Kayak Bass Fishing Contingency Awards

KBF Members competing in eligible
KBF tournaments have more chances
to increase their cash and product
awards through this bonus program.

KBF BONUS BUCKS is Kayak Bass Fishing’s incentive rewards program. It promotes competitive kayak fishing by awarding bonuses to program participants fishing in select KBF competitions across the country. These bonuses are in addition to regular prize payouts. Bonuses may be cash and/or sponsors’ products.


Top-performing KBF BONUS BUCKS Participants in each event of the following series are eligible to win BONUS BUCKS awards.

  • KBF Regional Challenge Series (one per region each month)
  • KBF Specialty Challenges (number of events, eligibility, and bonuses vary)
  • KBF HOW Big Bass Brawls
  • KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments
  • KBF OPEN Series Tournaments
  • KBF National Championships

KBF BONUS BUCKS awards will be specified on this website’s event pages.


$200 Bonus for a Regional First Place Finish in monthly KBF Regional Challenge Series monthly

$200, $250, $100 Bonuses for top three KBF BONUS BUCKS performers in monthly One Night Stand Challenges

$500 BONUS BUCKS awarded as cash and/or prize for a First Place Finish in KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments

$1,000 BONUS BUCKS awarded as cash and/or prize for a First Place Finish in KBF OPEN Series Tournaments

$5,000 BONUS BUCKS awarded as cash and/or prize for a First Place Finish in KBF National Championship

$200 each day to the top KBF BONUS BUCKS performer in 2016 KBF HOW Big Bass Brawls

Payout amounts and numbers of places receiving bonuses will continue to increase with participation in the program.

This Contingency Awards Program is funded through both KBF Sponsor Donations and KBF BONUS BUCKS Program Enrollment Fees. In 2016 KBF paid out over $30,000 in KBF BONUS BUCKS to Contingency Awards Program Participants.

Want to know if a tournament in which you’re participating is eligible for BONUS BUCKS? Look for the KBF BONUS BUCKS Logo on the KBF Website event page, on the TourneyX page, and in promotional posts on social media, or ask your tournament director if KBF BONUS BUCKS are being paid out in the tournament.


Fsh caught after a competitor enrolls in KBF BONUS BUCKS are considered in awarding bonuses. If a competitor catches two big fish in a three-bass competion and then enrolls in BONUS BUCKS, those first two fish will still help in the competition but will not count toward bonuss; only fish caught for scoring after one pay the KBF BONUS BUCKS enrollment fee earn bonuses.

KBF Membership is not required to participat in the 2016 KBF BONUS BUCKS Program. KBF Membership will be required beginning in 2017 to participate in this Contingency Awards program.

In addition to KBF bonuses, KBF BONUS SPONSORS provide additional payouts based on sponsor-specific eligibility requirements. Visit our KBF SPONSOR pages to determine your ligibility.

Start competing for KBF BONUS BUCKS by paying the annual $100 registration fee. Save $10 by paying for both KBF Membership and KBF BONUS BUCKS together.


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