World’s Biggest Kayak Fishing Event

Make plans now to be part of this epic kayak angling event. 

What: The biggest kayak fishing cash-out in history will take place in early spring of 2018, with anglers from all over the U.S. competing for as $!00,000 guaranteed first place finish.

Where: To be announced.

When: Captains Meeting Thursday, March 30, with competition Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31.

How: There are four eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a KBF Member (2017 KBF Annual Membership or KBF Lifetime Membership) in 2017.
  2. Qualify by earning a slot through competition in KBF-sanctioned competition or through a KBF Partner club or tour.
    Note: to earn a qualifying slot though a KBF Partner, one must be a KBF Member no later than July 31, 2017
  3. Be a KBF Member in good standing(2018 KBF Annual Membership or KBF Lifetime Membership) as of March 29, 2018
  4. Register for this event on TourneyX within one month after qualifying.
  5. Pay your $300 Entry Fee by December 31, 2017

Qualify by competing and placing in the top ranks of KBF Challenges (online state- and national-level competition), KBF TRAIL Series tournaments (regional meet-up events), and KBF OPEN Series Tournaments (national meet-up competition in spring and fall). Each event awards one, two, five or more qualifying slots, depending on the numbers of registrants. See the Event Rules Addendum for each event.

The 2017 KBF National Championship qualified 50 KBF Members. 2017 KBF OPENs qualify 40 each. KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments qualify 10% of the field (one for every additional 10 registrants) with a minimum of 5 per tournament. KBF Challenges qualify 5% of the field (one for every additional 20 registrants) with a minimum of 1 per event.

By December 15, all 2017 slots will have been awarded and the roster competed. If qualified anglers are unable to compete or withdraw, their slots roll down to the top alternates in the competition or Partner through which the slots were awarded.

All qualified anglers will have confirmed their place by registering no more than one month after qualifying and paying their 2018 KBF-NC Entry Fee by the end of December 2017. On January 1, 2018, slots that were relinquished on December 31 will begin rolling down to the top eligible alternates.

Who: Below are KBF Members who have already qualified for the 2018 KBF-NC through the 2017 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments on Stonewall Jackson Lake (WV), Cayuga Lake (NY) and Kent Lake (MI), April 29, 2017:

Aaron Musick, O1 57
Adam Riser, T02 3
Adam Waller, T03 4
AJ McWhorter, O1 20
Alan Wiedmeyer, O1 33
Alex Roberts, T09 2
Amos Hicks, T07 1
Andy Schafer, O1 2
Anthony Caldwell, CC 1
Anthony Notaroberta, NC17 88
Anthony Rinehart, T03 5
Austin Lilly, NC17 67
Austin Vang, T01 4
Benjamin Adrien, BSCHLG
Benny Williams, O1 41
Billy Pulsifer, T08 6
Bob Bogdal, CC 1
Brad Case, T04 1
Brad richardson, NC17 34
Brandon Myers, T04 9
Brandon Sorg, NC17 70
Brandon Utley, O1 39
Brandon Watson, NC17 22
Bret Marsh, T09 6
Brian Aliff, T07 10
Bryan Bostic, T07 14
Casey Reed, BB 2
Chris Alkire, NC17 50
Chris Hannegan, NC17 20
Clayton George, BSCHLG
Clint Henderson, T02 4
Cody Milton, BB 1
Coleman Fowler, T04 11
Cord Dyer, NC17 9
Cory Dreyer, O1 3
Coy Lehman II, NC17 52
Coy Lehman Sr., NC17 37
Craig Dye, NC17 86
Craig Richardson, NC17 83
Craig Wood, T05 2
Dave Thompson, CC 1
Dave Mull, T09 6
David Adlington, NC17 24
David Kittrell, BB 9
David Neace, T06 2
David Scott, T04 12
David Smith, T04 14
Denny Romero, NC17 31
Doug Wilson, BSCHLG
Drew Gregory, O1 18
Drew Russell, T02 1
Dustin Mues, CC 1
Dwain Batey, T05 1
Eric Brost, BSCHLG
Eric Cormack, BB 15
Eric Hawks, T03 2
Eric Siddiqi, T06 5
Everett Park, O1 43
Garrett Campbell, NC17 43
Garrett Gincley, T07 5
Gary Kasper, T05 8
Gene Bohannon, CC 1
Glen Wingate, BSCHLG
Glenn Landstrom, NC17 89
Greg Raynes, T07 13
Guillermo Gonzalez, O1 4

Hans Bentz, O1 24
Holton Walker, NC17 39
Isaac Smith, T06 11
Jake Moulton, T08 2
James Harding, NC17 47
Jamie Broad, CC 1
Jamie Denison, CC 1
Jared Lejeune, O1 26
Jared Moore, O1 54
Jared Terry, O1 50
Jason Alford, NC17 46
Jason Broach, CC 1
jason cossey, T05 9
jason scapanski, BB 3
Jay Wallen, CC 1
Jedediah Plunkert, NC17 2
Jeff Her, O1 58
Jeff Little, O1 7
Jeff Malott, NC17 27
Jeremy Miller, CC 1
Jerry Burdine, BB 4
Jerry Cornelius, T05 4
Jerry Emmons, II, CC 1
Jesse Harper, T07 7
Jim Brown, T07 8
Jim Clark, T04 4
Jim Davis, BB 14
Jim Kemp Sr, CC 1
Jim Ware, NC17 84
Jim Williams, O1 44
Jimmy Walters, O1 30
Jody Campbell, T06 10
Jody Queen, CC 1
Joe Farson, T07 15
Joey Montgomery, O1 59
John DeKay, T08 5
John Wagner, T05 10
Johnathan Broach, O1 36
Jordan Marshall, NC17 29
Joseph Palmer, NC17 87
Joseph Sanderson, O1 15
Josh Lutze, NC17 49
Joshua Boothe, NC17 75
Joshua Howell, NC17 65
Joshua Jordan, NC17 91
Joshua Stewart, NC17 79
Josue Estela, T08 1
Josue Rodriguez, CC 1
Justin Brewer, CC 1
Justin Coon, NC17 93
Justin Godfrey, T07 12
justin hanson, NC17 85
Karl Hudson, BB 5
Ken McVeigh, O1 55
Kevin Workman, NC17 82
Kurt Hommel, NC17 80
Kurt Smits, NC17 1
Lowell Brannan, BB 16
Mark Azevedo, BB 10
Mark Benward, BSCHLG
Mark Pendergraf, NC17 92
Martin Toomey, CC 1
Matt Ball, NC16 1
Matt Campbell, O1 35
Matt Hawj, T01 3
Matthew Brannon, O1 27
Matthew Case, NC17 90

Matthew Randolph, T03 3
Matthew Scotch, O1 22
Michael Cates, O1 21
Michael Lawhon, BB 12
Michael Tincher, T07 9
Mike Cheatham, O1 11
Mike Fairchild, T09 4
Mitchell Smallwood, T04 2
Nate Gloria, CC 1
Nathan Henthorn, T05 3
Nathan Naturile, NC17 64
Nawtou Ly, T04 8
Nick McBride, O1 10
Pat Keating, CC 1
Patrick Pooti Tharp, CC 1
Patrick Weaver, NC17 78
Paul Walter, CC 1
PC Hawj, T01 2
Peter Black, NC17 73
Richard Hutchinson, O1 47
Richie McMichael, O1 49
Rick Goff, T07 11
Ricky Rowland, T01 1
Rob Brown, BB 7
Robbie Sinker, O1 9
Robbie TurtleKing Arand, CC 1
Robert Murphy, NC17 72
Robert Null, NC17 69
Ron Champion, CC 1
Roy Roberts, BSCHLG
Russell Johnson, T03 1
Ryan Lambert, O1 37
Sam Van Horn, T08 4
Sammy Pugh, NC17 81
Shane Young, NC17 66
Shawn Skidmore, NC17 8
Shelly Efird, T01 5
Stacey Martin, BB 11
Stephen Nesler, O1 6
Steve Gilkerson, BB 6
Steve Lutze, CC 1
Steve Owens, T06 7
Steven Galloway, T09 5
Stewart Venable, BB 13
Susie Magarity, NC17 11
T.J. Strong, T02 5
Terry Bowman, T02 2
Terry Smith, NC17 95
Thomas Clements, O1 19
Thomas Mccord, O1 31
Tim Bresnan, NC17 77
Tim Isaacs, BB 8
Tim OConnor, CC 1
Tim Perkins, O1 14
Tim Sabella, O1 38
Tim Thao, NC17 36
Timmy Synarong, NC17 94
Tony Lam, O1 25
Tony Uselman, T01 6
Trent Martin, T09 1
Tyler Bailey, CC 1
Tyler Cole, CC 1
Tyson Peterson, O1 29
Wesley Harrell, NC17 76
Will Clements, T04 6
William Durboraw, O1 40
Zack McElveen, T04 15

2018 KBF National Championship

You're invited to not just witness but compete in the world's biggest kayak fishing event