Kayak Bass Fishing Events

KBF Tournaments, Tours, and Special Events
KBF-affiliated Clubs, Tours, and Events

Clubs, events, and tours that affiliate with KBF in 2016 are authorized to qualify competitors for the 2017 KBF National Championship. The number of qualifying slots, and the amount of KBF BONUS BUCKS awarded at this level, are contingent on the level of participation in the club events, in KBF Membership, and in the KBF BONUS BUCKS Program. KBF Partner organizations are covered by KBF's Liability Policy at their tournaments and any other club events. Partners award 200 KBF AOY Points in 2016.

Kayak Bass Fishing Trail

The KBF TRAIL promotes professionally organized tournaments that are accessible to KBF Members on a regional level, offering cash and prizes plus qualification opportunities for the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Guaranteed $2,000 minimum first place. Payout amounts and places paid are contingent on registrations. 5 qualifying slots for the 2017 KBF National Championship. KBF AOY Points: Max/event 150; Min/event 35; Annual Max 300


Four KBF OPENs in 2016 bring a high level of competition and great prize payouts to hundreds of other kayak anglers, both KBF Members as well as non-members. Guaranteed $2,000 minimum first place. Payout amounts and places paid are contingent on registrations. 10 qualifying slots for the 2017 KBF National Championship. KBF AOY Points: Max/event 200; Min/event 50; Annual Max 300

Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship
The Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship is the top freshwater kayak fishing tournament of its kind. It will have the largest payout, most added money and top competition from around the Kayak Bass Fishing Nation. For 2016, the KBF Membership requirement has been waived, and 20 qualifying slots will be awarded for the 2017 KBF National Championship. Keep up with the latest on Facebook. KBF AOY Points: Max/event 300; Min/event 50
Kayak Bass Fishing Challenge Series
The KBF Challenge Series includes the monthly Regional Challenges (for KBF Members only) as well as One Night Stands, Border Brawls, Grand Slams, Smalljaws Only, and other ad-hoc events that pit one group or state against another or hat stipulate equipment, or species. Sometimes the Challenges get a little crazy. That’s part of the challenge…and the fun. All events are powered by TourneyX. 1, 2, or 3 qualifying slots for the 2017 KBF National Championship are awarded in each KBF Regional Challenge during 2016. Other Challenges may be designated as Qualifiers, too. KBF AOY Points: Max/event 100; Min/event 25; Annual Max 500
Kayak Bass Fishing Invitational
The KBF Invitational is a one of a kind fishing tournament that will invite the top pros and personalities in the kayak fishing industry along with the top 10 anglers from the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Track plans on Facebook.
KBF HOW Big Bass Brawl
Wilderness Systems, YakAttack, NRS and Bending Branches team with KBF Competitors to help equip and encourage disabled active duty military and veterans to heal physically and emotionally through kayak fishing. All $20 entry fee proceeds from each KBF HOW Big Bass Brawl are donated to Heroes on the Water. Competitors win an amazing A.T.A.K. Prize Pack, and KBF BONUS BUCKS participants win daily bonuses, too. No qualifying slots or AOY points are awarded at these HOW fund-raisers.

KBF’s contingency awards program—KBF BONUS BUCKS—offers program participants a chance to win sponsors’ product and cash bonuses. Enrollment costs $100 for all year. In 2016 the ration has been about $3 paid out for every $1 of entry fee paid in.

KBF Redfish Challenge Series
COMING SOON to a Bayou Near You! Kayak Bass Fishing is moving out into the marshes, reeds, canals and bays to bring kayak fishing competition, KBF-style, to the Redfish Angling Community. Event schedules, sponsors, prizes, rules and other details will be posted here and on Facebook.
KBF Flounder Challenge Series
KBF brings to saltwater kayak anglers the Flounder Challenge Series, which opens the door to a 3-species Grand Slam bonus.
KBF Speckled Trout Challenge Series
KBF Speckled Trout Challenge Series is attracting kayak anglers from Texas to Massachusetts, who chase these tasty, toothy fish for supper and sport, and now for cash and prizes as well.
KBF Tournament Rules