Kayak Bass Fishing’s Biggest Event of 2019

There are two main ways to qualify to compete in the 2019 KBF National Championship:

2019 KBFNC Qualifying Event

KBF Partner Awards

  • The number of qualifying awards is determined by a Partner status (Legacy, Inaugural, Provisional) and its number of KBF Members.
  • Recipients of Partner Awards must be 2018 KBF Annual Members or KBF Lifetime Members prior to award

KBF Competition

  • KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments. 10% of field,  minimum 5 awarded at each
  • KBF OPEN Series Tournaments: 10% of field, minimum 20 awarded at each
  • KBF Challenges: 10% of field, minimum 1 awarded at each
  • Special KBF Members-only Events: 10% of field


  1. To qualify, one must be a 2018 KBF Annual Member or KBF Lifetime Member no later than the day prior to start of competition
  2. When the top ranks include non-members or KBF Members who have previously qualified, their qualifications do NOT roll down to other competitors who finished lower in the ranks. For example, if 5 positions are eligible to qualify in a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament and First Place is not a KBF Member and a KBF Member in Second Place qualified earlier in the year, only the KBF Member in places 3-5 will qualify—not Sixth or Seventh Places.

Below are KBF Members who have already qualified to compete in the 2019 Championship.

Kurt Smits, OH; 2017KBFNC
Matt Ball, OH; 2016KBFNC
Nick Lester, PA; 2016KBFOPEN
Jeffrey Hall, GA; 2015KBFOPEN
Shane Coulter, GA; BB
Robert Harris, FL; BB
Scott Drescher, IN; BB
Jim Williams, GA; BB
William Son, KY; BB
Michael Lavoie, CA; T01
Jadez Xiong, CA; T01
Alden Walden, CA; T01
Wes Jones, CA; T01
Bryce Gibbs, AZ; T01
Greg Blanchard, NY; T01
Zac Velarde, AZ; T01

2019 KBF National Championship

Compete against the best kayak bass anglers on the water