2016 Kayak Bass Fishing Angler of the Year

KBF Members AOY Program Details

Active participation and consistently high performance in KBF Competition throughout the year is recognized by KBF’s Angler of the Year Program. Details are still in the works, but below is what we have now and a points ranking as of the end of April 2016. See KBF AOY Details for a table that breaks out the points for each angler by category.

Eligibility – AOY awards are restricted to KBF Members. All competitors who earned points through the end of May retained their points as long as they were KBF Members by June 1. As of that date, AOY points may be earned only after the Member’s dues are paid.

Events – KBF Members may receive points only at KBF-directed events (KBF National Championship, TRAIL, OPEN, and KBF Challenge Series) and from KBF Partners, which each have 200 points allotted for distribution.

Points Accrual – Points may be earned in the following ways:

  • KBF National Championship: Max/event 300; Min/event 50
  • KBF TRAIL: Max/event 150; Min/event 35; Annual Max 300
  • KBF OPEN: Max/event 200; Min/event 50; Annual Max 300
  • KBF Regional Challenges: Max/event 100; Min/event 25; Annual Max 500
  • KBF Special Challenges: Max/event 100; Min/event 25; Annual Max 200
  • KBF Partner Distribution: Each KBF Partner distributes 200 points to one or more of its anglers by November 31.

KBF Angler of the Year Prize PackAt each event, points are awarded by rank, with first place receiving the maximum number of points possible, decremented by 5 going down the ranking for anglers who submitted fish for scoring, until reaching the minimum per event, which is then awarded to every remaining registrant

Fish-off – Points will be tallied on December 1 and the Angler of the Year will be announced and awarded a Prize Pack provided by KBF Sponsors.

The top 10 AOY competitors will be invited to advance to a Fish-off at a big-bass fishery with a southern clime. In that tournament, points are added to the number that the angler earned during 2016 The competitor who ends up with the most points by the end of that event wins a substantial cash prize.

See AOY Details for a complete list of KBF Members ranked by AOY points.



Can I transfer my points to another angler?

No, points are accumulated only by the person to whom they were originally awarded.

How do KBF Partners distribute their 200 points?

Each KBF Partner organization has 200 points to distribute among its active members and/or event participants. It’s up to the directors or officers of each Partner to decide how they will do that. We presume they will come up with a process for awarding points for performance (like so many points for each tournament win, or in proportion to the group’s AOY ranking) or in another way that best benefits both the organization and its members. For example, if one or two members are close to breaking into “the TEN,” (KBF’s top 10 anglers will compete for $10,000 on January 27-28, 2017 at Bienville Plantation in Florida), the Partner may put all its points on him or them in hopes of nudging them into that elite group.

When is the 2016 KBF Angler of the Year race over?

All points must be awarded no later than midnight, November 31, 2016. While there are KBF competitions in December, no 2016 KBF AOY points will be awarded that month.

When will the winners and the TENroster be announced?

All points submitted by midnight, November 31 will be tallied, eligibility verified, and results announced the first week of December. It may take us a day or two to double-check Partners’ points distributions, KBF Membership status, and adjust individual event points if any irregularities are discovered. We don’t want to rush through the process and make any mistakes but will publish the results as soon as we can.

I think I earned more points than what you show in the totals column. Where did they go?

Several possibilities exist.

  1. Each category of competition has a points cap. It could be that you earned more points in a single category than the cap. If so, all points over the cap spill off and don’t contribute to your total.
  2. You assumed points not awarded. Not all competition provides points. Go back and look at the Event page on this website and on TourneyX.
  3. Miscalculation. Check your points and add them up again. First place gets the maximum for the event, second place five fewer points, and each place below gets five less until the minimum for the event is reached. At that point every person whose registration is active (signed up and paid the Entry Fee) is awarded the minimum number of points for that event.
  4. We might have goofed up. That happens sometimes, like when anglers changed the spelling of their name on their TourneyX account so our spreadsheets sort the points into two accounts rather than one, or we failed to award points where earned. If you think you’ve found a mistake, we’ll be happy to check and correct any errors. Email Joe Haubenreich at KBF, explain the discrepancy, and ask him to investigate.
What happens if one of the ten anglers at the top of the KBF AOY ranks is unable to compete in ||the TEN|| at Bienville Plantation?

As soon as KBF is notified that an angler invited to compete in “the TEN” on January 27-28, 2017 has a scheduling conflict or, for other reasons, will not participate in that event, an invitation will be extended to the first alternate (eleventh place in rankings). If he cannot travel to Bienville Plantation to compete, KBF will invite the person in twelfth place, and so on down the list of alternates until the full complement of ten commitments is achieved.

If I earned some points in KBF Partner competition and they won't help me get into the TEN, but another angler in my club would benefit from them, can the Partner officers redistribute the points?

If the points have not been reported to KBF, it’s up to the KBF Partner. Points awarded directly by KBF cannot be transferred once awarded, and we recommend that KBF Partners follow the same practice, but how and when KBF Partner points are distributed are entirely up to the group’s officers or directors.

If I sign up but cannot compete or do not submit a photo, do I get any points?

Yes, the minimum number of points are awarded to each person who signs up and activates their registration by paying the entry fee. So if you sign up for an OPEN Series Tournament or a KBF Regional Challenge, pay the entry fee, and then do not attend or upload a photo, the minimum number of points for those events will be added to your total score (assuming you’ve not already capped-out for the category).

If one can gain points simply by signing up for an event and paying an Entry Fee, isn't that like buying Angler of the Year?

Major tournament bass fishing trails issue participation points to every registrant, so KBF is following a long-established precedent. We’re didn’t decide to award points based solely on precedence, however, but spent quite a bit of time mulling over this complicated issue. In 2016, we decided to award at least the minimum points per event to every active registrant. This is subject to review and change in later years. Here’s our rationale:

For the KBF Angler of the Year title to mean anything, it must be earned…not bought. Every competition has a cost component, but no self-respecting angler would be proud of an AOY crown that represented nothing more than a financial investment, reflecting no skill or accomplishments.

The goal of KBF’s AOY program is engagement and participation. We urge everyone to compete in each event for which he signs up, but that doesn’t always work out. For Challenges, it’s impossible for KBF judges to determine if one participated or not. A registrant may sit that one out. He may have blanked or caught a few small fish and decided to not upload photos that wouldn’t help increase his score in order to keep his fishing hole secret. Even in meet-up tournaments, attendance doesn’t prove competition. One could pay, attend the captains meeting, and go home or sleep in the next morning.

Every angler who signs up and pays Entry Fees helps grow KBF’s tournament program, pays for TourneyX process improvements, and increases reward payouts for everyone, so they are provided the minimum number of points for each event even if they submit no photos, regardless whether they competed or not. If one paid all the possible entry fees during 2016, or at least enough to cap out, here’s what their points would tally out to be:

  • Regional Challenges: 500 points, costing $400
  • KBF Special Challenges: 200 points, costing $160
  • KBF OPEN Series: 150 points, costing $325
  • KBF National Championship: 50 points, costing $200
  • KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments: 140 points, costing $300

So one would pay $1,385 and stacks up 1,040 points, which is not going to achieve first place in AOY competition. And although it’s possible that a KBF Partner would award all its points to an angler who didn’t compete in any of its event’s, that’s not likely, either.