World’s Biggest Kayak Fishing Event

Make plans now to be part of this epic kayak angling event. 

What: The biggest kayak fishing cash-out in history will take place in early spring of 2018, with anglers from all over the U.S. competing for as $!00,000 guaranteed first place finish.

Where: To be announced.

When: Captains Meeting Thursday, March 30, with competition Friday March 30 and Saturday March 31.

How: There are four eligibility requirements:

  1. Be a KBF Member in 2017.
  2. Qualify by earning a slot through competition in KBF-sanctioned competition or through a KBF Partner club or tour.
    Note: to earn a qualifying slot though a KBF Partner, one must be a KBF Member no later than July 31, 2017
  3. Be a KBF Member as of March 30, 2018
  4. Register and pay the Entry Fee by January 31, 2018

Qualify by competing and placing in the top ranks of KBF Challenges (online state- and national-level competition), KBF TRAIL Series tournaments (regional meet-up events), and KBF OPEN Series Tournaments (national meet-up competition in spring and fall). Each event awards one, two, five or more qualifying slots, depending on the numbers of registrants. See the details for each event.

By December 31, all 2017 slots will have been awarded and the roster competed. If qualified anglers are unable to compete or withdraw, their slot rolls down to the top alternate in the competition or Partner in which the slot was awarded.

All qualified anglers will have confirmed their place by registering and paying their 2018 KBF-NC Entry Fee by the end of January 2018. On February 1, and slots that were relinquished on January 31 will roll down to the top eligible alternates.

Who: Below are KBF Members who have already qualified for the 2018 KBF-NC:

Cody Milton
Casey Reed
jason scapanski
Jerry Burdine
Karl Hudson
Steve Gilkerson
Rob Brown
Tim Isaacs
David Kittrell
Mark Azevedo
Stacey Martin
Michael Lawhon
Stewart Venable
Jim Davis
Eric Cormack
Lowell Brannan

Ricky Rowland
PC Hawj
Matt Hawj
Austin Vang
Shelly Efird
Tony Uselman

Drew Russell
Terry Bowman
Adam Riser
Clint Henderson
T.J. Strong

2018 KBF National Championship

You're invited to not just witness but compete in the world's biggest kayak fishing event