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All images, icons, and logos on this page are copyrighted by and the property of Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC (“KBF”). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of these images and materials without expressed written permission from KBF is prohibited. Please use the form at right to contact KBF to request permission.

Organizations approved and participating as KBF Partners are authorized to incorporate the KBF images, icons, and logos on this page into their graphics displays, print media, and websites. Individual KBF Members in good standing are authorized to use KBF icons and logos to express affiliation with KBF as well. When in doubt, ask.

Modification: Images may not be altered, except that they may be enlarged or reduced in size as described below.

Scaling: Raster images may be reduced in size but not enlarged, because enlargingcauses them to look pixelated, blurry, or blocky. Vector images may be enlarged or reduced without degradation. The guidelines below suggest the best file formats and sizes for your graphics project.

Proportion: All KBF images, icons, and logos must be displayed as provided or, if scaled, must remain in exact proportion. For example, a 400 pixel x 200 pixel image may be reduced to 300 pixel x 150 pixel size (25% reduction in width and height), but NOT to 300 pixel x 200 pixel. In other words, the don’t squash or stretch the images.

Colors: All 3- and 4-color images should be displayed in the original colors. Two images on this page, the KBF LMB Icon and KAYAKBASSFISHING Logo, though presented on this page in black and white, may also be displayed in green, orange, red, blue, pink, or yellow.

KBF Image Use Inquiry

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  • Apparel and Vinyl Banners — Recommendation: Vector image (EPS)
  • Digital Media (e.g., website, social media graphics at 72 DPI) — Recommendation: low-res raster image (JPEG or PNG) less than 400 pixels in width.
  • Print Media (e.g., vinyl banner, brochures, posters) — Recommendation: high-res raster images (TIFF, JPEG or PNG). These are usually printed at 300 DPI (dots per inch), so a 300 pixel graphic would produce a clear 1-inch image, 600 pixel graphic, 2 inches, and so on.

KBF Largemouth Bass Icon

KBF Largemouth Bass Icon



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