if a competitor qualifies in an OPEN and later qualifies in a Challenge, KBF does not go back to the earlier OPEN and roll that slot down to the next alternate. Slots roll down only in the competition in which a previously qualified competitor qualifies again.

All TRAIL and KBF Regional Challenge competitors are KBF Members. KBF OPEN competitors may be non-Members. If a competitor in a KBF OPEN or other qualifying event, like a KBF Partner championship or AOY competition, is NOT a KBF Member at the time he is awarded a qualifying slot, he has two weeks from the award date in which to join KBF. If he chooses not to do so, then the slot is rescinded and rolls down to the highest-placing unqualified competitor in the same event.

Example: If Kim Jones qualifies in the KBF OPEN in West Virginia and is not a KBF Member at the time, then he has two weeks in which to join KBF. If he decides not to join in that two-week window, then the qualification is withdrawn and the slot is offered to the top down-ranked alternate who has not previously qualified.

Below is a list of KBF Members who qualified during 2016 for 2017 KBF National Championship slots through (a.) KBF Challenges and Tournaments and (b.) KBF Partner awards. This list was updated on December 3, 2016 and includes qualified slots up through the Black Bass Friday KBF Challenge. It also includes anglers who qualified through the following KBF Partner organizations:

  • Arkansas Kayak Anglers
  • Bluegrass Yakmasters
  • Carolina Kayak Anglers
  • California Kayak Bass Fishing
  • Carolina Kayak Anglers
  • Central Tennessee Kayak Anglers
  • Clarksville Area Kayak Fishing Group
  • Kayak Fish the Great Lakes
  • Kayak Bass Fishing TN
  • Kayak Bass League
  • KayakTournaments.com
  • Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing
  • Mid-Atlantic Kayak Bass Fishing
  • Mountain State Kayak Anglers
  • North East Kansas Kayak Anglers
  • New York Kayak Bass Fishing
  • Oklahoma Kayak Anglers
  • Oregon Kayak Bass Fishing
  • Reel Krazy Kayak Fishing Tour
  • Southern Middle TN Kayak Anglers
  • West TN Bass Yakkers
  • Peach State Kayak Anglers
  • Sweetwater Trail

Aaron Miller: 1604KRC-MS
Aaron Roberts: OKBF
Aaron White : MAKBF
Adam Riser: KBFTN
Adam Shepard: BGYM
Adam Street: 2016KBFNC, VDC
Adam Tackett: KBFOPENTB
AJ McWhorter: 2016OPENKYLK, 2016KBFNC, VDC
Alan Wiedmeyer: 2016KBFNC
Allen Lee Starling: RKKFT
Amos Hicks: MSKAFRT
Andy Middleton: RKKFT
Andy Thompson: 2013KBFOPEN, ONSC1607, ONS1608
Andy Thompson Jr: 1607KRC-SE, ONS1608, 1608KRC-BS, BTSBC-SE, ONS1609
Anthony Caldwell: MSKAFRT
Anthony Notarobertas: LIKBF
Anthony Rinehart: 2016OPENWVA
Anthony Shingler: CAKFG
Ashley Ault: WTBY
Atif Goodman: KBL
Austin Lilly: 2016OPENWVA
Barry Davis: KBS
Bear (William) Wenzel  : MAKBF
Ben Lowry: BBFC-TN
Ben Smith: MSKA
Benjamin Adrien: KBFOPENTB
Benny Williams: 2016KBFNC
Blace Hutchens: 2016OPENWVA
Blake Smith: ST
Bob Bogdal: 2016OPENKYLK
Bob Strempek: 1608KRC-BS
Brad Andrews: VDC
Brad Richardson: MSKA
Brandon Humbertson : MAKBF
Brandon Jessup: MSKAFRT
Brandon Sorg: KBFTRAILDH
Brandon Tagayun: MSKA
Brandon Wamsley: MSKA
Brandon Watson: KBFTTRAILG
Brent Lanier: MSKAFRT, KBS
Brian Aliff: 1604KRC-EC, 2016OPENWVA, BTSBC-EC
Brian Butcher: 2016OPENWVA
Brian Butterfield: 1605KRC-EC
Brian Cornelison: OKBF
Brian Crystaloski: KBS
Brian Freshwater : MAKBF
Brian Reynolds : SMTKA
Brian Slone: MSKAFRT
Brian Wisner: 1606KRC-MN, 1610KRC-MN
Brodey Lehman: MSKA
Bronson Locklear: WTBY
Bryan Bostic: MSKAFRT
Buddy Vance: MSKA
C.J. Scott: WTBY
Calvin Dee: KBL
Carson McBride: AKA
Casey Reed: ONSC1606, BBFC-MS
Chad Crow: BBFC-GA
Chad Harris: CTKA
Charles Williams: KBS
Chris Alkire: 2016KBFNC
Chris Blake: ST
Chris Conder: CTKA
Chris Gravely: K&G, KBS
Chris LeMessurier: KFTGL
Chris Padgett: RKKFT
Chris Rios : MAKBF
Chris Schafer: MSKA
Chris St Pierre: KFTGL
Chris Watts: 1610KRC-MN
Chris Whitehill: 1608KRC-WC
Christian Mckenzie: KBFTRAILOH
Christopher Anglin: KBFOPENTB
Chunsum Choi: KBL
CJ Scott: KBS
Clayton George: NYKBF
Clint Henderson: 2016KBFNC, 1606KRC-SE, KBFTTRAILW, VDC
Cody Harter: KBFTN
Copeland Still: 2016OPENKYLK
Corey Caywood: BGYM
Cory Dreyer: 2016KBFNC, 1606KRC-MS, 1608KRC-MS, KBFOPENTB
Coy Lehman: MSKA
Dallin Swenson: 2016KBFNC
Daniel Bragg: KBFTRAILDH
Daniel Keeton: BTSBC-SE
Danny Bales: 1610KRC-SE
Dave Thompson : MAKBF
David Adlington : MAKBF
David Golding: K&G
David Kittrell: 2016OPENKYLK, KBFTTRAILG
David Wall: WTBY
Declan McDonald: AKA
Denny Romero: CKA
Derek Jamison: NEKKA
Derrick Daniels Sr: 1610ONS
Dirk Venn: CKBF-N
Don Thompson: GLKFS3
Don Yates: TVKA
Donnie Jones: 1605KRC-SE, MSKAFRT
Drew Blair: BBFC-MS
Drew Russell: BGYM
Dustin Good: VKBC
Dustin Wulf: TVKA
Dwain Batey: AKA
Dwayne Walley: KBF-TD
Dylan Crystaloski: 2016OPENKYLK, 2016KBFNC
Dylan Jones: KBFTN
Eddie Adams: 2016OPENWVA
Edward Neely: 1608KRC-NE
Eric Siddiqi: 1608KRC-EC
Ernie Williams: CKBF-N
Everett Park: KBFTTRAILW
Gary Kasper: 2016KBFNC, 1606KRC-WC
Gary Rosenberg: KBL
Gary Stephens: 1609KRC-WC
George Lobb IV: KBL
Glen Landstrom: BGYM
Glenn Miller: 1609KRC-EC
Grant Carston: 1606KRC-NC, KBS
Greg Phipps: CAKFG
Greg Riddle: KBFTTRAILW, 1610KRC-SE
Guillermo Gonzalez: 2016OPENKYLK, 2016KBFNC
Henry Veggian: 2016OPENKYLK
Holton Walker: KT.COM
Hunter Michael: 2016OPENWVA
Jack Eames: 1604KRC-WS
James Findley: MSKAFRT
James Francis:
James McCoy: 1605KRC-TX, ONSC1606
James Snyder: ONS1609
James Workman: 1610KRC-MS
Jamie Dabbs: MSKAFRT
Jamie Denison: 2016OPENKYLK, 2016KBFNC, 1604KRC-MS, 1606KRC-MS, 2016OPENWVA
Jared Meadows: 2016OPENWVA
Jason Adams: KBS
Jason Alford: RKKFT
Jason Barnes: RKKFT
Jason Broach: KBFTTRAILG, ONS1608, ONS1609, KBFOPENTB, 1610ONS
Jason Carr: WTBY
Jason Duong: 1609KRC-NW
Jason Glover: CTKA
Jason Hopper: RKKFT
Jason Kincy: AKA
Jason Prevatte: 1609KRC-MS
Jason Scapanski: ONSC1606, 1606KRC-BS
Jason Welker: 1607KRC-EC, 1608KRC-EC, 1609KRC-EC
Jason Willis: KBFOPENTB
Jason Yiznitsky: 1606KRC-EC
Jay Allen: 1608KRC-SE
Jay Suhsen: 1607KRC-NC, KBS
Jedidiah Plunkert : MAKBF
Jeff Fader: VDC
Jeff Goodwin: KBFTRAILOH
Jeff Isham: MSKAFRT
Jeff Malott: AKA
Jeffrey Hall: 2014KBFOPEN
Jeffrey Wills: MSKA
Jeremy Curtiss: 1605KRC-NC, 1606KRC-NC, 1607KRC-NC, 1608KRC-NC, 1609KRC-NC, KBS
Jeremy Davis: 1610ONS
Jeremy Johnson: KBF-TN
Jeremy Miller: 1608KRC-NW
Jeremy Smith: MSKA
Jerry Burdine: MDCFDC, ONSC1606, 1606KRC-BS, MSKAFRT
Jerry Cornelius: KBS
Jerry Emmons: WTBY
Jesse Wade: 2018 KBF-NC-EC
Jim Clark: 1605KRC-SE
Jim Davis: KBS
Jim Flowers : 2016OPENKYLK
Jim Lor: 2016KBFNC
Jim Smith: BBFC-SE
Jim Ware: 1607KRC-SE
Jim Williams: VDC
Jimmy Dean Walters: BGYM
Jimmy Houser: 1607KRC-MS

Jody Queen: 1608KRC-MS, 2016OPENWVA, 1610KRC-MS
Joe Colgrove: 1604KRC-NC
Joe Maione: MDCFDC
Joe Readye: 1604KRC-CA
Joey Montgomery: ONS1608
Joey Sullivan: CKA
John Bradford: KBFOPENTB
John Diniz: KBS
John Gillespie: 2016OPENWVA
John Ladd: CKA
John McClenney: KBFTTRAILG
John McClenney : SMTKA
John Petro: NYKBF
John Rapp: 2016KBFNC
Jonathan Boles: KBFOPENTB
Jordan Marshall: KBS
Jordon Ross: MSKA
Joseph Palmer: BTSBC-EC
Josey Stone: NEKKA
Josh Crabtree: KBFTRAILDH
Josh Duffel: KBFOPENTB
Josh Lutze: NEKKA
JoshBIrthisel: MSKA
Joshua Bennett: GLKFSD
Joshua Evans : MAKBF
Joshua Jordan: 2016OPENWVA
JR Mocaby: 1608KRC-EC
Justin Hanson: 2016KBFNC, 2016OPENWVA
Justin Rushing: KBFOPENTB
Justin Tadlock: 2016OPENKYLK, KBFOPENTB
Justin Templin: 2016KBFNC
Karl Hudson: 1604KRC-SE, 1605KRC-SE, MDCFDC, MSKAFRT, 1609KRC-SE, 1610KRC-SE, VDC, BBFC=SE
Ken Shippy: NEKKA, 1609KRC-WC, 1610KRC-WC
Ken Wood: 1607KRC-NE, 1609KRC-NE
Kenny Hood: 1607KRC-NW
Kevin Morris: MSKAFRT
Kevin Will: 1610KRC-WC
Kevin Workman: 2016KBFNC
Kirk Gossett: CKBF-S
Kyle Zemke: 1610KRC-NW
Larry Anderson: KBS
Larry Nolan: CAKFG
Lee Ward: 1609KRC-SE
Lou Martinez: MAKBF
Luis Villegas: LIKBF
Manny Duran: KBFOPENTB
Mario Ceja: MSKAFRT
Mark Campbell: 1605KRC-NE, 1607KRC-NE, 1608KRC-NE
Mark Davis: WTBY
Mark Ferguson: KBFTRAILDH
Marshall Yarbrough: KBFTN
Martin Toomey: BBFC-BS
Marty Hughes: 1606KRC-WC
Mat Frentress: KBS
Matt Ball: 2016KBFNC
Matt Campbell: 1609KRC-MN
Matt Church: 1609KRC-BS
Matt Cunningham: CTKA
Matt Hawj (Yan Her): CKA
Matt Muscarello: KBL
Matt Skelton: KBS
Matt Skelton : WTBY
Matt Stehle: 2016OPENKYLK
Matthew Brannon: 1605KRC-CA, MSKAFRT, ONS1608, KBFTRAILOH, ONS1608
Matthew Chapman: 1608KRC-MN
Matthew Flett: VDC
Matthew Schaefer: 2016OPENKYLK
Matthew Scotch: 2016KBFNC, KBFOPENTB
Matthew Williams: GLKFS4
Michaeal Kroeger: BGYM
Michael Cates: 2016OPENKYLK, ONS1608, KBFOPENTB
Michael Elrick: KBS, BBFC-NE
Michael Lavoie: CKBF-N
Michael Lawhon: 1610KRC-EC
Michael Ray: 1610KRC-BS
Michael Surrette  : MAKBF
Micheal Tincher: MSKA
Mickey Hang: CKA
Mike McKinstry: 1610KRC-NC
Nam Nguyen: 1609KRC-NC
Nicholas Chin: OKBF
Nick Lester: 2015KBFOPEN, 1607KRC-MN
Patrick Aliff: MSKA
Patrick Randolph: MSKA
Patrick Tharp II: KBL
Patrick Weaver: MSKA
PC Hawj (PorChoua Her): CKA
Peter Black: GLKFS1
Rebecca Golden: KBS
Richard Jones: 1605KRC-MS
Richard Ofner: KFTGL
Richard Ranieri: LIKBF
Richey Hatfield: WTBY
Richie McMichael: NEKKA
Rick Goff: MSKA
Rick Rowland: CKA
Rick Sacca: LIKBF
Ricky Smith: KBFOPENTB
Robbie Arand: NEKKA
Robert Barneett: KT.COM
Robert Clobes: BBFC-MN
Robert Lauber: KBFTRAILOH
Robert Null: KBS
Robert Pickering: 1606KRC-NE
Robert Weiker: CTKA
Roberto Gonzalez: 1607KRC-BS
Rocky Ly: 1604KRC-SE
Ron Champion: 2016KBFNC, KBFTRAILOH, 1605KRC-SE
Ronnie Bouchard: NYKBF
Russell Johnson: 2016OPENWVA, KBS
Russell Rutledge : WTBY
Ryan Hulsey: 2016OPENKYLK
Ryan Lambert: 2016KBFNC
Sam Cushing: 1609KRC-NE
Scott Birchfield: KBS
Scott Dresher: KBS
Scott Reynolds: NYKBF
Scott Shaw: KBL
Sean Worrell: ONS1608
Seth Lassitter: RKKFT
Shae McCord: ONS1608, KBS
Shane McIntyre: KBFTN
Shane Williams: KBFTRAILOH
Shane Young: RKKFT
Shaun Pryor: KBS
Shaun Wood: KBL
Shayne Raynes: MSKA
Shelly Efird: 2016KBFNC
Stephen Bowne: MSKA
Steve Carroll: 1606KRC-WS
Steve Owens: TVKA
Steven Wortz: BBFC-EC
Stewart Venable: 1606KRC-SE, KBS
Tammi Collins: KBFOPENTB
Teng Vue: CKA
Terry Bowman: KBFTN
Terry Brown: 1610KRC-SE
Terry Daniel: SMTKA
Terry Elkins: KBS
Terry Smith: KBS
Thomas Case: MDCFDC, 1607KRC-SE, ONS1608, 1608KRC-SE, KBS
Thomas Hill: MSKA
Thomas Williams: KBFTRAILDH
Tim Beers: BTSBC-BS
Tim Isaacs: VDC
Tim Perkins: 2016KBFNC, VDC
Tim Sabella: K&G
Tim Thao: K&G
Timmy Synarong: KBFTN
Titus Dominguez : KBL
TJ Strong: BGYM
Tom Bresnan: LIKBF
Tom Michael: 2016OPENKYLK
Tom Monahan: 1605KRC-WS, 1607KRC-NW, 1609KRC-NW, 1610KRC-NW
Tommy Xiong: CKA
Tony Bryant: VDC
Tony Hobbs: KBS
Tony Lam: GLKFS2
Tony Uselman: CKA, KBS
Tony Yang: K&G
Toufue Moua: 1608KRC-NC
Trent Harris : WTBY
Trey Delk: MSKA
Tyler Medley: SMTKA
Tyson Peterson: 2016KBFNC
Wayne Butler: CKA
Wesley Harrell: KBFNC
Wesley Smallwood: VKBC
William Durboraw: 1604KRC-MN, 1606KRC-MN, MSKAFRT, 1607KRC-MN, 1609KRC-MN
William Pulsifer: 1605KRC-MN
William Weems: 1604KRC-TX, 1605KRC-TX, MSKAFRT, 1607KRC-BS, ONS1608, BTSBC-BS, 1609KRC-BS, 1610ONS, 1610KRC-BS, BBFC-BS
Wynell Stone: TVKA
Zack Bishop: ONS1609
Zack McElveen: RKKFT
Zack Rush Turner: RKKFT

Entry Fee Waiver for Multiple Qualifications

KBF Members who take first place in a KBF One Night Stand Challenge AND have enrolled in the KBF BONUS BUCKS program before that competition receive a KBF National Championship Entry Fee Waiver.

KBF Members who qualify for the 2017 KBF National Championship three times during 2016 calendar year, two of which were earned by placing first in KBF Regional Challenges, will have their entry fees waived.