KBF Partner Program

A rising tide lifts all ships

Are you considering affiliating your kayak fishing club, event, or tour with KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC)? Through the KBF Partner Program, kayak fishing organizations can tap into KBF’s resources and enjoy benefits by becoming KBF Partners.


  • To engage with kayak fishing clubs and tournament tours that share KBF’s mission to (a.) attract more people to kayak fishing, (b.) be a reliable source of information on the sport, and (c.) conduct well-organized, expertly-run, and highly-rewarding kayak fishing competition.
  • To standardize competition through consistent, fair, objective, and thorough rules, standards, and practices.
  • To increase KBF Partner funding from a greater number and more diverse sponsors and venue hosts.
  • To increase tournament and KBF Challenge participation levels, which not only raises the level of competition but also increases the payouts and attracts more sponsors and publicity.
  • Through competition, to drive innovation that introduces new materials, gear, and techniques that benefit not only competitors but recreational kayak anglers, too.
  • To support, recognize, and reward the contributions of tournament directors and organizers.


  • KBF Liability Insurance — KBF’s Liability Insurance Policy covers KBF, LLC and its Partner clubs or organizations. KBF can also obtain insurance riders for venues that require them (municipal parks, for instance, that want to be covered by KBF’s liability policy). At this time KBF’s insurance policy does NOT provide liability coverage for individual competitors; that is usually part of each competitor’s homeowner’s insurance policy. ACA also provides a form of liability insurance for individuals.
  • BONUS BUCKS — Distribution  to partner organization of funds to award according to KFB BONUS BUCKS guidelines (i.e., supplemental bonuses or awards on top of entry-fee-based cash prizes)
  • KBF Event Hosting Opportunities — Organize and participate in running KBF TRAIL Series or KBF OPEN Series Tournaments.
    • Coordinating with KBF to secure Vendor Host Agreement that make Host Fees available to Partner to defray event expenses.
    • Increased visibility and prestige as the host club for a high-profile KBF tournament, which helps grow the club
    • Opportunity for Partner Club members to participate on a higher competition level without having to drive out of the region
  • KBF Promotional Apparel Program.
    • KBF supports clubs in developing cool graphics and logo-wear
    • KBF handles the manufacturing, merchandising, promotion, order processing and fulfillment
    • Partner club members purchase their own club’s gear at deep discount
    • Partner club receives a percentage of all sales of their club-branded gear, both to club members and to the general public (we did mention this was going to be cool gear, right?)
  • Qualifying Slots in the 2017 KBF National Championship. The numbers of slots depends on the level of participation. Groups not partnering with KBF will NOT be able to qualify anglers for the Championship. The objective is to bring together the top kayak fishermen from across the entire US who fish in the KBF system.
    • Each KBF Partner that, as an organization, has been conducting kayak fishing competitions at least one year starts with a minimum of three qualified slots, increasing at roughly one slot per 10 active participants until the cumulative number of unique, registered competitors reaches 100.
    • If a KBF Partner get 10 qualifying slots, and the angler who is #8 in the rankings is not already a KBF Member, he may join KBF after  the club’s AOY rankings are announced. The angler has two weeks to make his decision. If he passes, then the qualifying slot rolls down to the next eligibility person.
  • Inclusion in KBF Magazine or Kayak Fishing Blog’s calendar, announcements, schedules, and reports on kayak fishing competition across the US.
  • A section of the KBF Forum specifically for your Club, saving you the time, resources, and hassle of setting up and maintaining a separate bulletin board on your own Website.
  • Special KBF discounts with 360 Site Design, KBF’s webmaster, on KBF Partner Club Website development, hosting, and maintenance packages, including daily backups, daily maintenance and application updates, and access by club staff who are responsible for content (e.g., club member directories, descriptions, schedules and calendars, tournament results, photo galleries)
  • KBF Members AOY Rankings and Award. 2016 KBF Angler of the Year points are awarded through KBF-directed events (i.e., KBF OPEN and TRAIL Series tournaments and KBF Challenges). KBF AOY Points may be earned ONLY by KBF Members AFTER they have registered by paying their annual membership dues. One cannot achieve a win, then join KBF by paying the annual dues, and count the AOY points that go with the win. Membership precedes points. In addition, KBF Partners each have 200 points to distribute to KBF Members among their active members/competitors as they see fit. Those points must be awarded and reported to KBF by November 31.
  • Guidance and assistance in identifying, negotiating, and contracting with Venue Hosts to secure event sites and funding for your club or event.
  • Guidance to new or small clubs on how to attract attention, recruit members, establish and build an active and well-run tour or event
  • One TD from each KBF Partner will be invited to serve on the KBF Advisory Panel, a Facebook private group that considers and advises on issues regarding program benefits, guidelines, and competition rules. Assuming the TD serves in his capacity for the entire season, that TD will also be awarded a Qualifying Slot at the next KBF National Championship to recognize and reward him for his contributions to the sport of kayak bass fishing.


  • There is no minimum requirement for KBF Membership among club members, though we hope the benefits of membership will induce many of your participants to join.
    • KBF Membership is required for KBF National Championship Qualification, since that is a KBF Member-only competition.
    • KBF Members participate in significant discounts, special offers, and opportunities to field test, review, and keep cutting edge kayak fishing gear.
    • KBF Members compete in special members-only online Challenges, KBF TRAILS and the KBF National Championships (after the 2016, for which membership is not required)
    • BF Members receive a premium pack with a retail value of $20, including KBF T-shirt and decals.
  • KBF Partner organizers/directors ensure that all participants who, by virtue of their performance in Partner’s events, qualify for the KBF National Championship are active KBF Members and/or become KBF Members within two weeks of award, or the qualification slot rolls down to the next highest ranking participant. For example, if a club’s AOY ranking is posted on August 31 and the top five are thereby qualified to have slots at the 2017 KBF National Championship, yet only four are KBF Members at the time, the non-Member must join KBF by paying his annual dues by September 14 or the qualification rolls down to the angler who placed sixth in AOY ranking, who then also has a two-week response period, and so on down the rankings list.
  • We also hope a significant number of KBF Partner organization participants will enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS
    • The number of KBF BONUS BUCKS participants in the Partner Club determines the funding returned to the Club for bonus awards and other special promotions that are run jointly with the Partner. 
    • KBF BONUS BUCKS pays off for Members not only in Club competition but in KBF Challenges, special KBF photo contests, and in the three KBF tournament series.
    • KBF Membership is NOT a prerequisite for BONUS BUCKS participation at this time.
    • KBF BONUS BUCKS Program participants receive as their free premium a KBF Tournament Jersey
  • KBF Partner Club must provide a roster of its participants or event registrants to KBF in order that the KBF Membership and KBF BONUS BUCKS participation levels can be verified. This is required by the liability insurance provider, too.
  • If at all possible, we encourage use of TourneyX for event registration, entry fee payments, photo submissions, scoring, and posting of results.
  • KBF Partner Clubs notify KBF Magazine of their scheduled events and afterwards of the results. (KBF Magazine is becoming the preeminent contact point for those wanting to find and sign up for or just keep up with results of kayak fishing competitions.
  • KBF Partner Club adopts KBF tournament rules standards so that the scoring criteria will be consistent for anglers wishing to enter each fish for multiple concurrent competitions (e.g., club tournament and two different Challenges)
  • Club members display KBF logo decal on their kayaks, gear, and vehicles.
  • Winners of KBF sponsors’ promotional product prizes post to recognize sponsors and highlight the products (e.g., (a.) unwrap/assembly, (b.) first or early usage, (c.) product review following use).


kbf_kw_coin-partnerHow To Become a KBF Partner

To get the ball rolling, fill out a KBF Partner Profile form. We’ll ask for the organizer’s name and contact info and a description of the event or series, and we’ll provide space for you to describe your particular objectives, issues, or requirements.

Next we’ll meet in person or by phone to review the program expectations and benefits, and answer any questions. If the club is satisfied with the answers and agreement terms, then a club officer or representative will sign up the club and will be given access to KBF Partner resources in a password-protected area of this Website. We’ll also request more info on your group, like officers’ or directors’ names, website, schedule, and your roster (for insurance, decals, and KBF BONUS BUCKS sharing).

A password-protected KBF Partner Resources web page will give you access to:

  • Program guidelines
  • Job aids that the club can use to organize and conduct tournaments that are compatible with KBF and TourneyX standards.
  • An online form for submitting the club roster (for KBF BONUS BUCKS distribution, insurance coverage, and decal counts)
  • Tips for securing sponsorship and venue host funding for your club and for special events.
  • Guidelines and aids for clubs that want to host a KBF TRAIL Series tournament.
  • Sample emails and announcements that club officers can use to craft communications to club members and event participants explaining how the club benefits from KBF Partnership and individuals from KBF Membership and KBF BONUS BUCKS participation
  • Digital graphic files for the TD or organizer to incorporate in the organization’s Website, social media, and print media
  • A simple Excel spreadsheet that the club can use to calculate and award KBF AOY points at each club tournament.
  • Event reporting forms.

KBF Partner Q&A

Are these standardized competition guidelines what's already in place with KBF tourneys or additional?

Yes, it’s the direction KBF is already heading and not a new initiative. KBF is not trying to impose control over the clubs but, rather, to be a voice for a reasonable degree of standardization of rules, practices, technology and tools. Our intent is for anglers who catch a fish to be able to count that in one, two, three or more concurrent competitions. To do that, all of those competitions should be using the same measuring board, applying the same scoring criteria, and using the same online app for uploading, scoring, and displaying results.

Will some type of tournament director or third party judge need to be put in place for all tourneys?

If you’re already using TourneyX, then no. If you’re not using TourneyX, then yes, you would set up the event on TourneyX and assign a TD and judge, who could be the same person.

Is KBF lining up sponsors that are backing the KBF series and partners? Is it mandatory to use these sponsors and not competing sponsors?

KBF can serve its Partners as networkers and door-openers. For example, there are companies with which KBF has built relationships, and in some cases, they want to promote their products or brand on a regional level. KBF may be able to walk the club organizers past the gate-keepers and get club organizers and the sponsors’ decision-makers together.

Primarily, though, KBF is focusing on sponsorship for the Challenges, TRAIL Series, OPEN Series, KBF Big Bass Brawls, and National Championship. If a sponsor asks KBF to get its products into the hands of club members, too, or offers to extend discounts to club members, then KBF will pass those along, but mostly the clubs will be responsible for recruiting, negotiating, and supporting their own sponsors.

And then there are some companies that are finding sponsorship requests from two hundred individual clubs to be time-consuming, difficult to manage, and difficult to measure benefits. They may decide to just sponsor KBF and request that KBF then manage their impact on kayak anglers across the US..

What kind of money would we have to send to the KBF as the partner organization?

Zero. KBF covers its operational and admin costs through membership fees, sales of merchandise, sponsorship admin fees, and venue host fees. Funds that come in through KBF BONUS BUCKS all go back out to participants in that program, as do the lion’s share of sponsorship funds. KBF Partners do not pay anything to KBF, but we expect them to promote KBF membership among their members.

Participation - is there any build up time to try and get to 50% KBF membership and bonus bucks participation? I know we don't currently meet that and would need to get to it and need time marketing it.

50% is just a figure we tossed out there as a starting point for discussion with the KBF Advisory Committee and club organizers and directors. That number will flex, and I suspect that we will have only a minimum participation level requirement…. Like, say, five KBF Member minimum. The level of BONUS BUCKS funds flowing to and through the Partner Club depends directly on the number of KBF BONUS BUCKS participants are competing in club events, and after 2016, I suspect that Partnership status will depend on the preceding year’s engagement level. If Partner Club Alpha has, say 5% of its members as KBF Members and 2% as BONUS BUCKS members in 2016, and Partner Club Bravo has 30% KBF Members and 25% KBF BONUS BUCKS participants, then KBF is going to be able to do more for Bravo than Alpha, both in 2016 and in 2017. Plus, we may have to impose some sort of minimum engagement level for the club to be covered by the KBF Event Liability Insurance.

Tourney X - it says access to this for use, any fees for this or is it based on participation in KBF? Is it mandatory that we use tourneyx?

KBF doesn’t own or control TourneyX. If Dwayne Walley someday implements a membership fee, we won’t have a say in that. At this time there is no membership fee, though there are individual and org/event user fees. Use of TourneyX will be mandatory for all KBF Challenges, TRAIL Series, OPEN Series, KBF HOW Big Bass Brawls, and KBF National Championships. It’s by far the best CPR tournament app available today, and it’s just going to get better. KBF AOY Points will be drawn from TourneyX results. So does a club have to use TourneyX? No. Are there advantages to the club and its members to use TourneyX? Definitely.

Will Partner club members be required to put KBF decals on all 3 or any of the three?

You’re familiar with the carrot and the stick as motivators, right? We will never require club members to put our decals on their boats, trucks, or gear. There’s no stick. It’s only a recommendation or a request. KBF Partner club officers or directors cannot and should not be expected to police this as a compliance issue. If a club member chooses not to promote KBF by putting a KBF decal on their kayak…. That’s his privilege.

This is where the carrot comes in, though. From time to time, we may provide incentives to the club or to members who display the decal. Only those with the decals will be able to reap the rewards. And we want KBF to have a strong, positive connotation so that all kayak anglers are proud of their association with it. Regardless, we’ll send enough decals to the club organizers to make sure each member has what they need to promote us on their vehicle and kayak. And if there are enough decals and anyone wants to go hog wild, he can put them on his paddles, Blackpaks, and other gear, too.

Insurance - are all anglers required to have insurance once they are a partner?

In today’s litigious climate, it’s a good idea. The insurance requirement for bass tournaments grew out of bassboat competition and out of whitewater kayaking competition, and now some venues require that all organizing groups present proof of liability insurance coverage, and that they be included as a Rider on the policy.

If an angler gets injured or killed in a club-sponsored event, the venue host, club, its organizers, the TD, and KBF will, in all likelihood, be named in a lawsuit brought by the injured party or the surviving family members. By being a KBF Partner, the club, itself, and each of the club’s officers, directors, and/or organizers is covered by the KBF Event Liability Insurance policy.

The coverage pays for the lawsuit defense and payment of any judgment, up to one million dollars per claim with no aggregate limit.

KBF’s liability insurance policy covers on the organization and the people who manage it; it is not a liability policy for each individual competitor. Every homeowner’s policy has a liability insurance component that provides liability protection, so KBF does not provide an additional policy that would be secondary to that.

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