KBF Challenge Series

Compete with other kayak bass anglers on a single- or multi-state level

Through its Challenge Series, KBF presents professionally-run “virtual” competitions that KBF Members can fish when and where they find most convenient. Challenges use the CATCH-PHOTO-RELEASE format and the TourneyX  tournament management system. [Register Now at TourneyX] Beginning in 2017, Challenges fall into two main categories: State Challenges and Special Challenges.

KBF State Challenges are month-long, online kayak fishing competition for KBF Members only. KBF Members pit themselves against others in the state. Even though habitat and fish populations vary widely across some states, competing on a state basis somewhat levels the competitive field.

KBF Special Challenges include the monthly KBF One Night Stand Challenges — our dusk-to-dawn competitions. 100 AOY Points max. seven of those. They also include up to eight other Challenges KBF will offer from April through November that have names like:

  • “Bed  Springs Challenge” in April;
  • “Momanem Challenge” around Mothers Day in May. (In the South, the polite inquiry, “How are your mother and the rest of your family?” is shortened to, “How’re yer Mama ‘n’ ’em?”)
  • “Memories Challenge” around Memorial Day, at the end of May
  • “Me, Dad & Chad Challenge” to promote parent/child fishing for Fathers Day in June
  • “Freedom Rings Challenge” for Independence Day Challenge in July)
  • “Dog Days Challenge” in August
  • “Back-to-School(ing bass) Challenge” around Labor Day in September)
  • Veterans Day Challenge
  • Black (Bass) Friday Challenge

Minimum Registration Requirements — The minimum number of registered competitors required for KBF to run a State Challenge is ten. How many KBF State Challenges will meet that threshold? 2017 starts out with one KBF State Challenge scheduled for each of the contiguous 48 United States. After combining of states with fewer than the required 10-registrant minimum, we may end up with 35 or so. Once states are combined in order for one or both to satisfy the threshold, they will remain merged for the rest of the season. Combining states ensures that KBF Members in every state can compete for 2017 AOY Points, 2018 KBF National Championship slots,  increases the prize pot

2017 Angler of the Year Points — All KBF Challenges award a maximum of 100 Angler of the Year Points for first place, and fewer to second, third, and so on down the ranks. The category “cap” (maximum number of points one can count for the category) is 1,200.

For the KBF Angler of the Year race, only a KBF Member’s fourteen (14)  top Challenge scores will contribute to his Challenge category score. That fourteen can include as many Special Challenges as hie fishes; however, just his top two State Challenge scores each month can count toward his AOY Point total. So if in April one fishes GA, FL, and SC and he earns 100, 94, and 20 points, respectively, then KBF will cull the 20.0 score and keep the other two. Since the State Challenges run from April through October (seven months) and a KBF Member can count no more than two per month for the AOY Race. All fourteen of the scores that contribute to the AOY Points race, then could come from State Challenges.

Entry Fees — Every KBF Challenge has the same $21 Entry Fee. $6 is applied toward TourneyX User Fees and credit card transaction fees, toward remuneration for judges, and helps fund the Challenge Series championship, the KBF 100 Challenge, which takes place in November. The remaining $15 goes into the prize pot and is paid out in cash prizes.

Qualifying for the KBF National Championship — Challenges are KBF-NC Qualifying Events. One or more competitors in each one will be awarded a KBF-NC slot. If the top-ranked competitor has already qualified, then the slot rolls down to the highest-ranking competitor below him who hasn’t qualified.

2017 KBF Challenge Payout GridPrize Payouts — Cash prizes are awarded for every KBF Challenge. $15 from each Entry Fee goes into the prize pot. Payout is to 10% of the field. For 10-19 anglers, one place pays out  the same KBF-NC awards, cash prizes, and bonus awards structure. Within the category are two sub-sets: (a.) monthly KBF State Challenges and (b.) Special Challenges. (Click the figure at right to view in larger format on another tab.)

Cash prizes are distributed via PayPal Funds Transfer, so we advise all KBF Members to set up a PayPal account using the same email address as your TourneyX account. Assuming no rules disputes or appeals that would delay prize distribution, funds will be transferred shortly after all scores are compiled and verified and the winners announced.



KBF State Challenge Competition Rules Addendum

  1. KBF Challenge SeriesVenue Host: Not applicable; this competition takes place on eligible waters most convenient to you, the competitor.
  2. Tournament HQ: Not applicable; TourneyX is where results are submitted and displayed.
  3. Tournament Director: Joe Haubenreich or designee
  4. Venue: See Event Page
  5. Species: All Black bass species
  6. Format: KBF State Challenge Series events are 5-fish Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) tournaments powered by TourneyX. There is no limit to the number of bass photos Competitors may submit during the Competition Period. Regardless of the number of photos submitted, only the five (5) longest bass submitted by a Competitor throughout the month of competition will post to his score and will determine the final ranking.
  7. Competition Rules: KBF Rules are in two parts.
    1. By registering, each competitor acknowledges he has read and agrees to abide by (a.) the KBF Competition Rules Standards (including the Release and Indemnification Agreement and Copyright and Use of Images Agreement) and to (b.) the specific rules outlined in the KBF Competition Rules Addendum on this page; and
    2. The competitor further agrees to abide by the KBF Event Participation Terms and Conditions.
  8. Competitor Eligibility:
    1. KBF Membership: KBF Membership is required to compete in KBF Regional Challenges.
    2. TourneyX Membership and Registration: Prior to the first day of competition, each KBF Member who wishes to participate must (a.) sign up as a TourneyX user and then (b.) register for the event and pay an entry fee for the specific KBF State Challenge(s) in which he wishes to compete.
    3. Multiple Concurrent State Challenges: Competitors are not restricted to signing up to compete only in their own state of residence but may register for as many concurrent KBF State Challenges as they wish, providing they have valid fishing licenses for each state in which they fish. Prize winners must be prepared to submit proof of valid fishing license.
  9. Eligible Waters
    1. Bass photos for any KBF State Challenge may be submitted only for bass caught from waters in that state (or states, if combined) except for bass caught in Reciprocal Fishing License Agreement waters, as described below. Competitors in combined states may submit bass caught in either/any of the combined states.
    2. Bordering States’ Reciprocal Fishing License Agreements: On some boundary waters, a reciprocal licensing agreement between the bordering states allows anglers with valid fishing licenses issued by one state to legally fish specific waters through which the border passes or even in water clearly within areas of the neighboring state. A competitor catching a bass in water covered by such an agreement may submit the same photo of that bass in both State Challenges, assuming he registered for both. For example, Lake Seminole lies in both Georgia and Florida. Those two states’ reciprocal license agreement permits anglers with valid fishing license issued by either state to fish anywhere on Lake Seminole. Therefore, a Competitor fishing the KBF GA State Challenge may submit photos of bass caught in Florida areas of the lake, and vice versa.The same photo may also be eligible for submission to other concurrent KBF Special Challenges and Tournaments, if permitted by the rules for those other events. — Competitors may fish ONLY on public-access water in the contiguous 48 U.S. states or Canada where fishing is permitted by regulation and bass are in-season.
  10. Competition  Period
    1. Registration Deadline for each event is 6:00 p.m. CST/CDT the evening before the start of competition, unless stated otherwise on State Challenge Event page on the KBF Website.
    2. Competition Period Start and End dates are displayed at the top of each State Challenge Event page on this website.
      • Start—Competition begins at 7:00 a.m. CST/CDT on the first day of the Competition Period. You may paddle to your location ahead of time, but no lines in the water before competition start time. Photos of fish caught only after the Competition Start time are acceptable.
      • End—Competition ends at 7 p.m. CST/CDT on the last day of the Competition Period. All photos must be submitted (uploaded) to TourneyX by the Competition End time.
  11. Identifier
  1. Every photo must include a legible KBF Identifier Form.
  2. At 6:00 p.m. the evening before competition starts, a Unique Event ID Code will appear in each competitor’s TourneyX Dashboard. Print that code in the Bottom-Left field.
  3. Each KBF Identifier Form has six blocks or “fields,” permitting one Form to serve for up to six concurrent events. If you are already using a KBF Identifier Form for another KBF Challenge or a KBF Tournament, you may use it for this one as well by printing each Unique Event ID Code in its specified field.
  4. Awarding of Prizes
  1. Cash Prizes—Cash prizes will be paid out to 10% of the field, the amounts and number of places determined by paid registrations. Prizes will be distributed by PayPal Funds Transfer to the email address used on the competitors TourneyX accounts. Checks for the prize amount, less $2 for processing, handling, and postage, are mailed to competitors who do not have PayPal accounts. Prize winners must notify the tournament director if they opt for checks rather than PayPal funds transfer.
  2. KBF National Championship Qualifying Slots — Depending on number or registrations for each KBF State Challenge, up to three anglers each month will qualify for KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP slots.
    • 10- 19 Registered Competitors – 1 Qualifying Spot
    • 20-29 Registered Competitors – 2 Qualifying Spots
    • 30-69 Registered Competitors – 3 Qualifying Spots, and so on….
    • Winning a “Qualifying Slot” means that the Competitor is now eligible to fish in the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP., assuming he (a.) is a KBF Member in the qualifying year and (b.) is a KBF Member at time of the KBF-NC.
  3. Cash prizes and KBF BONUS BUCKS bonuses, if any, will be processed and distributed as quickly as possible following announcement of Competition results, verification of eligibility, and identification of winners.
  4. KBF State Challenge results will be visible on each event’s TourneyX Leader Board.