AOY Points Data

Every AOY point awarded to every KBF Member during 2016

Detailed below are the KBF Points awarded to KBF Members in KBF Regional Challenges (KRC), KBF Special Challenges (KSC), KBF OPEN Series Tournaments (OPN), the 2016 KBF National Championship (NC), KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments (TRL) and by KBF Partners (KBFP).

To view the final 2016 KBF Angler of the Year rankings with category totals, see KBF AOY Points Detail Page.

KRC07-SE Aaron Davis (TN) 25          
KRC07-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 25
KRC09-EC Aaron Miller (NC) 25
KRC10-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 25
KRC05-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 45
KRC06-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 45
KRC08-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 55
KRC09-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 55
KRC04-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 90
360FFF Aaron Miller (NC) 25
MDCFDC Aaron Miller (NC) 25
ONS06 Aaron Miller (NC) 25
ONS08 Aaron Miller (NC) 25
OPENMAR Aaron Miller (NC) 50
OPENSEP Aaron Miller (NC) 60
B2SBC-MS Aaron Miller (NC) 70
KBFNC Aaron Miller (NC) 160
KRC07-EC Aaron Musick (KY) 25
KRC10-EC Aaron Musick (KY) 50
ONS09 Aaron Musick (KY) 25
ONS10 Aaron Musick (KY) 25
ONS06 Aaron Musick (KY) 60
TRLDH Aaron Musick (KY) 35
KRC05-SE Aaron Rubel (AL) 25
ONS10 Aaron Trexler (NC) 25
KRC09-SE Adam Abston (TN) 30
KRC05-NC Adam Judge (MI) 45
KRC06-NC Adam Judge (MI) 50
KRC04-NC Adam Judge (MI) 80
360FFF Adam Street (TN) 25
MDCFDC Adam Street (TN) 25
ONS08 Adam Street (TN) 25
VetsDay Adam Street (TN) 80
B2SBC-SE Adam Street (TN) 25
OPENMAR Adam Street (TN) 50
KBFNC Adam Street (TN) 290
ONS08 Adam Warner (TN) 25
ONS09 Adam Warner (TN) 25
KRC09-BS AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC09-MN AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC09-MS AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC09-SE AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC10-BS AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC10-EC AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC10-MS AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC10-SE AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
KRC07-EC AJ McWhorter (KY) 50
KRC08-EC AJ McWhorter (KY) 80
KRC09-EC AJ McWhorter (KY) 95
ONS09 AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
ONS10 AJ McWhorter (KY) 25
VetsDay AJ McWhorter (KY) 85
B2SBC-EC AJ McWhorter (KY) 130
OPENSEP AJ McWhorter (KY) 170
OPENMAR AJ McWhorter (KY) 185
KBFNC AJ McWhorter (KY) 260
BGYM AJ McWhorter (KY) 200
360FFF Al Hicks (FL) 25
OPENMAR Al Hicks (FL) 50
KBFNC Al Hicks (FL) 50
KRC05-TX Alan Cowan (TX) 25
360FFF Alan Cowan (TX) 25
KRC09-MS Alan Dougherty (VA) 45
KRC10-MS Alan Dougherty (VA) 70
KRC10-EC Alan Wiedmeyer (IL) 45
KRC04-EC Alan Wiedmeyer (IL) 55
KRC09-EC Alan Wiedmeyer (IL) 85
KRC07-EC Alan Wiedmeyer (IL) 90
KRC06-EC Alan Wiedmeyer (IL) 95
KBFNC Alan Wiedmeyer (IL) 250
KRC09-SE Allen Starling (GA) 65
VetsDay Allen Starling (GA) 25
KRC06-SE Alton Stanford (LA) 25
KRC07-SE Alton Stanford (LA) 25
ONS09 Amanda Dalton (CA) 25
KBFNC Andres Santiler (IL) 50
KRC08-MS Andrew Bromfield (NC) 25
KRC07-MS Andrew Bromfield (NC) 45
KRC06-MS Andrew Bromfield (NC) 55
KRC05-MS Andrew Bromfield (NC) 65
TRLDH Andrew Marquez (KY) 35
VetsDay Andy Middleton (GA) 25
KBFNC Andy Middleton (GA) 50
KRC07-SE Andy Thompson (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Andy Thompson (GA) 25
KRC09-BS Andy Thompson (GA) 40
KRC09-SE Andy Thompson (GA) 50
KRC10-BS Andy Thompson (GA) 50
KRC09-EC Andy Thompson (GA) 65
KRC08-SE Andy Thompson (GA) 80
KRC08-BS Andy Thompson (GA) 85
KRC07-BS Andy Thompson (GA) 90
ONS09 Andy Thompson (GA) 70
ONS08 Andy Thompson (GA) 90
ONS07 Andy Thompson (GA) 100
B2SBC-SE Andy Thompson (GA) 25
OPENSEP Andy Thompson (GA) 155
KRC09-EC Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 25
KRC08-SE Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 65
KRC09-BS Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 65
KRC07-BS Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 70
KRC09-SE Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 95
KRC07-SE Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 100
KRC08-BS Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 100
ONS07 Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 90
ONS09 Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 95
ONS08 Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 100
OPENSEP Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 50
B2SBC-SE Andy Thompson Jr (GA) 135
KRC07-SE Anthony Norris (LA) 25
ONS06 Anthony Norris (LA) 25
KRC07-MN Anthony Notaroberta (NY) 25
KRC06-MN Anthony Notaroberta (NY) 55
KRC04-MN Anthony Notaroberta (NY) 75
360FFF Anthony Notaroberta (NY) 25
LIKJBF Anthony Notaroberta (NY) 75
KRC06-SE Anthony Shingler (TN) 25
KRC07-SE Anthony Shingler (TN) 25
360FFF Anthony Shingler (TN) 25
ONS06 Anthony Shingler (TN) 25
OPENMAR Anthony Shingler (TN) 55
TRLOH Anthony Shingler (TN) 35
KRC08-NC Art Huey (MI) 25
KRC07-NC Art Huey (MI) 35
KRC06-NC Art Huey (MI) 45
KRC05-NC Art Huey (MI) 70
KRC05-SE Ashley Ault (TN) 35
KRC04-TX Austin Gisclair (TX) 25
360FFF Austin Gisclair (TX) 25
OPENSEP Austin Lilly (WV) 175
KRC05-SE Barry Davis (SC) 25
KRC06-SE Barry Davis (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Barry Davis (SC) 25
KRC08-SE Barry Davis (SC) 25
KRC09-SE Barry Davis (SC) 25
KRC04-SE Barry Davis (SC) 35
KRC10-SE Barry Davis (SC) 55
360FFF Barry Davis (SC) 25
ONS08 Barry Davis (SC) 25
ONS09 Barry Davis (SC) 25
VetsDay Barry Davis (SC) 25
OPENMAR Barry Davis (SC) 50
KBFNC Barry Davis (SC) 50
KRC07-SE Beau Corder (TN) 25
ONS08 Beau Corder (TN) 25
KRC08-MS Beau Seh (VA) 90
OPENMAR Beau Seh (VA) 50
OPENSEP Beau Seh (VA) 85
KBFNC Beau Seh (VA) 50
KRC10-SE Ben Davis (TN) 25
VetsDay Ben Davis (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Ben Lowry (TN) 75
KRC08-EC Ben Paugh (WV) 25
KRC09-EC Ben Paugh (WV) 25
OPENOCT Benjamin Adrien (TX) 125
KRC10-MN Benjamin Kanour (PA) 30
KRC05-SE Benjamine Vang (GA) 25
360FFF Benjamine Vang (GA) 25
OPENMAR Benjamine Vang (GA) 50
KBFNC Benjamine Vang (GA) 50
KRC04-SE Benny Williams (AR) 25
KRC10-SE Benny Williams (AR) 25
ONS06 Benny Williams (AR) 30
KBFNC Benny Williams (AR) 185
AKA Benny Williams (AR) 125
KRC09-EC Bill Nieukirk (OH) 25
KRC10-EC Bill Nieukirk (OH) 25
B2SBC-EC Bill Nieukirk (OH) 25
KRC04-SE Bill Rodriguez (LA) 25
360FFF Bill Rodriguez (LA) 25
VetsDay Bill Rodriguez (LA) 25
OPENOCT Bill Rodriguez (LA) 45
OPENMAR Bill Rodriguez (LA) 50
KBFNC Bill Rodriguez (LA) 50
KRC10-EC Blace Hutchens (WV) 25
KRC04-EC Blake Ripley (OH) 25
KRC05-SE Blake Smith (MS) 25
KRC08-SE Blake Smith (MS) 60
OPENMAR Blake Smith (MS) 50
KRC07-SE Bob Bogdal (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Bob Bogdal (TN) 25
KRC08-SE Bob Bogdal (TN) 35
360FFF Bob Bogdal (TN) 25
ONS06 Bob Bogdal (TN) 25
ONS09 Bob Bogdal (TN) 25
ONS10 Bob Bogdal (TN) 25
OPENSEP Bob Bogdal (TN) 50
OPENOCT Bob Bogdal (TN) 105
OPENMAR Bob Bogdal (TN) 175
TRLG Bob Bogdal (TN) 35
TRLOH Bob Bogdal (TN) 50
TRLW Bob Bogdal (TN) 100
TRLDH Bob Bogdal (TN) 115
KRC09-WC Bob Schroeder (MO) 25
KRC10-WC Bob Schroeder (MO) 25
KRC07-BS Bob Strempek (FL) 55
KRC08-BS Bob Strempek (FL) 55
KRC10-BS Bob Strempek (FL) 65
KRC07-NW Brad Andrews (OR) 35
KRC06-NW Brad Andrews (OR) 40
KRC08-NW Brad Andrews (OR) 60
KRC10-NW Brad Andrews (OR) 70
KRC09-NW Brad Andrews (OR) 85
VetsDay Brad Andrews (OR) 25
B2SBC-NW Brad Andrews (OR) 25
ONS08 Brad Ferguson (PA) 30
B2SBC-MN Brad Ferguson (PA) 25
KRC04-EC Brad Montgomery (IN) 25
KRC05-EC Brad Montgomery (IN) 25
KRC08-EC Brad Montgomery (IN) 25
KRC10-EC Brad Montgomery (IN) 25
KRC09-EC Brad Montgomery (IN) 45
OPENMAR Brad Montgomery (IN) 50
KRC05-SE Brandon Bland (AL) 25
KRC06-SE Brandon Bland (AL) 25
KRC10-SE Brandon Calvery (TN) 25
KRC04-SE Brandon Dean (GA) 25
KRC05-MS Brandon Humbertson (MD) 40
KRC08-MS Brandon Jessup (NC) 25
KRC09-MS Brandon Jessup (NC) 25
KRC07-MS Brandon Jessup (NC) 85
KRC04-SE Brandon Oglesby (TN) 25
KRC05-SE Brandon Oglesby (TN) 25
KBFNC Brandon Sorg (KY) 50
TRLDH Brandon Sorg (KY) 125
KRC06-BS Brandon Utley (TX) 30
KRC04-TX Brandon Utley (TX) 85
360FFF Brandon Utley (TX) 25
OPENOCT Brandon Utley (TX) 115
KBFNC Brandon Utley (TX) 50
TRLG Brandon Watson (AL) 100
KRC08-SE Brandon Wind (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Brandon Wind (TN) 25
ONS10 Brandon Wind (TN) 25
TRLW Brandon Wind (TN) 35
KRC05-SE Brayden Milam (TN) 25
KRC05-MN Brendan Duffy (PA) 25
KRC08-SE Brent Lanier (TN) 25
KRC07-SE Brent Lanier (TN) 45
KRC05-SE Brent Lanier (TN) 60
KRC06-SE Brent Lanier (TN) 75
CTNKA Brent Lanier (TN) 200
KRC07-EC Brett Tolliver (WV) 25
KRC08-EC Brett Tolliver (WV) 25
KRC05-EC Brian Aliff (WV) 25
KRC10-EC Brian Aliff (WV) 40
KRC05-MS Brian Aliff (WV) 50
KRC09-MS Brian Aliff (WV) 50
KRC10-MS Brian Aliff (WV) 55
KRC04-MS Brian Aliff (WV) 75
KRC09-EC Brian Aliff (WV) 90
KRC04-EC Brian Aliff (WV) 100
360FFF Brian Aliff (WV) 25
ONS10 Brian Aliff (WV) 25
VetsDay Brian Aliff (WV) 25
B2SBC-EC Brian Aliff (WV) 140
OPENSEP Brian Aliff (WV) 195
KBFNC Brian Aliff (WV) 50
OPENSEP Brian Butcher (WV) 190
KRC06-EC Brian Butterfield (IL) 85
KRC05-EC Brian Butterfield (IL) 100
KRC09-SE Brian Carr (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Brian Carr (TN) 25
KRC07-NC Brian Coyne (WI) 80
KRC10-MS Brian Crystaloski (PA) 25
KRC10-MN Brian Crystaloski (PA) 35
360FFF Brian Crystaloski (PA) 25
B2SBC-MN Brian Crystaloski (PA) 25
OPENMAR Brian Crystaloski (PA) 50
KBFNC Brian Crystaloski (PA) 50
KRC06-NC Brian Emde (MN) 25
KRC07-NW Brian Lambert (WA) 65
KRC09-NW Brian Lambert (WA) 65
KRC06-NW Brian Lambert (WA) 95
KRC08-NW Brian Lambert (WA) 100
KRC06-EC Brian Slone (KY) 25
KRC09-EC Brian Slone (KY) 25
KRC07-EC Brian Slone (KY) 40
KRC04-EC Brian Slone (KY) 50
KRC05-EC Brian Slone (KY) 60
KRC10-EC Brian Slone (KY) 90
KRC08-EC Brian Slone (KY) 95
360FFF Brian Slone (KY) 25
MDCFDC Brian Slone (KY) 25
VetsDay Brian Slone (KY) 55
KBFNC Brian Slone (KY) 50
TRLDH Brian Slone (KY) 50
KRC08-MS Brian Vincent (VA) 25
KRC07-MS Brian Vincent (VA) 35
KRC08-EC Brian Vinyard (IL) 25
KRC09-EC Brian Vinyard (IL) 25
ONS08 Brian Vinyard (IL) 25
KRC09-MN Brian Walters (NJ) 25
KRC10-MN Brian Walters (NJ) 25
KRC08-MN Brian Walters (NJ) 65
KRC07-MN Brian Walters (NJ) 80
B2SBC-MN Brian Walters (NJ) 25
KRC04-MN Brian Wisner (PA) 80
KRC06-MN Brian Wisner (PA) 95
KRC10-MN Brian Wisner (PA) 100
MDCFDC Brian Wisner (PA) 25
KBFNC Brian Wisner (PA) 50
KRC07-EC Brock Spencer (OH) 25
OPENMAR Brock Spencer (OH) 85
KBFNC Brock Spencer (OH) 75
360FFF Bronson Locklear (TN) 25
OPENMAR Bronson Locklear (TN) 50
KBFNC Bronson Locklear (TN) 50
TRLOH Bronson Locklear (TN) 35
KRC07-EC Bruce Fulk (OH) 25
TRLOH Bruce Fulk (OH) 105
OPENSEP Bryan Bostic (WV) 150
KRC04-WS Bryan Matheis (ID) 25
KRC04-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC07-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC08-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC09-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC10-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC05-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 50
KRC06-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 50
360FFF Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
ONS08 Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
ONS09 Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
MDCFDC Bryan Tadlock (AL) 30
B2SBC-SE Bryan Tadlock (AL) 25
OPENOCT Bryan Tadlock (AL) 70
OPENMAR Bryan Tadlock (AL) 110
TRLW Bryan Tadlock (AL) 125
TRLG Bryan Tadlock (AL) 150
KBFNC Buster Swisher (NC) 120
KRC07-MS Calvin Keller (NC) 70
ONS07 Calvin Keller (NC) 25
ONS10 Calvin Keller (NC) 25
TRLDH Cameron Debity (KY) 75
KRC06-MS Casey Reed (VA) 75
KRC05-MS Casey Reed (VA) 85
KRC10-MS Casey Reed (VA) 85
ONS06 Casey Reed (VA) 80
KBFNC Casey Reed (VA) 50
KRC06-SE Chad Crow (GA) 25
KRC07-SE Chad Crow (GA) 25
KRC08-SE Chad Crow (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Chad Crow (GA) 25
MDCFDC Chad Crow (GA) 25
ONS08 Chad Crow (GA) 25
VetsDay Chad Crow (GA) 25
KRC09-NC Chang Lor (WI) 60
KRC10-NC Chang Lor (WI) 75
KRC09-MN Charles Daugherty (NJ) 25
KRC10-MN Charles Daugherty (NJ) 65
KRC06-MN Charles Daugherty (NJ) 90
OPENMAR Charles Daugherty (NJ) 50
KBFNC Charles Daugherty (NJ) 50
KRC05-NE Chase Perault (MA) 25
ONS08 Chong Lee (FL) 25
OPENSEP Chris Alkire (WV) 145
KBFNC Chris Alkire (WV) 215
KRC05-SE Chris Blake (LA) 25
KRC06-SE Chris Blake (LA) 25
KRC10-SE Chris Blake (LA) 25
KRC08-SE Chris Blake (LA) 30
360FFF Chris Blake (LA) 25
ONS06 Chris Blake (LA) 25
VetsDay Chris Blake (LA) 60
OPENOCT Chris Blake (LA) 40
OPENMAR Chris Blake (LA) 50
KBFNC Chris Blake (LA) 50
KRC04-SE Chris Conder (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Chris Conder (TN) 25
KRC05-SE Chris Conder (TN) 30
360FFF Chris Conder (TN) 25
MDCFDC Chris Conder (TN) 25
KRC07-NW Chris Everhart (ID) 45
KRC06-NW Chris Everhart (ID) 50
KRC09-NW Chris Everhart (ID) 60
KRC08-NW Chris Everhart (ID) 80
KRC10-NW Chris Everhart (ID) 85
KRC05-WS Chris Everhart (ID) 90
MDCFDC Chris Everhart (ID) 25
ONS06 Chris Everhart (ID) 25
VetsDay Chris Everhart (ID) 25
B2SBC-NW Chris Everhart (ID) 25
KRC06-NW Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 45
KRC08-NW Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 50
KRC09-NW Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 50
KRC07-NW Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 85
MDCFDC Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 25
ONS06 Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 25
B2SBC-NW Chris Everhart Sr. (ID) 25
MDCFDC Chris Gravely (NC) 80
KBFNC Chris Gravely (NC) 95
KRC04-CA Chris Harms (CA) 95
KRC05-CA Chris Harms (CA) 95
360FFF Chris Harms (CA) 35
KRC10-SE Chris Hartman (AR) 25
VetsDay Chris Hartman (AR) 25
KRC06-NC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 65
KRC07-NC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 70
KRC09-NC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 80
KRC10-NC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 80
KRC04-NC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 90
KRC05-NC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 95
KBFNC Chris LeMessurier (MI) 50
KRC06-SE Chris Odom (AL) 25
KRC07-SE Chris Odom (AL) 25
KRC08-SE Chris Odom (AL) 25
TRLG Chris Odom (AL) 35
TRLW Chris Odom (AL) 90
KBFNC Chris Padgett (GA) 50
KRC05-SE Chris Pierce (LA) 25
KRC06-SE Chris Pierce (LA) 25
KRC08-SE Chris Pierce (LA) 25
KRC10-SE Chris Pierce (LA) 25
360FFF Chris Pierce (LA) 25
OPENOCT Chris Pierce (LA) 35
OPENMAR Chris Pierce (LA) 50
KBFNC Chris Pierce (LA) 50
VetsDay Chris Rios (DE) 25
KRC06-NC Chris Scott (MI) 25
KRC07-NC Chris Scott (MI) 40
KRC09-NC Chris Scott (MI) 40
KRC10-NC Chris Scott (MI) 40
KRC08-NC Chris Scott (MI) 55
KRC04-NC Chris Scott (MI) 65
KRC05-NC Chris Scott (MI) 75
KBFNC Chris Scott (MI) 50
KBFNC Chris Sliwerski (IL) 50
KRC05-NC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 25
KRC06-NC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 25
KRC08-NC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 25
KRC07-NC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 60
KRC09-NC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 65
KRC04-NC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 75
OPENMAR Chris St. Pierre (MI) 50
KBFNC Chris St. Pierre (MI) 50
KRC04-WS Chris Thompson (CO) 25
KRC06-NW Chris Thompson (CO) 35
KRC09-NW Chris Thompson (CO) 45
KRC10-NW Chris Thompson (CO) 75
KRC10-MN Chris Watts (MD) 90
KRC07-NE Chris White (VT) 25
KRC07-WC Chris Whitehill (IA) 80
KRC09-WC Chris Whitehill (IA) 90
KRC04-SE Christian Martin (AR) 25
TRLOH Christian McKenzie (TN) 125
OPENMAR Christina Weber (FL) 50
KBFNC Christina Weber (FL) 50
KRC04-TX Christopher Anglin (TX) 25
KRC05-TX Christopher Anglin (TX) 25
KRC09-BS Christopher Anglin (TX) 25
OPENMAR Christopher Anglin (TX) 50
OPENOCT Christopher Anglin (TX) 175
KBFNC Christopher Anglin (TX) 50
KRC08-NE Christopher Caissie (MA) 25
KRC09-NE Christopher Caissie (MA) 65
KRC09-EC Christopher Malik (IL) 25
KRC10-EC Christopher Malik (IL) 25
ONS08 Christopher Malik (IL) 25
KRC07-EC Christopher Melton (OH) 30
KRC04-EC Chunsum Choi (IL) 25
KRC05-EC Chunsum Choi (IL) 25
KRC06-EC Chunsum Choi (IL) 25
KRC06-NC Chunsum Choi (IL) 25
KRC07-EC Chunsum Choi (IL) 25
KRC09-EC Chunsum Choi (IL) 25
KRC04-SE CJ Scott (TN) 30
360FFF CJ Scott (TN) 25
VetsDay CJ Scott (TN) 25
B2SBC-SE CJ Scott (TN) 25
TRLOH CJ Scott (TN) 60
KRC10-MN Clayton George (NY) 70
KRC09-MN Clayton George (NY) 90
KRC04-EC Clayton Haske (OH) 25
360FFF Clayton Haske (OH) 25
OPENMAR Clayton Haske (OH) 70
KRC07-NW Clayton Most (UT) 25
KRC05-WS Clayton Most (UT) 75
KRC06-NW Clayton Most (UT) 95
KRC09-SE Clint Henderson (GA) 25
KRC10-BS Clint Henderson (GA) 25
KRC07-SE Clint Henderson (GA) 70
KRC10-SE Clint Henderson (GA) 70
KRC08-SE Clint Henderson (GA) 85
KRC06-SE Clint Henderson (GA) 100
ONS06 Clint Henderson (GA) 25
ONS07 Clint Henderson (GA) 25
ONS08 Clint Henderson (GA) 25
ONS09 Clint Henderson (GA) 25
ONS10 Clint Henderson (GA) 45
MDCFDC Clint Henderson (GA) 60
VetsDay Clint Henderson (GA) 75
B2SBC-SE Clint Henderson (GA) 25
OPENOCT Clint Henderson (GA) 100
KBFNC Clint Henderson (GA) 295
TRLG Clint Henderson (GA) 45
TRLW Clint Henderson (GA) 130
RKKFT Clint Henderson (GA) 200
KRC06-NW Cody Cutshall (CO) 55
KRC05-WS Cody Cutshall (CO) 65
KRC08-NW Cody Cutshall (CO) 70
KRC07-NW Cody Cutshall (CO) 75
KRC10-NW Cody Cutshall (CO) 80
KRC05-SE Cody Harter (TN) 25
KRC09-SE Cody Harter (TN) 25
ONS06 Cody Harter (TN) 25
TRLOH Cody Harter (TN) 80
MDCFDC Cody Milton (AR) 25
ONS10 Cody Milton (AR) 25
OPENOCT Cody Milton (AR) 145
TRLG Cody Milton (AR) 80
TRLW Cody Milton (AR) 145
KRC06-EC Cole Thompson (IL) 30
KRC05-EC Cole Thompson (IL) 50
MDCFDC Copeland Still (VA) 25
ONS06 Copeland Still (VA) 65
OPENMAR Copeland Still (VA) 180
KBFNC Copeland Still (VA) 50
B2SBC-EC Corey Caywood (KY) 25
TRLDH Corey Caywood (KY) 65
KRC07-SE Corey Wilkerson (AL) 25
OPENMAR Corey Wilkerson (AL) 50
KBFNC Corey Wilkerson (AL) 50
KRC06-SE Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
KRC07-SE Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
KRC09-SE Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
KRC05-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 35
KRC10-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 45
KRC07-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 55
KRC09-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 90
KRC04-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 95
KRC06-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 95
KRC08-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 100
360FFF Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
MDCFDC Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
ONS06 Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
ONS08 Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
ONS09 Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
VetsDay Cory Dreyer (NC) 25
ONS10 Cory Dreyer (NC) 60
B2SBC-MS Cory Dreyer (NC) 50
OPENOCT Cory Dreyer (NC) 180
KBFNC Cory Dreyer (NC) 225
CKA Cory Dreyer (NC) 200
OPENSEP Coy Lehman (OH) 100
KBFNC Coy Lehman (OH) 105
OPENSEP Coy Lehman Sr. (OH) 80
KBFNC Coy Lehman Sr. (OH) 50
KRC07-SE Craig Dye (TN) 25
KRC09-SE Craig Dye (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Craig Dye (TN) 25
KRC08-SE Craig Dye (TN) 70
360FFF Craig Dye (TN) 25
ONS08 Craig Dye (TN) 25
ONS09 Craig Dye (TN) 40
ONS10 Craig Dye (TN) 65
B2SBC-SE Craig Dye (TN) 25
OPENMAR Craig Dye (TN) 140
OPENOCT Craig Dye (TN) 140
KBFNC Craig Dye (TN) 50
TRLG Craig Dye (TN) 120
TRLOH Craig Dye (TN) 150
TRLG Crispin Powley (TN) 50
KRC10-SE Crystal Gunder (AR) 25
KRC07-MN Dallin Swenson (NY) 25
OPENMAR Dallin Swenson (NY) 75
KBFNC Dallin Swenson (NY) 235
KRC04-SE Dan Sheppard (TN) 25
KRC05-SE Dan Sheppard (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Dan Sheppard (TN) 25
MDCFDC Dan Sheppard (TN) 25
VetsDay Dan Sheppard (TN) 25
KRC04-SE Daniel Baldwin (TN) 25
MDCFDC Daniel Bowers (FL) 25
TRLG Daniel Bowers (FL) 40
KRC05-EC Daniel Bragg (KY) 25
360FFF Daniel Bragg (KY) 25
MDCFDC Daniel Bragg (KY) 25
TRLDH Daniel Bragg (KY) 130
KRC05-EC Daniel Conway (KY) 25
KRC07-SE Daniel Keeton (LA) 25
KRC05-SE Daniel Keeton (LA) 70
KRC09-SE Daniel Keeton (LA) 90
360FFF Daniel Keeton (LA) 25
ONS07 Daniel Keeton (LA) 25
ONS08 Daniel Keeton (LA) 25
B2SBC-SE Daniel Keeton (LA) 115
KRC08-EC Daniel Lambert (WV) 25
KRC07-EC Daniel Lambert (WV) 45
KRC04-SE Daniel Morris (TN) 25
KRC05-SE Daniel Morris (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Daniel Morris (TN) 25
KRC08-SE Daniel Morris (TN) 25
360FFF Daniel Morris (TN) 25
MDCFDC Daniel Morris (TN) 25
OPENMAR Daniel Morris (TN) 50
KBFNC Daniel Morris (TN) 50
TRLDH Daniel Morris (TN) 35
TRLOH Daniel Morris (TN) 35
TRLG Daniel Morris (TN) 35
OPENOCT Daniel Rabb (AL) 85
KBFNC Daniel Rabb (AL) 130
TRLW Daniel Rabb (AL) 150
KRC04-SE Danny Bales (TN) 25
KRC05-SE Danny Bales (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Danny Bales (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Danny Bales (TN) 95
KRC07-EC Danny Bell (OH) 60
OPENMAR Danny Bell (OH) 50
KRC05-MN Danny Schanne (DE) 25
360FFF Danny Schanne (DE) 25
KBFNC Danny Schanne (DE) 50
KRC06-MS David Baden (MD) 30
KRC04-MS David Baden (MD) 50
360FFF David Baden (MD) 25
KBFNC David Baden (MD) 50
OPENMAR David Cestia (LA) 50
OPENOCT David Cestia (LA) 55
KBFNC David Cestia (LA) 50
KRC04-WS David Feucht (ID) 25
KRC05-WS David Feucht (ID) 25
KRC09-NW David Feucht (ID) 25
KRC10-NW David Feucht (ID) 25
KRC05-MS David Golding (NC) 30
KRC04-SE David Kittrell (AL) 25
KRC08-SE David Kittrell (AL) 25
KRC09-SE David Kittrell (AL) 25
KRC10-SE David Kittrell (AL) 25
KRC06-SE David Kittrell (AL) 35
KRC10-BS David Kittrell (AL) 85
360FFF David Kittrell (AL) 25
MDCFDC David Kittrell (AL) 25
ONS06 David Kittrell (AL) 25
ONS08 David Kittrell (AL) 25
ONS09 David Kittrell (AL) 25
B2SBC-SE David Kittrell (AL) 25
OPENOCT David Kittrell (AL) 90
OPENMAR David Kittrell (AL) 150
KBFNC David Kittrell (AL) 50
TRLG David Kittrell (AL) 145
TRLW David Neace (KY) 85
KRC04-WS David Neal (ID) 25
KRC04-EC David Norris (OH) 25
OPENMAR David Norris (OH) 50
KBFNC David Norris (OH) 50
KRC07-SE David Wall (TN) 50
VetsDay David Wall (TN) 25
KRC04-EC Derek Akin (IL) 25
KRC05-EC Derek Akin (IL) 25
KRC07-EC Derek Akin (IL) 25
KRC09-EC Derek Akin (IL) 25
KRC06-EC Derek Akin (IL) 35
KRC08-EC Derek Akin (IL) 35
OPENMAR Derek Akin (IL) 50
OPENOCT Derek Bushnell (LA) 120
KRC09-WC Derek Jamison (KS) 25
KBFNC Derek Jamison (KS) 50
ONS06 Deric Miller (TX) 25
KRC06-BS Derrick Daniels SR (TX) 25
KRC10-EC Derrick Daniels SR (TX) 25
KRC10-BS Derrick Daniels SR (TX) 30
ONS10 Derrick Daniels SR (TX) 25
OPENOCT Derrick Daniels SR (TX) 35
OPENMAR Devin Roche (NY) 50
KBFNC Devin Roche (NY) 50
KRC07-MN Dillon Carlon (NY) 25
KRC08-MN Dillon Carlon (NY) 25
KRC06-MN Dillon Carlon (NY) 85
KRC06-BS Dirk Venn (CA) 25
KRC10-BS Dirk Venn (CA) 25
KRC05-CA Dirk Venn (CA) 50
KRC04-CA Dirk Venn (CA) 90
360FFF Dirk Venn (CA) 25
ONS06 Dirk Venn (CA) 25
ONS06 Dj Timms (NC) 25
KRC07-NW Don Bevins (OR) 25
KRC10-NC Don Thompson (WI) 55
KRC08-NC Don Thompson (WI) 65
OPENMAR Donald Dehm (AL) 50
KRC04-MN Donald Judy (NY) 90
KBFNC Donald Judy (NY) 50
KRC06-SE Donnie Jones (MS) 25
KRC07-SE Donnie Jones (MS) 25
KRC05-SE Donnie Jones (MS) 85
360FFF Donnie Jones (MS) 25
ONS08 Donnie Jones (MS) 25
MDCFDC Donnie Jones (MS) 45
ONS07 Donnie Jones (MS) 85
KRC09-SE Donny Bennett (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Donny Bennett (TN) 25
ONS07 Donny Bennett (TN) 25
ONS08 Donny Bennett (TN) 25
ONS10 Donny Bennett (TN) 25
VetsDay Donny Bennett (TN) 25
TRLW Donny Bennett (TN) 35
KRC05-MS Doug Mabe (NC) 25
KRC04-MS Doug Mabe (NC) 45
360FFF Doug Mabe (NC) 25
KRC10-NC Douglas Gresenz (WI) 35
VetsDay Douglas Gresenz (WI) 25
KRC10-SE Drew Barry (GA) 25
VetsDay Drew Barry (GA) 25
KRC10-MS Drew Blair (NC) 80
KRC09-MS Drew Blair (NC) 85
KRC10-NE Drew Mixon (FL) 0
KRC09-SE Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-EC Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-MN Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-MS Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-NW Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-SE Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-WC Drew Mixon (FL) 25
KRC10-NC Drew Mixon (FL) 30
KRC09-BS Drew Mixon (FL) 80
KRC10-BS Drew Mixon (FL) 90
KRC08-BS Drew Mixon (FL) 95
VetsDay Drew Mixon (FL) 25
ONS10 Drew Mixon (FL) 85
ONS09 Drew Mixon (FL) 90
ONS08 Drew Mixon (FL) 95
MDCFDC Drew Mixon (FL) 100
OPENMAR Drew Mixon (FL) 50
B2SBC-BS Drew Mixon (FL) 110
KBFNC Drew Mixon (FL) 60
TRLG Drew Mixon (FL) 130
KBFNC Drew Russell (KY) 50
TRLDH Drew Russell (KY) 35
KRC10-MS Dustin Good (VA) 50
KRC10-MS Dustin Matthews (NC) 35
KRC04-SE Dwain Batey (AR) 25
KRC10-SE Dwain Batey (AR) 85
ONS09 Dwain Batey (AR) 50
ONS06 Dwain Batey (AR) 55
KRC07-EC Dwayne Walley (MS) 25
KRC07-SE Dwayne Walley (MS) 25
360FFF Dwayne Walley (MS) 25
MDCFDC Dwayne Walley (MS) 25
VetsDay Dwayne Walley (MS) 30
KBFNC Dwayne Walley (MS) 50
TRLG Dwayne Walley (MS) 70
KRC08-MN Dylan Crystaloski (PA) 90
360FFF Dylan Crystaloski (PA) 25
MDCFDC Dylan Crystaloski (PA) 25
OPENMAR Dylan Crystaloski (PA) 160
KBFNC Dylan Crystaloski (PA) 225
KRC08-SE Dylan Lowery (AL) 25
KRC09-SE Dylan Lowery (AL) 25
KRC10-SE Dylan Lowery (AL) 25
KRC09-NE Eddie Gonzales (ME) 90
KRC05-CA Edgar Sprague (CA) 65
VetsDay Eric Cormack (OH) 25
OPENSEP Eric Cormack (OH) 140
KRC05-NE Eric Hromada (MA) 25
KRC07-NE Eric Hromada (MA) 85
KRC06-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
KRC09-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
KRC10-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
KRC10-SE Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
KRC07-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 55
KRC05-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 65
KRC04-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 85
KRC08-EC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 85
360FFF Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
ONS07 Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
ONS09 Eric Siddiqi (OH) 25
ONS08 Eric Siddiqi (OH) 35
OPENMAR Eric Siddiqi (OH) 50
OPENSEP Eric Siddiqi (OH) 110
OPENOCT Eric Siddiqi (OH) 130
KBFNC Eric Siddiqi (OH) 50
TRLDH Eric Siddiqi (OH) 35
TRLG Eric Siddiqi (OH) 65
TRLW Eric Siddiqi (OH) 65
OPENMAR Eric Simcoe (TN) 50
KBFNC Eric Simcoe (TN) 50
KRC10-BS Ernie Williams (CA) 35
KRC07-BS Ernie Williams (CA) 45
KRC09-BS Ernie Williams (CA) 45
KRC05-CA Ernie Williams (CA) 55
KRC06-BS Ernie Williams (CA) 70
KRC04-CA Ernie Williams (CA) 80
360FFF Ernie Williams (CA) 25
MDCFDC Ernie Williams (CA) 25
ONS06 Ernie Williams (CA) 25
VetsDay Ernie Williams (CA) 25
B2SBC-BS Ernie Williams (CA) 25
KRC10-MS Ethan Wolford (NC) 25
KRC04-TX Eugene Mora III (TX) 80
360FFF Eugene Mora III (TX) 25
KRC10-MS Evan Shearer (VA) 25
KRC05-SE Everett Park (GA) 25
KRC08-SE Everett Park (GA) 25
KRC08-BS Everett Park (GA) 35
KRC09-SE Everett Park (GA) 35
KRC06-SE Everett Park (GA) 60
KRC07-SE Everett Park (GA) 75
360FFF Everett Park (GA) 25
ONS06 Everett Park (GA) 25
ONS08 Everett Park (GA) 25
B2SBC-SE Everett Park (GA) 25
OPENMAR Everett Park (GA) 50
KBFNC Everett Park (GA) 140
TRLW Everett Park (GA) 120
KRC04-SE Fletch Griffin (GA) 25
KBFNC Fletch Griffin (GA) 50
KRC09-NE Frank Kulig (MA) 25
KRC07-NE Frank Kulig (MA) 55
KRC08-NE Frank Kulig (MA) 80
KRC06-SE Gary Antoine (TN) 25
KRC07-WC Gary Kasper (OK) 25
KRC06-WC Gary Kasper (OK) 100
360FFF Gary Kasper (OK) 25
KBFNC Gary Kasper (OK) 190
OKA Gary Kasper (OK) 200
KRC10-WC Gary Stephens (IA) 85
KRC09-WC Gary Stephens (IA) 95
VetsDay Gary Stephens (IA) 25
B2SBC-WC Gary Stephens (IA) 150
KRC06-EC George Boettjer (OH) 25
OPENMAR George Boettjer (OH) 50
KBFNC George Boettjer (OH) 50
TRLDH George Boettjer (OH) 80
KRC05-TX George Bringhurst (TX) 25
KRC06-BS George Bringhurst (TX) 25
KRC08-BS George Bringhurst (TX) 25
B2SBC-EC Glenn Landstrom (KY) 25
KBFNC Glenn Landstrom (KY) 50
TRLDH Glenn Landstrom (KY) 85
KRC04-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 25
KRC07-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 25
KRC10-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 25
KRC05-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 40
KRC06-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 40
KRC08-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 45
KRC09-EC Glenn Miller (IL) 60
360FFF Glenn Miller (IL) 25
KBFNC Glenn Miller (IL) 50
KRC08-NC Grant Carston (MN) 90
KRC06-NC Grant Carston (MN) 95
KRC09-NC Grant Carston (MN) 95
KBFNC Grant Carston (MN) 50
KRC05-NE Greg Harjula (MA) 25
KRC07-NE Greg Harjula (MA) 25
KRC06-NE Greg Harjula (MA) 60
KRC06-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 25
KRC08-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 40
KRC07-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 60
KRC09-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 70
KRC05-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 75
KRC10-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 90
ONS07 Greg Riddle (AL) 25
ONS08 Greg Riddle (AL) 25
VetsDay Greg Riddle (AL) 25
ONS09 Greg Riddle (AL) 45
ONS10 Greg Riddle (AL) 55
B2SBC-SE Greg Riddle (AL) 25
TRLW Greg Riddle (AL) 115
KRC06-SE Greg Woodall (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Greg Woodall (SC) 25
KRC08-SE Greg Woodall (SC) 25
KRC09-SE Greg Woodall (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Gregory Phipps (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Gregory Phipps (TN) 25
ONS06 Gregory Phipps (TN) 25
KRC06-NW Gregory Shoopman (CO) 25
KRC07-NW Gregory Shoopman (CO) 50
OPENMAR Guillermo Gonzalez (TX) 195
KBFNC Guillermo Gonzalez (TX) 250
KRC04-SE Hagan Barnes (TN) 25
KRC08-MN Henry Veggian (NC) 25
KRC06-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 60
KRC08-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 75
KRC10-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 75
KRC05-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 90
KRC07-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 90
KRC09-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 95
360FFF Henry Veggian (NC) 25
ONS06 Henry Veggian (NC) 25
ONS08 Henry Veggian (NC) 25
VetsDay Henry Veggian (NC) 25
B2SBC-MS Henry Veggian (NC) 65
OPENMAR Henry Veggian (NC) 145
KBFNC Henry Veggian (NC) 50
OPENSEP Hunter Michael (PA) 160
KRC06-SE Ian Haynes (GA) 25
KRC07-SE Ian Haynes (GA) 25
KRC08-SE Ian Haynes (GA) 25
KRC09-SE Ian Haynes (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Ian Haynes (GA) 25
MDCFDC Ian Haynes (GA) 25
KRC05-SE Isaac Hillard (TN) 25
360FFF Isaac Hillard (TN) 25
KRC05-SE J Maddox (AR) 25
KRC09-EC Jack Cormack (WV) 25
KRC09-NW Jack Eames (ID) 55
KRC06-NW Jack Eames (ID) 60
KRC08-NW Jack Eames (ID) 65
KRC05-WS Jack Eames (ID) 80
KRC07-NW Jack Eames (ID) 80
KRC04-WS Jack Eames (ID) 100
360FFF Jack Eames (ID) 25
KRC10-EC Jacob Carr (WV) 55
KRC09-NW Jacob Danik (ID) 25
KRC08-NW Jacob Danik (ID) 40
KRC08-MS Jacob Miles (NC) 60
KRC07-MS Jacob Miles (NC) 65
KRC04-MS Jacob Miles (NC) 70
KRC05-CA Jacob Penny (CA) 25
KRC04-CA Jacob Penny (CA) 75
KRC10-NW Jacop Christensen (UT) 60
KRC09-NW Jacop Christensen (UT) 70
KRC04-EC Jake Horne (OH) 25
KRC08-EC Jake Horne (OH) 25
OPENMAR Jake Horne (OH) 50
KBFNC Jake Horne (OH) 50
KRC07-NE James Campbell (TN) 25
KRC08-NE James Campbell (TN) 25
KRC06-NE James Campbell (TN) 75
KRC07-EC James Casto (WV) 25
KRC08-EC James Casto (WV) 25
KRC04-SE James Findley (GA) 25
KRC05-SE James Findley (GA) 25
360FFF James Findley (GA) 25
MDCFDC James Findley (GA) 25
KRC10-WC James Francis (NE) 65
VetsDay James Francis (NE) 25
KRC09-EC James Himel (KY) 25
KRC08-EC James Himel (KY) 40
KRC08-NC James Himel (KY) 45
VetsDay James Himel (KY) 25
KRC08-BS James McCoy (TX) 25
KRC10-BS James McCoy (TX) 25
KRC09-BS James McCoy (TX) 70
KRC07-BS James McCoy (TX) 80
KRC06-BS James McCoy (TX) 85
KRC05-TX James McCoy (TX) 95
ONS07 James McCoy (TX) 75
360FFF James McCoy (TX) 95
ONS06 James McCoy (TX) 95
B2SBC-BS James McCoy (TX) 35
KRC06-EC James Moore (KY) 25
KRC09-MS James Sartin (NC) 30
KRC08-MS James Sartin (NC) 50
KRC10-BS James Seiffert (TX) 25
B2SBC-BS James Seiffert (TX) 25
KRC06-BS James Snyder (CA) 45
KRC05-CA James Snyder (CA) 85
ONS09 James Snyder (CA) 75
KRC09-MS James Workman (VA) 25
KRC10-MS James Workman (VA) 95
B2SBC-MS James Workman (VA) 25
KRC10-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 25
KRC09-EC Jamie Denison (NC) 40
KRC09-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 65
KRC08-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 70
KRC05-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 75
KRC07-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 95
KRC04-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 100
KRC06-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 100
MDCFDC Jamie Denison (NC) 25
ONS08 Jamie Denison (NC) 25
360FFF Jamie Denison (NC) 85
ONS06 Jamie Denison (NC) 85
B2SBC-MS Jamie Denison (NC) 120
OPENMAR Jamie Denison (NC) 155
OPENSEP Jamie Denison (NC) 185
KBFNC Jamie Denison (NC) 210 Jamie Denison (NC) 200
OPENMAR Jared Kutil (TN) 50
KBFNC Jared Kutil (TN) 50
KRC04-SE Jason Adams (AR) 25
KRC05-SE Jason Adams (AR) 25
KRC06-SE Jason Adams (AR) 25
KRC10-SE Jason Adams (AR) 25
360FFF Jason Adams (AR) 25
ONS09 Jason Adams (AR) 25
OPENMAR Jason Adams (AR) 50
KBFNC Jason Adams (AR) 50
KRC08-MN Jason Bench (NY) 25
KRC04-MN Jason Bench (NY) 60
KRC06-MN Jason Bench (NY) 60
KRC07-MN Jason Bench (NY) 90
360FFF Jason Bench (NY) 25
LIKJBF Jason Bench (NY) 25
KRC09-EC Jason Broach (FL) 25
KRC09-MS Jason Broach (FL) 25
KRC10-SE Jason Broach (FL) 35
KRC09-BS Jason Broach (FL) 75
KRC07-BS Jason Broach (FL) 85
KRC06-BS Jason Broach (FL) 90
KRC08-BS Jason Broach (FL) 90
KRC10-BS Jason Broach (FL) 95
360FFF Jason Broach (FL) 25
MDCFDC Jason Broach (FL) 25
ONS06 Jason Broach (FL) 25
VetsDay Jason Broach (FL) 25
ONS08 Jason Broach (FL) 75
ONS10 Jason Broach (FL) 95
ONS09 Jason Broach (FL) 100
OPENMAR Jason Broach (FL) 50
OPENSEP Jason Broach (FL) 90
B2SBC-BS Jason Broach (FL) 90
OPENOCT Jason Broach (FL) 160
KBFNC Jason Broach (FL) 50
TRLG Jason Broach (FL) 135
FBP Jason Broach (FL) 100
KRC08-SE Jason Choate (TN) 25
TRLOH Jason Choate (TN) 35
KRC04-MS Jason DeMott (VA) 25
KRC10-MS Jason DeMott (VA) 30
KRC04-MS Jason Dooley (VA) 25
KRC05-MS Jason Dooley (VA) 25
KRC06-NW Jason Duong (CO) 80
KRC05-WS Jason Duong (CO) 85
KRC09-NW Jason Duong (CO) 95
KRC06-SE Jason Glover (TN) 25
360FFF Jason Glover (TN) 25
KRC05-SE Jason Hopper (GA) 25
360FFF Jason Hopper (GA) 25
MDCFDC Jason Hopper (GA) 25
OPENMAR Jason Hopper (GA) 65
KBFNC Jason Hopper (GA) 50
KRC04-SE Jason Kincy (AR) 25
AKA Jason Kincy (AR) 50
KRC08-MS Jason Prevatte (NC) 80
KRC10-MS Jason Prevatte (NC) 90
KRC09-MS Jason Prevatte (NC) 100
VetsDay Jason Prevatte (NC) 65
KRC10-BS Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
KRC08-BS Jason Scapanski (FL) 30
KRC07-BS Jason Scapanski (FL) 35
KRC06-BS Jason Scapanski (FL) 75
KRC09-BS Jason Scapanski (FL) 90
360FFF Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
MDCFDC Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
ONS08 Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
ONS09 Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
VetsDay Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
ONS07 Jason Scapanski (FL) 40
ONS06 Jason Scapanski (FL) 75
B2SBC-BS Jason Scapanski (FL) 25
KBFNC Jason Scapanski (FL) 50
KRC09-WC Jason Welker (MO) 25
KRC10-EC Jason Welker (MO) 95
KRC07-EC Jason Welker (MO) 100
KRC08-EC Jason Welker (MO) 100
KRC09-EC Jason Welker (MO) 100
B2SBC-WC Jason Welker (MO) 25
KRC09-BS Jason Willis (TX) 25
KRC09-SE Jason Willis (TX) 25
KRC06-EC Jason Yiznitsky (KY) 80
KRC09-EC Jason Yiznitsky (KY) 80
KRC05-EC Jason Yiznitsky (KY) 95
KBFNC Jason Yiznitsky (KY) 50
KRC10-SE Jay Allen (MS) 25
KRC09-SE Jay Allen (MS) 80
KRC08-SE Jay Allen (MS) 90
ONS08 Jay Allen (MS) 25
ONS09 Jay Allen (MS) 25
B2SBC-SE Jay Allen (MS) 75
VetsDay Jay Randall (IL) 25
KRC06-NC Jay Suhsen (MN) 85
KRC07-NC Jay Suhsen (MN) 95
KRC08-NC Jay Suhsen (MN) 95
KRC09-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 70
KRC10-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 75
KRC04-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 80
KRC05-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 90
KRC08-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 90
KRC07-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 95
KRC06-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 100
ONS07 Jay Wallen (KY) 25
ONS09 Jay Wallen (KY) 25
360FFF Jay Wallen (KY) 30
MDCFDC Jay Wallen (KY) 40
ONS06 Jay Wallen (KY) 45
ONS08 Jay Wallen (KY) 70
VetsDay Jay Wallen (KY) 90
OPENSEP Jay Wallen (KY) 65
B2SBC-EC Jay Wallen (KY) 105
OPENMAR Jay Wallen (KY) 200
KBFNC Jay Wallen (KY) 260
TRLG Jay Wallen (KY) 140
TRLDH Jay Wallen (KY) 150
360FFF Jedediah Plunkert (WV) 70
KRC06-BS Jeff Batz (FL) 35
360FFF Jeff Batz (FL) 25
KRC05-MS Jeff Durham (NC) 55
KRC10-EC Jeff Fletcher (WV) 25
TRLOH Jeff Goodwin (TN) 110
KRC05-TX Jeff Isham (TX) 25
KRC10-BS Jeff Isham (TX) 45
KRC06-BS Jeff Isham (TX) 50
KRC09-BS Jeff Isham (TX) 55
KRC07-BS Jeff Isham (TX) 60
KRC08-BS Jeff Isham (TX) 65
VetsDay Jeff Isham (TX) 25
360FFF Jeff Isham (TX) 60
OPENOCT Jeff Isham (TX) 65
KRC04-SE Jeff Malott (AR) 25
KRC07-SE Jeff Malott (AR) 25
KRC05-SE Jeff Malott (AR) 40
KRC07-NC Jeff Sherwood (MI) 55
KRC04-NC Jeff Sherwood (MI) 70
KBFNC Jeff Sherwood (MI) 50
TRLDH Jeff Sherwood (MI) 35
KRC07-SE Jeffrey Hall (GA) 25
KRC09-SE Jeffrey Hall (GA) 25
KRC06-SE Jeffrey Hall (GA) 30
KRC05-SE Jeffrey Hall (GA) 45
KRC04-SE Jeffrey Hall (GA) 60
ONS08 Jeffrey Hall (GA) 25
360FFF Jeffrey Hall (GA) 45
KBFNC Jeffrey Hall (GA) 50
TRLG Jeffrey Hall (GA) 35
TRLW Jeffrey Hall (GA) 75
KRC04-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 25
KRC10-SE Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 25
KRC10-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 90
KRC05-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 100
KRC06-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 100
KRC07-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 100
KRC08-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 100
KRC09-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 100
VetsDay Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 25
B2SBC-NC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 25
OPENMAR Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 50
KBFNC Jeremy Curtiss (MN) 50
VetsDay Jeremy Davis (TX) 25
ONS10 Jeremy Davis (TX) 70
OPENOCT Jeremy Davis (TX) 35
VetsDay Jeremy Hayes (KY) 25
KRC05-WS Jeremy Miller (ID) 70
KRC07-NW Jeremy Miller (ID) 70
KRC04-WS Jeremy Miller (ID) 75
KRC06-NW Jeremy Miller (ID) 75
KRC09-NW Jeremy Miller (ID) 90
KRC10-NW Jeremy Miller (ID) 90
360FFF Jeremy Miller (ID) 25
ONS08 Jeremy Miller (ID) 25
ONS09 Jeremy Miller (ID) 25
ONS10 Jeremy Miller (ID) 25
VetsDay Jeremy Miller (ID) 25
B2SBC-NW Jeremy Miller (ID) 25
OPENSEP Jeremy Smith (WV) 50
KBFNC Jeremy Smith (WV) 50
KRC10-BS Jerry Burdine (FL) 70
KRC07-BS Jerry Burdine (FL) 75
KRC08-BS Jerry Burdine (FL) 75
KRC09-BS Jerry Burdine (FL) 95
KRC06-BS Jerry Burdine (FL) 100
ONS08 Jerry Burdine (FL) 25
ONS09 Jerry Burdine (FL) 25
ONS07 Jerry Burdine (FL) 30
VetsDay Jerry Burdine (FL) 35
360FFF Jerry Burdine (FL) 65
MDCFDC Jerry Burdine (FL) 95
ONS06 Jerry Burdine (FL) 100
OPENMAR Jerry Burdine (FL) 50
B2SBC-BS Jerry Burdine (FL) 100
KBFNC Jerry Burdine (FL) 50
FBP Jerry Burdine (FL) 75
KRC10-MS Jerry Cornelius (MO) 25
VetsDay Jesse Brady (MA) 25
KRC06-SE Jesse Brown (AR) 25
ONS06 Jesse Brown (AR) 25
KRC06-EC Jesse Wade (IL) 90
KRC10-MS Jesse Wade (VA) 25
KRC06-SE Jim Clark (GA) 25
KRC04-SE Jim Clark (GA) 55
KRC05-SE Jim Clark (GA) 90
KBFNC Jim Clark (GA) 50
KRC04-EC Jim Cline (OH) 25
KRC05-EC Jim Cline (OH) 25
KRC07-EC Jim Cline (OH) 25
KRC09-EC Jim Cline (OH) 25
KRC10-EC Jim Cline (OH) 25
360FFF Jim Cline (OH) 25
MDCFDC Jim Cline (OH) 25
VetsDay Jim Cline (OH) 25
OPENMAR Jim Cline (OH) 50
KBFNC Jim Cline (OH) 50
KBFNC Jim Davis (TN) 50
KRC04-SE Jim Flowers (TN) 25
OPENMAR Jim Flowers (TN) 135
KBFNC Jim Flowers (TN) 50
KRC09-SE Jim Foster (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Jim Foster (TN) 25
KBFNC Jim Lor (NC) 270
KRC06-SE Jim Smith (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Jim Smith (SC) 25
KRC10-SE Jim Smith (SC) 25
KRC05-SE Jim Smith (SC) 55
KRC04-SE Jim Smith (SC) 70
360FFF Jim Smith (SC) 25
MDCFDC Jim Smith (SC) 25
ONS06 Jim Smith (SC) 25
ONS10 Jim Smith (SC) 25
VetsDay Jim Smith (SC) 25
KRC05-SE Jim Ware (GA) 25
KRC04-SE Jim Ware (GA) 45
KRC06-SE Jim Ware (GA) 80
KRC07-SE Jim Ware (GA) 85
360FFF Jim Ware (GA) 25
OPENOCT Jim Ware (GA) 60
KBFNC Jim Ware (GA) 50
KRC10-SE Jim Williams (GA) 25
VetsDay Jim Williams (GA) 25
KRC06-MS Jimmy Houser (NC) 85
KRC07-MS Jimmy Houser (NC) 100
ONS10 Jimmy Houser (NC) 50
ONS07 Jimmy Houser (NC) 65
KRC06-EC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 25
KRC07-EC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 25
KRC10-EC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 25
KRC05-EC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 30
KRC08-EC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 70
KRC04-EC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 95
360FFF Jimmy Kemp (WV) 25
MDCFDC Jimmy Kemp (WV) 25
OPENSEP Jimmy Kemp (WV) 115
VetsDay Jimmy Walters (KY) 25
KRC04-EC Jody Queen (VA) 25
KRC06-EC Jody Queen (VA) 25
KRC06-MS Jody Queen (VA) 65
KRC09-MS Jody Queen (VA) 75
KRC05-MS Jody Queen (VA) 80
KRC07-MS Jody Queen (VA) 80
KRC04-MS Jody Queen (VA) 85
KRC08-MS Jody Queen (VA) 95
KRC10-MS Jody Queen (VA) 100
ONS08 Jody Queen (VA) 25
ONS09 Jody Queen (VA) 25
VetsDay Jody Queen (VA) 25
360FFF Jody Queen (VA) 55
ONS10 Jody Queen (VA) 80
OPENMAR Jody Queen (VA) 50
B2SBC-MS Jody Queen (VA) 145
OPENSEP Jody Queen (VA) 200
KBFNC Jody Queen (VA) 50
MSKA Jody Queen (VA) 200
KRC06-NC Joe Colegrove (MI) 25
KRC05-NC Joe Colegrove (MI) 50
KRC04-NC Joe Colegrove (MI) 100
OPENMAR Joe Colegrove (MI) 50
OPENMAR Joe Herbert (MO) 50
KBFNC Joe Herbert (MO) 50
KRC10-MS Joe Maione (NC) 25
KRC04-MS Joe Maione (NC) 80
KRC09-MS Joe Maione (NC) 80
KRC08-MS Joe Maione (NC) 85
KRC06-MS Joe Maione (NC) 90
KRC05-MS Joe Maione (NC) 95
360FFF Joe Maione (NC) 25
MDCFDC Joe Maione (NC) 65
B2SBC-MS Joe Maione (NC) 55
KRC05-NE Joe Mouhanna (MA) 25
KRC05-CA Joe Readye (CA) 90
KRC04-CA Joe Readye (CA) 100
ONS06 Joe Readye (CA) 25
ONS07 Joe Readye (CA) 25
MDCFDC Joe Readye (CA) 35
360FFF Joe Readye (CA) 80
OPENMAR Joe Readye (CA) 50
KBFNC Joe Readye (CA) 50
KRC05-SE Joey Kelly (TN) 25
360FFF Joey Kelly (TN) 25
TRLOH Joey Kelly (TN) 40
KRC07-BS Joey Montgomery (TX) 25
KRC10-SE Joey Montgomery (TX) 25
KRC09-BS Joey Montgomery (TX) 35
KRC10-BS Joey Montgomery (TX) 55
KRC08-BS Joey Montgomery (TX) 60
KRC05-TX Joey Montgomery (TX) 90
KRC04-TX Joey Montgomery (TX) 95
MDCFDC Joey Montgomery (TX) 25
ONS08 Joey Montgomery (TX) 45
360FFF Joey Montgomery (TX) 75
OPENMAR Joey Montgomery (TX) 60
OPENOCT Joey Montgomery (TX) 110
KBFNC Joey Montgomery (TX) 50
KRC08-EC Joey Willoughby (KY) 25
KRC07-EC Joey Willoughby (KY) 35
KRC08-SE John Bradford (LA) 25
KRC09-SE John Bradford (LA) 25
KRC07-SE John Bradford (LA) 35
OPENOCT John Bradford (LA) 185
KBFNC John Bradford (LA) 50
KRC08-NC John Gifford (WI) 50
KRC10-NC John Gifford (WI) 70
KRC09-NC John Gifford (WI) 75
KRC06-WC John Martinez (IL) 85
360FFF John McClenney (TN) 25
KBFNC John McClenney (TN) 50
TRLG John McClenney (TN) 105
SMTNKA John McClenney (TN) 200
TRLW John Meares (AL) 70
360FFF John Petro (NY) 25
ONS09 John Phillips (SC) 25
KRC10-EC John Rapp (WV) 25
KRC10-MS John Rapp (WV) 25
KRC08-EC John Rapp (WV) 60
KRC07-EC John Rapp (WV) 75
KRC09-EC John Rapp (WV) 75
360FFF John Rapp (WV) 25
MDCFDC John Rapp (WV) 25
ONS06 John Rapp (WV) 25
ONS07 John Rapp (WV) 25
ONS08 John Rapp (WV) 25
ONS09 John Rapp (WV) 25
ONS10 John Rapp (WV) 25
B2SBC-EC John Rapp (WV) 25
OPENSEP John Rapp (WV) 50
KBFNC John Rapp (WV) 210
KRC07-NW John Tallyn (OR) 25
KRC06-NW John Tallyn (OR) 90
KRC04-TX John Vandine (TX) 25
KRC05-TX John Vandine (TX) 25
OPENMAR John Walters (KY) 50
TRLOH John Wisniewski (TN) 35
KRC07-SE Johnny Nichols (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Johnny Nichols (TN) 25
KRC09-SE Johnny Nichols (TN) 55
ONS07 Johnny Nichols (TN) 25
ONS08 Johnny Nichols (TN) 25
ONS09 Johnny Nichols (TN) 25
B2SBC-SE Johnny Nichols (TN) 30
KRC05-SE Jon Hogue (LA) 25
360FFF Jon Hogue (LA) 25
KRC05-NE Jonathan Harrington (MA) 25
KRC09-EC Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
KRC07-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 30
KRC04-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 40
KRC08-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 45
KRC09-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 60
KRC10-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 65
KRC10-BS Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 80
KRC06-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 90
360FFF Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
ONS06 Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
ONS07 Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
ONS08 Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
ONS09 Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
VetsDay Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 25
B2SBC-SE Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 45
OPENMAR Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 50
OPENSEP Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 50
OPENOCT Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 75
KBFNC Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 50
TRLOH Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 35
TRLG Jonathan Lessmann (AL) 115
KRC05-SE Jordan Chastain (GA) 25
ONS06 Jordan Marshall (TN) 25
VetsDay Jordan Marshall (TN) 25
KRC08-NW Jordan Parker (WA) 25
KRC10-NW Jordan Parker (WA) 25
KRC06-NW Jordan Parker (WA) 85
KRC07-NW Jordan Parker (WA) 90
KRC05-CA Jose Cervantes (CA) 60
KRC05-SE Jose J Bigio (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Jose J Bigio (SC) 25
360FFF Jose J Bigio (SC) 25
KRC06-NC Joseph Palmer (IL) 25
KRC08-EC Joseph Palmer (IL) 25
KRC04-NC Joseph Palmer (IL) 55
KRC05-EC Joseph Palmer (IL) 55
KRC04-EC Joseph Palmer (IL) 60
KRC07-EC Joseph Palmer (IL) 65
KRC06-EC Joseph Palmer (IL) 75
KRC05-NC Joseph Palmer (IL) 85
KRC07-NC Joseph Palmer (IL) 90
360FFF Joseph Palmer (IL) 25
MDCFDC Joseph Palmer (IL) 25
ONS08 Joseph Palmer (IL) 25
OPENSEP Joseph Palmer (IL) 55
B2SBC-EC Joseph Palmer (IL) 60
KBL Joseph Palmer (IL) 200
KRC06-MN Joseph Solari (NY) 65
KRC04-MN Joseph Solari (NY) 70
KRC05-MN Joseph Solari (NY) 80
OPENMAR Joseph Solari (NY) 50
KBFNC Joseph Solari (NY) 50
KRC07-WC Josey Stone (KS) 25
KRC09-WC Josey Stone (KS) 25
KRC06-WC Josey Stone (KS) 70
KRC06-WC Josh Childers (AR) 60
TRLDH Josh Crabtree (KY) 135
KRC07-WC Josh Lutze (KS) 25
KRC06-WC Josh Lutze (KS) 55
KRC09-WC Josh Lutze (KS) 55
VetsDay Josh Lutze (KS) 25
KRC07-SE Josh Woodall (SC) 25
KRC08-SE Josh Woodall (SC) 25
KRC09-SE Josh Woodall (SC) 25
KRC06-SE Josh Woodall (SC) 85
KRC04-EC Joshua Bennett (KS) 25
KRC05-EC Joshua Bennett (KS) 35
KRC06-EC Joshua Bennett (KS) 65
ONS06 Joshua Bennett (KS) 40
KBFNC Joshua Bennett (KS) 155
KRC07-NC Joshua Engelmann (MN) 25
KRC06-NC Joshua Engelmann (MN) 40
KRC05-NC Joshua Engelmann (MN) 65
KRC09-NC Joshua Engelmann (MN) 70
KRC08-NC Joshua Engelmann (MN) 75
KRC05-MS Joshua Evans (MD) 25
KRC07-MS Joshua Evans (MD) 50
KRC08-MN Joshua Evans (MD) 70
OPENMAR Joshua Evans (MD) 50
OPENSEP Joshua Evans (MD) 75
KBFNC Joshua Evans (MD) 50
KRC09-MS Joshua Miles (NC) 35
KRC04-SE Joshua Stewart (TN) 25
KRC07-SE Joshua Stewart (TN) 40
KRC09-SE Joshua Stewart (TN) 40
KRC08-SE Joshua Stewart (TN) 50
KRC10-SE Joshua Stewart (TN) 50
360FFF Joshua Stewart (TN) 25
MDCFDC Joshua Stewart (TN) 25
ONS09 Joshua Stewart (TN) 25
ONS10 Joshua Stewart (TN) 25
ONS07 Joshua Stewart (TN) 35
ONS06 Joshua Stewart (TN) 50
OPENMAR Joshua Stewart (TN) 105
OPENSEP Joshua Stewart (TN) 135
OPENOCT Joshua Stewart (TN) 135
KBFNC Joshua Stewart (TN) 50
TRLDH Joshua Stewart (TN) 35
TRLG Joshua Stewart (TN) 55
TRLW Joshua Stewart (TN) 110
TRLOH Joshua Stewart (TN) 135
KBFTN Joshua Stewart (TN) 200
KRC10-EC JR Mocaby (IL) 35
KRC04-EC JR Mocaby (IL) 75
KRC05-EC JR Mocaby (IL) 75
KRC09-EC JR Mocaby (IL) 85
360FFF JR Mocaby (IL) 25
ONS08 JR Mocaby (IL) 25
KRC08-NW Julie Rupp (OR) 25
KRC05-MS Julie Tomasik (MD) 25
KRC06-MS Julie Tomasik (MD) 25
KRC04-MS Julie Tomasik (MD) 30
MDCFDC Julie Tomasik (MD) 25
KRC06-MS Justin Douglas (VA) 80
OPENSEP Justin Hanson (WV) 180
KBFNC Justin Hanson (WV) 180
KRC04-MN Justin Hausner (NY) 25
KRC09-MN Justin Hausner (NY) 25
KRC10-MN Justin Hausner (NY) 60
KRC04-MS Justin Jones (VA) 35
KRC07-NE Justin Lacasse (RI) 60
KRC09-NE Justin Lacasse (RI) 70
KRC08-NE Justin Lacasse (RI) 90
ONS08 Justin Lacasse (RI) 25
KRC05-EC Justin Long (IN) 85
360FFF Justin Long (IN) 25
KBFNC Justin Long (IN) 165
KRC06-SE Justin Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC08-SE Justin Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC09-SE Justin Tadlock (AL) 25
KRC10-SE Justin Tadlock (AL) 40
360FFF Justin Tadlock (AL) 25
ONS09 Justin Tadlock (AL) 25
MDCFDC Justin Tadlock (AL) 55
OPENMAR Justin Tadlock (AL) 125
OPENOCT Justin Tadlock (AL) 190
KBFNC Justin Tadlock (AL) 50
TRLW Justin Tadlock (AL) 60
TRLG Justin Tadlock (AL) 125
KRC05-EC Justin Templin (KY) 25
KRC06-EC Justin Templin (KY) 25
KRC07-EC Justin Templin (KY) 25
KRC04-EC Justin Templin (KY) 30
360FFF Justin Templin (KY) 25
KBFNC Justin Templin (KY) 290
TRLG Justin Templin (KY) 35
TRLDH Justin Templin (KY) 90
KRC07-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 90
KRC04-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 95
KRC05-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 95
KRC08-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 95
KRC09-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 100
KRC10-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 100
ONS08 Karl Hudson (MS) 25
ONS09 Karl Hudson (MS) 55
360FFF Karl Hudson (MS) 90
MDCFDC Karl Hudson (MS) 90
ONS07 Karl Hudson (MS) 95
VetsDay Karl Hudson (MS) 100
B2SBC-SE Karl Hudson (MS) 40
KBFNC Karl Hudson (MS) 175
TRLW Karl Hudson (MS) 95
WTBY Karl Hudson (MS) 200
KRC10-MS Keith Rosado (NC) 40
TRLDH Keith Williams (KY) 70
KRC04-SE Kelley Chambers (GA) 65
KRC10-WC Ken McVeigh (NE) 50
KRC09-WC Ken McVeigh (NE) 70
KRC07-WC Ken McVeigh (NE) 90
KRC09-WC Ken Shippy (KS) 100
KRC10-WC Ken Shippy (KS) 100
KRC10-NE Ken Wood (MA) 0
KRC05-NE Ken Wood (MA) 85
KRC08-NE Ken Wood (MA) 85
KRC06-NE Ken Wood (MA) 95
KRC07-NE Ken Wood (MA) 95
KRC09-NE Ken Wood (MA) 100
360FFF Ken Wood (MA) 25
ONS08 Ken Wood (MA) 25
VetsDay Ken Wood (MA) 25
ONS09 Ken Wood (MA) 30
B2SBC-NE Ken Wood (MA) 25
OPENMAR Ken Wood (MA) 50
KBFNC Ken Wood (MA) 50
KRC06-SE Kenneth Foxx (TN) 25
TRLOH Kenneth Foxx (TN) 35
KRC08-EC Kenny Hood (CO) 25
KRC09-EC Kenny Hood (CO) 25
KRC10-NW Kenny Hood (CO) 55
KRC09-NW Kenny Hood (CO) 75
KRC04-WS Kenny Hood (CO) 85
KRC06-NW Kenny Hood (CO) 85
KRC08-NW Kenny Hood (CO) 90
KRC05-WS Kenny Hood (CO) 95
KRC07-NW Kenny Hood (CO) 95
360FFF Kenny Hood (CO) 25
MDCFDC Kenny Hood (CO) 25
ONS07 Kenny Hood (CO) 25
ONS08 Kenny Hood (CO) 25
ONS09 Kenny Hood (CO) 25
VetsDay Kenny Hood (CO) 25
B2SBC-NW Kenny Hood (CO) 25
OPENOCT Kenny Hood (CO) 35
OPENMAR Kenny Hood (CO) 50
OPENSEP Kenny Hood (CO) 50
KBFNC Kenny Hood (CO) 125
KRC04-SE Kerry Adams (SC) 25
KRC05-SE Kerry Adams (SC) 25
KRC06-SE Kerry Adams (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Kerry Adams (SC) 25
KRC09-SE Kerry Adams (SC) 25
360FFF Kerry Adams (SC) 25
OPENMAR Kerry Adams (SC) 50
KRC04-MN Kevin Costello (MD) 25
KRC08-EC Kevin Main (IN) 25
360FFF Kevin Markland (MD) 25
TRLW Kevin McCullough (TN) 45
KRC09-BS Kevin Morris (TX) 30
KRC08-BS Kevin Morris (TX) 40
KRC07-BS Kevin Morris (TX) 50
KRC06-BS Kevin Morris (TX) 65
KRC05-TX Kevin Morris (TX) 80
360FFF Kevin Morris (TX) 25
VetsDay Kevin Morris (TX) 25
KRC04-EC Kevin Parrott (OH) 25
KRC05-MN Kevin Romano (NJ) 25
KRC07-MN Kevin Romano (NJ) 25
360FFF Kevin Romano (NJ) 25
KRC10-WC Kevin Will (IA) 95
KRC05-NC Kevin Williamson (MI) 55
KRC07-WC Kevin Workman (NE) 95
KBFNC Kevin Workman (NE) 290
KRC05-TX Kimberly Flores (TX) 25
OPENOCT Kimberly Flores (TX) 35
OPENMAR Kimberly Flores (TX) 50
KBFNC Kimberly Flores (TX) 50
KRC04-CA Kirk Gossett (CA) 25
KRC07-BS Kirk Gossett (CA) 40
KRC10-BS Kirk Gossett (CA) 40
KRC08-BS Kirk Gossett (CA) 45
KRC09-BS Kirk Gossett (CA) 50
KRC06-BS Kirk Gossett (CA) 60
KRC05-CA Kirk Gossett (CA) 70
360FFF Kirk Gossett (CA) 25
VetsDay Kirk Gossett (CA) 25
B2SBC-BS Kirk Gossett (CA) 25
KRC09-EC Kurt Smits (OH) 25
KRC08-EC Kurt Smits (OH) 65
OPENMAR Kurt Smits (OH) 50
KRC05-WS Kyle Zemke (ID) 60
KRC07-NW Kyle Zemke (ID) 60
KRC06-NW Kyle Zemke (ID) 90
KRC04-WS Kyle Zemke (ID) 95
KRC08-NW Kyle Zemke (ID) 95
KRC10-NW Kyle Zemke (ID) 95
360FFF Kyle Zemke (ID) 25
KRC07-SE Landon Anderson (GA) 25
KRC08-SE Landon Anderson (GA) 25
KRC09-SE Landon Anderson (GA) 25
VetsDay Landon Anderson (GA) 25
KRC10-MS Larry Anderson (NC) 25
KRC08-MS Larry Anderson (NC) 65
KRC09-MS Larry Anderson (NC) 70
KRC07-MS Larry Anderson (NC) 75
VetsDay Larry Anderson (NC) 25
KRC04-SE Lee Ward (SC) 25
KRC08-SE Lee Ward (SC) 25
KRC10-SE Lee Ward (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Lee Ward (SC) 65
KRC09-SE Lee Ward (SC) 85
KBFNC Lee Ward (SC) 50
KRC06-BS Lee Youngblood (FL) 25
KRC10-SE Liana Perez (TN) 25
KRC05-WS Logan Boyd (ID) 45
KRC08-NW Loren Olson (WA) 45
KRC07-NW Loren Olson (WA) 55
KRC06-NC Mang Vue (WI) 90
VetsDay Mario Ceja (VA) 70
KRC06-BS Mark Benward (AZ) 40
KRC05-CA Mark Benward (AZ) 80
MDCFDC Mark Benward (AZ) 25
VetsDay Mark Benward (AZ) 25
KRC09-NE Mark Campbell (ME) 25
KRC06-NE Mark Campbell (ME) 90
KRC05-NE Mark Campbell (ME) 100
KRC07-NE Mark Campbell (ME) 100
KRC08-NE Mark Campbell (ME) 100
KRC05-SE Mark Cantu (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Mark Cantu (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Mark Cantu (TN) 25
TRLG Mark Cantu (TN) 95
KRC07-SE Mark Davis (TN) 25
360FFF Mark Davis (TN) 50
TRLDH Mark Ferguson (KY) 140
VetsDay Mark Johnson (MA) 25
KRC05-MS Mark Wheeler (VA) 25
KRC04-MS Mark Wheeler (VA) 65
KRC05-SE Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 25
KRC07-SE Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 45
KRC09-SE Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 45
KRC08-SE Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 55
B2SBC-SE Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 25
TRLOH Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 70
CAKFG Marshall Yarbrough (TN) 200
KRC09-WC Marty Hughes (NE) 25
KRC10-WC Marty Hughes (NE) 75
KRC07-WC Marty Hughes (NE) 85
KRC06-WC Marty Hughes (NE) 95
VetsDay Marty Hughes (NE) 25
KBFNC Marty Hughes (NE) 70
KRC06-NW Mary Ainslie (CO) 65
KRC06-EC Matt Ball (OH) 25
KRC07-EC Matt Ball (OH) 25
KRC09-EC Matt Ball (OH) 25
KRC10-EC Matt Ball (OH) 25
KRC08-EC Matt Ball (OH) 55
KRC04-EC Matt Ball (OH) 70
360FFF Matt Ball (OH) 25
VetsDay Matt Ball (OH) 25
OPENSEP Matt Ball (OH) 95
KBFNC Matt Ball (OH) 300
KRC09-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 25
KRC10-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 25
KRC08-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 45
KRC06-NE Matt Campbell (VA) 55
KRC04-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 60
KRC07-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 60
KRC05-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 70
KRC06-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 70
KRC08-MN Matt Campbell (VA) 85
KRC10-MN Matt Campbell (VA) 85
KRC09-MN Matt Campbell (VA) 95
360FFF Matt Campbell (VA) 25
MDCFDC Matt Campbell (VA) 25
ONS07 Matt Campbell (VA) 25
ONS08 Matt Campbell (VA) 25
ONS10 Matt Campbell (VA) 25
VetsDay Matt Campbell (VA) 25
ONS09 Matt Campbell (VA) 65
B2SBC-MS Matt Campbell (VA) 25
OPENSEP Matt Campbell (VA) 130
KBFNC Matt Campbell (VA) 50
MAKBF Matt Campbell (VA) 200
KRC10-BS Matt Church (FL) 25
KRC09-BS Matt Church (FL) 60
ONS08 Matt Church (FL) 25
B2SBC-BS Matt Church (FL) 25
KRC06-SE Matt Hall (MS) 25
KRC08-SE Matt Hall (MS) 25
MDCFDC Matt Hall (MS) 25
KRC07-NE Matt Mcgee (ME) 25
KRC06-NE Matt Mcgee (ME) 65
360FFF Matt Mcgee (ME) 25
KRC09-SE Matt Pullin (LA) 25
KRC08-NC Matt Snider (MI) 25
KRC07-NC Matt Snider (MI) 30
KRC06-NC Matt Snider (MI) 35
KRC09-NC Matt Snider (MI) 45
KRC10-NC Matt Snider (MI) 45
OPENMAR Matt Stehle (PA) 120
KBFNC Matt Stehle (PA) 50
KRC06-BS Matthew Brannon (CA) 80
KRC05-CA Matthew Brannon (CA) 100
360FFF Matthew Brannon (CA) 25
VetsDay Matthew Brannon (CA) 25
ONS09 Matthew Brannon (CA) 60
ONS07 Matthew Brannon (CA) 70
MDCFDC Matthew Brannon (CA) 75
ONS08 Matthew Brannon (CA) 85
ONS06 Matthew Brannon (CA) 90
ONS10 Matthew Brannon (CA) 90
CAKBF Matthew Brannon (CA) 200
KRC05-CA Matthew Bray (CA) 25
KRC04-CA Matthew Bray (CA) 85
360FFF Matthew Bray (CA) 25
KRC10-MS Matthew Cascella (VA) 25
KRC09-MS Matthew Cascella (VA) 40
KRC05-SE Matthew Case (TN) 25
KRC09-SE Matthew Case (TN) 25
KRC10-SE Matthew Case (TN) 25
360FFF Matthew Case (TN) 25
ONS07 Matthew Case (TN) 25
ONS09 Matthew Case (TN) 25
ONS10 Matthew Case (TN) 25
VetsDay Matthew Case (TN) 25
ONS08 Matthew Case (TN) 65
KBFNC Matthew Case (TN) 50
TRLW Matthew Case (TN) 50
TRLG Matthew Case (TN) 90
TRLOH Matthew Case (TN) 120
KRC08-MS Matthew Chapman (VA) 25
KRC07-MS Matthew Chapman (VA) 40
KRC06-MS Matthew Chapman (VA) 50
KRC08-MN Matthew Chapman (VA) 100
360FFF Matthew Chapman (VA) 25
KRC05-TX Matthew Herrera (TX) 85
KRC07-NW Matthew Masters (OR) 25
KRC06-NW Matthew Masters (OR) 80
KRC06-NW Matthew Penwright (OK) 25
KRC04-EC Matthew Schaefer (KY) 25
KRC06-EC Matthew Schaefer (KY) 25
KRC05-EC Matthew Schaefer (KY) 80
VetsDay Matthew Schaefer (KY) 25
OPENMAR Matthew Schaefer (KY) 115
KBFNC Matthew Schaefer (KY) 50
TRLDH Matthew Schaefer (KY) 35
OPENOCT Matthew Scotch (TX) 200
KBFNC Matthew Scotch (TX) 200
KRC06-EC Matthew Simpson (IL) 25
ONS08 Matthew Spencer (TN) 25
KRC08-EC Matthew Williams (IL) 25
KRC10-EC Matthew Williams (IL) 25
KRC06-EC Matthew Williams (IL) 60
KRC07-EC Matthew Williams (IL) 85
VetsDay Matthew Williams (IL) 25
KRC10-SE Mel Ashe (MO) 30
KRC10-BS Mel Ashe (MO) 60
KRC10-WC Mel Ashe (MO) 70
KRC09-WC Mel Ashe (MO) 85
KRC06-WC Mel Ashe (MO) 90
KRC07-WC Mel Ashe (MO) 100
360FFF Mel Ashe (MO) 25
ONS08 Mel Ashe (MO) 25
ONS09 Mel Ashe (MO) 25
ONS10 Mel Ashe (MO) 25
VetsDay Mel Ashe (MO) 25
ONS06 Mel Ashe (MO) 35
ONS07 Mel Ashe (MO) 55
OPENMAR Mel Ashe (MO) 50
B2SBC-WC Mel Ashe (MO) 85
OPENOCT Mel Ashe (MO) 150
KBFNC Mel Ashe (MO) 50
TRLG Mel Ashe (MO) 35
TRLOH Mel Ashe (MO) 100
TRLW Mel Ashe (MO) 140
NEKKA Mel Ashe (MO) 200
TRLOH Micah Payne (TN) 35
KRC09-SE Michael Anderson (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Michael Anderson (GA) 25
ONS08 Michael Anderson (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Michael Born (GA) 45
KRC04-MS Michael Born (NC) 40
KRC04-TX Michael Cates (TX) 25
KRC09-BS Michael Cates (TX) 25
MDCFDC Michael Cates (TX) 25
ONS08 Michael Cates (TX) 55
ONS07 Michael Cates (TX) 60
OPENMAR Michael Cates (TX) 170
OPENOCT Michael Cates (TX) 170
KBFNC Michael Cates (TX) 50
360FFF Michael Ernst (TN) 25
TRLOH Michael Ernst (TN) 85
KRC04-MN Michael Hennessy (NY) 45
KRC05-MN Michael Hennessy (NY) 75
KRC06-MN Michael Hennessy (NY) 75
360FFF Michael Hennessy (NY) 25
OPENMAR Michael Jennings (OH) 50
KRC09-EC Michael Kelly (IN) 25
KRC10-EC Michael Kelly (IN) 25
ONS09 Michael Kelly (IN) 25
B2SBC-EC Michael Kelly (IN) 25
360FFF Michael Kroeger (KY) 25
OPENMAR Michael Kroeger (KY) 50
KBFNC Michael Kroeger (KY) 150
KRC09-EC Michael Lawhon (WV) 30
KRC10-EC Michael Lawhon (WV) 100
KRC05-EC Michael Miller (IN) 25
KRC06-EC Michael Miller (IN) 25
KRC06-NC Michael Miller (IN) 55
OPENMAR Michael Neubauer (KY) 50
KRC10-SE Michael Peters (TN) 25
KRC09-EC Michael Radake (IL) 25
KRC10-EC Michael Radake (IL) 60
KRC10-BS Michael Ray (FL) 75
ONS09 Michael Ray (FL) 25
360FFF Michael Robison (TN) 25
TRLOH Michael Robison (TN) 55
TRLG Michael Robison (TN) 75
KRC04-SE Michael Sandlin (MO) 25
KBFNC Michael Sandlin (MO) 50
KRC04-MN Michael Tomasik (MD) 25
KRC06-MS Michael Tomasik (MD) 35
KRC04-MS Michael Tomasik (MD) 55
KRC05-MS Michael Tomasik (MD) 60
MDCFDC Michael Tomasik (MD) 25
OPENMAR Michael Tomasik (MD) 80
KBFNC Michael Tomasik (MD) 50
KRC06-NW Michael Vint (CA) 25
KRC07-BS Michael Vint (CA) 30
KRC06-BS Michael Vint (CA) 55
KRC05-CA Michael Vint (CA) 75
360FFF Michael Vint (CA) 25
MDCFDC Michael Vint (CA) 25
KRC06-WC Mike DeBruin (IA) 75
KRC07-WC Mike DeBruin (IA) 75
KRC09-WC Mike DeBruin (IA) 80
KRC10-WC Mike DeBruin (IA) 80
360FFF Mike DeBruin (IA) 25
VetsDay Mike DeBruin (IA) 25
B2SBC-WC Mike DeBruin (IA) 80
KRC10-EC Mike Densel (IN) 70
KRC10-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 0
KRC08-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 65
KRC06-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 70
KRC07-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 80
KRC09-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 80
KRC05-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 90
MDCFDC Mike Elrick (MA) 25
ONS07 Mike Elrick (MA) 25
VetsDay Mike Elrick (MA) 25
360FFF Mike Elrick (MA) 40
B2SBC-NE Mike Elrick (MA) 25
KRC10-NC Mike Godlewski (WI) 25
B2SBC-NC Mike Godlewski (WI) 25
KRC06-NC Mike Laritz (MI) 30
KRC10-NC Mike Mckinstry (MI) 0
KRC09-NC Mike Mckinstry (MI) 55
KRC08-NC Mike Mckinstry (MI) 60
KRC07-NC Mike Mckinstry (MI) 65
KRC06-NC Mike Mckinstry (MI) 80
VetsDay Mike Mckinstry (MI) 25
KRC08-SE Mike Mooney (GA) 25
KRC06-SE Mike Mooney (GA) 55
KRC07-SE Mike Mooney (GA) 55
KRC05-SE Mike Mooney (GA) 65
KRC08-NW Mike Ragland (WA) 25
KRC07-NW Mike Ragland (WA) 40
KRC06-NW Mike Ragland (WA) 100
KRC04-MN Mike Reinhold (PA) 85
KRC04-SE Mike Roe (LA) 25
OPENOCT Mike Roe (LA) 35
KRC08-NC Nam Nguyen (MN) 70
KRC06-NC Nam Nguyen (MN) 75
KRC07-NC Nam Nguyen (MN) 75
KRC10-NC Nam Nguyen (MN) 85
KRC09-NC Nam Nguyen (MN) 90
VetsDay Nathan Naturile (NC) 25
ONS07 Neil Farley (OH) 25
ONS10 Nicholas Chin (OR) 25
OKBF Nicholas Chin (OR) 200
KRC10-NC Nicholas McLanahan (MI) 25
KRC08-MN Nick Lester (PA) 25
KRC04-MN Nick Lester (PA) 55
KRC10-MN Nick Lester (PA) 75
KRC09-MN Nick Lester (PA) 85
KRC07-MN Nick Lester (PA) 95
ONS06 Nick Lester (PA) 25
ONS08 Nick Lester (PA) 25
B2SBC-MN Nick Lester (PA) 25
OPENMAR Nick Lester (PA) 50
KBFNC Nick Lester (PA) 50
KRC06-SE Parker Mcdonald (GA) 40
KRC05-SE Parker Mcdonald (GA) 90
MDCFDC Parker Mcdonald (GA) 25
ONS08 Patrick Allen (TN) 25
KRC09-EC Patrick Tharp (IL) 35
KRC06-EC Patrick Tharp (IL) 50
KRC10-EC Patrick Tharp (IL) 65
KRC05-EC Patrick Tharp (IL) 70
KRC08-EC Patrick Tharp (IL) 75
360FFF Patrick Tharp (IL) 25
MDCFDC Patrick Tharp (IL) 25
B2SBC-EC Patrick Tharp (IL) 25
KRC06-NC Paul Hansen (MN) 25
KRC08-NC Paul Hansen (MN) 25
KRC04-EC Quinton Echols (OH) 25
KRC07-EC Quinton Echols (OH) 25
OPENMAR Quinton Echols (OH) 50
KBFNC Quinton Echols (OH) 50
TRLDH Randy Collins (KY) 35
VetsDay Randy Newton (FL) 25
KRC05-SE Ray Sneed (SC) 25
KRC07-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 25
KRC09-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 25
KRC10-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 25
KRC10-SE Rebecca Golden (NJ) 25
KRC04-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 50
KRC04-EC Rebecca Golden (NJ) 65
KRC06-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 70
KRC08-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 80
KRC05-MN Rebecca Golden (NJ) 90
KRC07-MN Rich Hesse (PA) 75
KRC07-MS Richard Jones (VA) 25
KRC05-MS Richard Jones (VA) 100
B2SBC-MS Richard Jones (VA) 25
KRC06-EC Richard Ofner (MI) 25
KRC06-NC Richard Ofner (MI) 25
KRC05-NC Richard Ofner (MI) 90
KRC04-NC Richard Ofner (MI) 95
VetsDay Richard Ofner (MI) 25
OPENOCT Richard Ofner (MI) 155
KBFNC Richard Ofner (MI) 50
KRC04-CA Richard Penny (CA) 25
KRC05-CA Richard Penny (CA) 25
KRC10-MN Richard Ranieri (NY) 45
KRC08-MN Richard Ranieri (NY) 75
KRC06-MN Richard Ranieri (NY) 80
KRC09-MN Richard Ranieri (NY) 80
KRC07-MN Richard Ranieri (NY) 85
KRC09-WC Richie McMichael (KS) 25
KBFNC Richie McMichael (KS) 50
KRC10-EC Rick Goff (WV) 30
VetsDay Rick Goff (WV) 25
OPENMAR Ricky Smith (LA) 50
OPENOCT Ricky Smith (LA) 165
KBFNC Ricky Smith (LA) 50
KRC07-SE Robbie McGarrah (MS) 25
KRC09-WC Robbie TurtleKing Arand (MO) 60
ONS08 Robbie TurtleKing Arand (MO) 25
KBFNC Robbie TurtleKing Arand (MO) 65
KRC10-MN Robert Clobes (DE) 80
KRC05-MN Robert Clobes (DE) 85
KRC10-EC Robert Johnson (IL) 25
KRC10-NC Robert Johnson (IL) 25
KRC04-EC Robert Lauber (OH) 25
KRC07-EC Robert Lauber (OH) 25
OPENMAR Robert Lauber (OH) 50
KBFNC Robert Lauber (OH) 50
TRLOH Robert Lauber (OH) 140
360FFF Robert Leaman (OH) 25
OPENOCT Robert Leaman (OH) 35
KBFNC Robert Leaman (OH) 50
TRLOH Robert Leaman (OH) 35
KRC10-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 0
KRC07-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 70
KRC08-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 70
KRC09-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 75
KRC05-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 80
KRC06-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 100
B2SBC-NE Robert Pickering (MA) 25
KRC10-NE Robert Roberts (ME) 0
KRC09-NE Robert Roberts (ME) 85
KRC07-NE Robert Roberts (ME) 90
KRC08-NE Robert Roberts (ME) 95
KRC06-SE Robert Weiker (TN) 25
KRC06-BS Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 25
KRC10-BS Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 25
KRC08-BS Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 80
KRC09-BS Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 85
KRC07-BS Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 95
MDCFDC Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 25
VetsDay Roberto Gonzalez (TX) 25
KRC04-SE Rocky Ly (GA) 100
OPENMAR Rocky Ly (GA) 50
KBFNC Rocky Ly (GA) 50
KRC09-MS Rodrigo Luna (VA) 60
KRC10-MS Rodrigo Luna (VA) 60
KRC08-NC Roger Carriere Jr (MN) 80
KRC07-SE Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC08-SE Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC09-EC Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC09-SE Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC10-BS Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC10-EC Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC10-MN Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC10-MS Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Ron Champion (GA) 25
KRC06-SE Ron Champion (GA) 65
KRC04-SE Ron Champion (GA) 85
KRC05-SE Ron Champion (GA) 100
360FFF Ron Champion (GA) 25
ONS09 Ron Champion (GA) 25
ONS07 Ron Champion (GA) 45
MDCFDC Ron Champion (GA) 70
ONS06 Ron Champion (GA) 70
B2SBC-SE Ron Champion (GA) 25
OPENSEP Ron Champion (GA) 70
OPENMAR Ron Champion (GA) 90
KBFNC Ron Champion (GA) 195
TRLG Ron Champion (GA) 60
TRLW Ron Champion (GA) 105
TRLOH Ron Champion (GA) 145
KRC10-MN Ronnie Bouchard (NY) 40
KRC06-MS Ronnie Williams (NC) 25
KRC07-MS Ronnie Williams (NC) 25
KRC10-MS Ronnie Williams (NC) 25
OPENOCT Ross Mcvey (VA) 35
OPENSEP Russell Johnson (PA) 165
KRC08-MN Ryan Fehringer (NY) 60
KRC04-SE Ryan Gosdin (LA) 25
KRC05-SE Ryan Gosdin (LA) 25
KRC05-SE Ryan Hulsey (GA) 25
KRC06-SE Ryan Hulsey (GA) 25
KRC07-SE Ryan Hulsey (GA) 25
KRC04-SE Ryan Hulsey (GA) 80
OPENMAR Ryan Hulsey (GA) 130
KBFNC Ryan Hulsey (GA) 50
KRC05-MN Ryan Kennedy (NY) 25
360FFF Ryan Kennedy (NY) 25
KRC10-MN Ryan Killen (PA) 50
KBFNC Ryan Lambert (TN) 170
TRLW Ryan Lambert (TN) 80
TRLG Ryan Lambert (TN) 110
KRC10-NW Ryan Ledbetter (CO) 65
ONS09 Ryan Ledbetter (CO) 25
KRC04-WS Ryan Palmer (ID) 25
KRC10-WC Salvador Chavez (IA) 55
KRC09-WC Salvador Chavez (IA) 65
ONS10 Salvador Chavez (IA) 25
VetsDay Salvador Chavez (IA) 25
KRC07-NE Sam Cushing (ME) 65
KRC08-NE Sam Cushing (ME) 75
KRC06-NE Sam Cushing (ME) 85
KRC05-NE Sam Cushing (ME) 95
KRC09-NE Sam Cushing (ME) 95
360FFF Sam Cushing (ME) 25
MDCFDC Sam Cushing (ME) 25
B2SBC-NE Sam Cushing (ME) 25
KRC09-SE Sam Treadway (AR) 25
ONS10 Sammy Pugh (WV) 25
KRC05-EC Samuel Willoughby (KY) 25
KRC07-NW Sandra Roberts (CO) 25
KRC09-NW Sandra Roberts (CO) 25
KRC05-WS Sandra Roberts (CO) 55
KRC08-NW Sandra Roberts (CO) 55
KRC04-WS Sandra Roberts (CO) 70
KRC10-WC Sarah Krambeck (IA) 60
KBFNC Saturday Mel (NC) 50
KRC04-EC Scott Birchfield (WV) 25
KRC05-EC Scott Birchfield (WV) 25
KRC06-EC Scott Birchfield (WV) 25
KRC07-EC Scott Birchfield (WV) 25
MDCFDC Scott Birchfield (WV) 25
KRC04-EC Scott Drescher (IN) 25
KRC05-EC Scott Drescher (IN) 25
KRC07-EC Scott Drescher (IN) 25
KRC09-EC Scott Drescher (IN) 25
ONS09 Scott Drescher (IN) 25
ONS10 Scott Drescher (IN) 25
OPENMAR Scott Drescher (IN) 50
TRLDH Scott Drescher (IN) 95
360FFF Scott Durham (TN) 25
KRC10-MS Scott Harrell (VA) 25
KRC04-EC Scott Shaw (IL) 25
KRC05-EC Scott Shaw (IL) 25
KRC07-EC Scott Shaw (IL) 25
KRC08-EC Scott Shaw (IL) 25
KRC09-EC Scott Shaw (IL) 25
KRC10-EC Scott Shaw (IL) 25
360FFF Scott Shaw (IL) 25
KRC09-NC Sean Bulger (MI) 25
KRC08-NC Sean Bulger (MI) 40
KRC10-NC Sean Bulger (MI) 60
KRC10-MN Sean Woodham (NJ) 55
KRC09-MN Sean Woodham (NJ) 75
KRC05-SE Sean Worrell (LA) 80
KRC07-SE Sean Worrell (LA) 80
KRC04-SE Sean Worrell (LA) 90
360FFF Sean Worrell (LA) 25
ONS06 Sean Worrell (LA) 25
ONS07 Sean Worrell (LA) 80
ONS08 Sean Worrell (LA) 80
KRC09-SE Sean Worrell (OR) 25
VetsDay Sean Worrell (OR) 25
TRLDH Shae Dean (KY) 35
360FFF Shae McCord (TN) 25
ONS08 Shae McCord (TN) 40
OPENMAR Shae McCord (TN) 95
KBFNC Shae McCord (TN) 50
TRLOH Shae McCord (TN) 95
KRC04-TX Shane Coovert (TX) 90
360FFF Shane Coovert (TX) 25
KRC10-SE Shane Mcintyre (TN) 25
KRC04-SE Shane Williams (GA) 25
KRC10-SE Shane Williams (GA) 25
360FFF Shane Williams (GA) 25
OPENMAR Shane Williams (GA) 50
KBFNC Shane Williams (GA) 50
TRLW Shane Williams (GA) 55
TRLOH Shane Williams (GA) 115
KRC04-EC Shaun Boggs (OH) 25
KRC10-NC Shaun Boggs (OH) 25
KRC05-EC Shaun Pryor (IN) 25
KRC07-EC Shaun Pryor (IN) 25
KRC08-EC Shaun Pryor (IN) 25
KRC09-EC Shaun Pryor (IN) 25
KRC04-EC Shaun Pryor (IN) 45
360FFF Shaun Pryor (IN) 25
B2SBC-EC Shaun Pryor (IN) 25
OPENMAR Shaun Pryor (IN) 50
TRLDH Shaun Pryor (IN) 60
KRC05-EC Shaun Wood (IL) 25
KRC06-EC Shaun Wood (IL) 45
OPENMAR Shawn Maskalick (KY) 50
KRC08-EC Shawn Skidmore (OH) 25
KRC09-EC Shawn Skidmore (OH) 55
KRC07-EC Shawn Skidmore (OH) 80
KBFNC Shawn Skidmore (OH) 115
KBFNC Shelly Efird (NC) 275
OPENSEP Sherrie Taylor (NC) 50
OPENOCT Slade Cestia (LA) 35
OPENMAR Slade Cestia (LA) 50
KBFNC Slade Cestia (LA) 50
KRC08-MS Stephen Gordon (NC) 25
KRC07-EC Stephen Hrynewycz (IN) 25
360FFF Stephen Hrynewycz (IN) 25
KRC07-NW Steve Carroll (ID) 25
KRC05-WS Steve Carroll (ID) 50
KRC09-NW Steve Carroll (ID) 80
KRC08-NW Steve Carroll (ID) 85
KRC04-WS Steve Carroll (ID) 90
KRC06-NW Steve Carroll (ID) 100
360FFF Steve Carroll (ID) 25
ONS08 Steve Carroll (ID) 25
ONS09 Steve Carroll (ID) 25
ONS10 Steve Carroll (ID) 30
MDCFDC Steve Garcia (TX) 25
KRC10-EC Steve Gilkerson (WV) 80
KRC10-SE Steve Leaman (MO) 25
KRC10-WC Steve Leaman (MO) 45
KRC06-WC Steve Leaman (MO) 65
KRC07-WC Steve Leaman (MO) 70
360FFF Steve Leaman (MO) 25
MDCFDC Steve Leaman (MO) 25
ONS10 Steve Leaman (MO) 25
OPENOCT Steve Leaman (MO) 35
OPENMAR Steve Leaman (MO) 50
KBFNC Steve Leaman (MO) 50
TRLOH Steve Leaman (MO) 65
KRC07-WC Steve Lutze (KS) 25
KRC09-WC Steve Lutze (KS) 25
KRC06-WC Steve Lutze (KS) 80
KRC10-SE Steve Owens (TN) 25
VetsDay Steven Wortz (IN) 25
KRC06-SE Stewart Venable (SC) 95
KBFNC Stewart Venable (SC) 80
KRC06-EC T.J. Strong (KY) 25
KRC09-EC T.J. Strong (KY) 25
KRC04-EC T.J. Strong (KY) 90
360FFF T.J. Strong (KY) 25
OPENMAR T.J. Strong (KY) 50
KBFNC T.J. Strong (KY) 50
TRLDH T.J. Strong (KY) 110
KRC05-SE Tammi Collins (AL) 25
KRC06-SE Tammi Collins (AL) 25
KRC07-SE Tammi Collins (AL) 25
KRC08-SE Tammi Collins (AL) 25
KRC09-SE Tammi Collins (AL) 25
KRC10-SE Tammi Collins (AL) 60
360FFF Tammi Collins (AL) 25
ONS08 Tammi Collins (AL) 25
OPENMAR Tammi Collins (AL) 50
OPENOCT Tammi Collins (AL) 195
TRLG Tammi Collins (AL) 35
TRLW Tammi Collins (AL) 35
KRC04-NC Ted Garneau (MI) 60
OPENMAR Ted Garneau (MI) 50
360FFF Terry Bowman (TN) 25
TRLW Terry Bowman (TN) 35
TRLOH Terry Bowman (TN) 45
KRC06-SE Terry Brown (AR) 25
KRC07-SE Terry Brown (AR) 25
KRC09-SE Terry Brown (AR) 25
KRC10-SE Terry Brown (AR) 80
ONS06 Terry Brown (AR) 25
VetsDay Terry Brown (AR) 25
360FFF Terry Daniel (TN) 25
KBFNC Terry Daniel (TN) 50
KRC10-EC Terry Elkins (KY) 25
KRC09-EC Terry Elkins (KY) 50
KBFNC Terry Elkins (KY) 50
KRC08-SE Terry Smith (SC) 75
KBFNC Terry Smith (SC) 50
KRC09-EC Thomas Case (MS) 25
KRC08-BS Thomas Case (MS) 50
KRC07-BS Thomas Case (MS) 65
KRC06-SE Thomas Case (MS) 70
KRC04-SE Thomas Case (MS) 75
KRC09-SE Thomas Case (MS) 75
KRC07-SE Thomas Case (MS) 95
KRC08-SE Thomas Case (MS) 100
360FFF Thomas Case (MS) 25
ONS07 Thomas Case (MS) 25
MDCFDC Thomas Case (MS) 50
ONS08 Thomas Case (MS) 60
ONS09 Thomas Case (MS) 85
OPENMAR Thomas Case (MS) 50
OPENSEP Thomas Case (MS) 50
OPENOCT Thomas Case (MS) 80
B2SBC-SE Thomas Case (MS) 95
KBFNC Thomas Case (MS) 50
TRLOH Thomas Case (MS) 75
TRLG Thomas Case (MS) 85
KRC05-EC Thomas McNulty (IN) 25
KRC09-EC Thomas McNulty (IN) 25
KRC04-EC Thomas McNulty (IN) 35
KRC05-NC Thomas Mullins (MI) 40
KRC04-NC Thomas Mullins (MI) 85
OPENMAR Thomas Mullins (MI) 50
OPENMAR Thomas Williams (KY) 100
KBFNC Thomas Williams (KY) 50
TRLDH Thomas Williams (KY) 145
VetsDay Tim Beers (FL) 45
ONS10 Tim Beers (FL) 75
LIKJBF Tim Bresnan (NY) 100
KRC07-EC Tim Isaacs (OH) 25
KRC09-EC Tim Isaacs (OH) 25
KRC10-EC Tim Isaacs (OH) 25
KRC08-EC Tim Isaacs (OH) 30
VetsDay Tim Isaacs (OH) 40
OPENSEP Tim Isaacs (OH) 105
FBP Tim Kiusalaas (FL) 25
OPENOCT Tim Percy 50
VetsDay Tim Percy (MI) 25
KRC04-SE Tim Perkins (AL) 25
VetsDay Tim Perkins (AL) 95
OPENMAR Tim Perkins (AL) 50
KBFNC Tim Perkins (AL) 265
KRC09-SE Tim Sabella (SC) 25
ONS08 Tim Sabella (SC) 25
KRC07-SE Tim Thao (SC) 25
KRC04-SE Timmy Synarong (TN) 25
KRC06-SE Timmy Synarong (TN) 25
KRC07-SE Timmy Synarong (TN) 25
360FFF Timmy Synarong (TN) 25
MDCFDC Timmy Synarong (TN) 25
ONS08 Timmy Synarong (TN) 25
TRLDH Timmy Synarong (TN) 55
TRLOH Timmy Synarong (TN) 90
TRLG Todd McBride (AL) 35
TRLW Todd McBride (AL) 135
KRC05-MN Tom Michael (NJ) 25
KRC04-MN Tom Michael (NJ) 65
360FFF Tom Michael (NJ) 25
OPENMAR Tom Michael (NJ) 190
KBFNC Tom Michael (NJ) 50
KRC06-NW Tom Monahan (ID) 70
KRC08-NW Tom Monahan (ID) 75
KRC04-WS Tom Monahan (ID) 80
KRC05-WS Tom Monahan (ID) 100
KRC07-NW Tom Monahan (ID) 100
KRC09-NW Tom Monahan (ID) 100
KRC10-NW Tom Monahan (ID) 100
360FFF Tom Monahan (ID) 25
ONS08 Tom Monahan (ID) 25
ONS09 Tom Monahan (ID) 25
VetsDay Tom Monahan (ID) 25
ONS10 Tom Monahan (ID) 40
B2SBC-NW Tom Monahan (ID) 25
KRC10-MS Tony Bryant (VA) 65
VetsDay Tony Bryant (VA) 50
KRC04-EC Tony Hobbs (KY) 25
KRC10-EC Tony Hobbs (KY) 25
VetsDay Tony Hobbs (KY) 25
KRC09-EC Tony Lam (IL) 25
KRC04-EC Tony Lam (IL) 40
KRC05-EC Tony Lam (IL) 45
KRC08-EC Tony Lam (IL) 50
KRC06-EC Tony Lam (IL) 70
KRC07-EC Tony Lam (IL) 70
360FFF Tony Lam (IL) 25
KBFNC Tony Lam (IL) 50
TRLDH Tony Pfuelb (KY) 35
KRC04-SE Tony Rodriguez (LA) 25
360FFF Tony Yang (GA) 25
OPENMAR Tony Yang (GA) 50
KBFNC Tony Yang (GA) 85
KRC06-NC Toufue Moua (WI) 25
KRC07-NC Toufue Moua (WI) 50
KRC10-NC Toufue Moua (WI) 50
KRC05-NC Toufue Moua (WI) 80
KRC08-NC Toufue Moua (WI) 85
MDCFDC Toufue Moua (WI) 25
KRC08-EC Travis Belcher (OH) 25
KRC09-EC Travis Belcher (OH) 25
KBFNC Travis Belcher (OH) 50
KRC08-NC Travis Garza (WI) 35
KRC09-NC Travis Garza (WI) 50
KRC10-NC Travis Garza (WI) 65
KRC06-NC Travis Garza (WI) 70
KRC07-NC Travis Garza (WI) 85
KRC05-SE Trent Harris (TN) 25
KRC04-SE Trent Harris (TN) 50
KRC09-SE Trey Sanders (SC) 25
OPENMAR Troy Bradley (TN) 165
TRLOH Troy Bradley (TN) 130
KRC08-NC Troy Stoeger (WI) 25
KRC07-EC Tyler Bailey (IN) 25
KRC08-EC Tyler Bailey (IN) 25
KRC06-EC Tyler Bailey (IN) 55
360FFF Tyler Bailey (IN) 25
KRC09-WC Tyler Cole (IA) 75
KRC10-WC Tyler Cole (IA) 90
KRC04-SE Tyler Strickland (AR) 25
KRC08-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 30
KRC07-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 45
KRC05-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 60
KRC06-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 60
KRC09-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 85
KRC10-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 95
B2SBC-NC Tyler Thiede (WI) 25
KRC04-SE Tyler Zengerle (AR) 25
KBFNC Tyson Peterson (KY) 240
TRLDH Tyson Peterson (KY) 120
KRC10-NE Wayne Boisselle (MA) 0
360FFF Wayne Greyling (KY) 25
MDCFDC Wayne Greyling (KY) 25
OPENMAR Wayne Greyling (KY) 50
KBFNC Wayne Greyling (KY) 135
TRLDH Wayne Greyling (KY) 100
KRC05-MS Wayne Mills (VA) 25
VetsDay Wes Burris (KY) 25
KRC10-SE Wes Jones (AR) 25
KRC06-MS Wesley Smallwood (VA) 40
KRC05-MS William Durboraw (MD) 25
KRC05-MN William Durboraw (MD) 95
KRC08-MN William Durboraw (MD) 95
KRC10-MN William Durboraw (MD) 95
KRC04-MN William Durboraw (MD) 100
KRC06-MN William Durboraw (MD) 100
KRC07-MN William Durboraw (MD) 100
KRC09-MN William Durboraw (MD) 100
MDCFDC William Durboraw (MD) 25
KRC05-NE William Horton (ME) 75
KRC07-NE William Horton (ME) 75
KRC06-NE William Horton (ME) 80
TRLOH William Kingdollar (TN) 35
KRC05-NE William Pulsifer (NY) 25
KRC04-MN William Pulsifer (NY) 95
KRC05-MN William Pulsifer (NY) 100
360FFF William Pulsifer (NY) 25
KRC08-BS William Weems (TX) 70
KRC06-BS William Weems (TX) 95
KRC04-TX William Weems (TX) 100
KRC05-TX William Weems (TX) 100
KRC07-BS William Weems (TX) 100
KRC09-BS William Weems (TX) 100
KRC10-BS William Weems (TX) 100
ONS06 William Weems (TX) 25
VetsDay William Weems (TX) 25
ONS07 William Weems (TX) 50
ONS08 William Weems (TX) 50
ONS09 William Weems (TX) 80
MDCFDC William Weems (TX) 85
360FFF William Weems (TX) 100
ONS10 William Weems (TX) 100
OPENSEP William Weems (TX) 50
OPENOCT William Weems (TX) 95
B2SBC-BS William Weems (TX) 125
KRC09-EC Zack Bishop (KY) 25
KRC10-EC Zack Bishop (KY) 85
ONS09 Zack Bishop (KY) 35
ONS10 Zack Bishop (KY) 35
OPENMAR Zack Bishop (KY) 50
TRLDH Zack Bishop (KY) 105