2018 KBF TRAIL Series Overview

KBF Members can pit their skill against world-class kayak bass anglers in regional tournaments relatively close to home. KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are stepping stones to the 2019 KBF National Championship (March 2019) and the KBF TRAIL Championship, the “End on the Bend” on Toledo Bend in October. Tournament Entry Fees have increased in 2018 to $75, 10% of which will go into the prize pot for the KBF TRAIL Championship in late October.

Prizes—Guaranteed $1,000 Minimum for each First Place finish, with additional payouts to 10% of the field (three for 30-39, four for 40-49, five for 50-59, etc.) The prize payout is structured so with each increase in registrations, every paid place increases, and there are no drop-offs as the number of paid places increases. To accomplish this, residual funds to into Big Bass Pot, minimum, $25, which is awarded to the Competitor who has the highest-scored bass on the Leader Board at the end of judging. Ties are broken in the usual way; by second big bass, third, fourth, etc. [See TRAIL Payout Chart PDF]

Winners who receive $600 or more, cumulative for the year, are required to provide KBF with a W-9 form, and then winnings are paid via PayPal Funds Transfer (or by mailed check, if no PayPal account). [View the 2018 KBF TRAIL Payout Table PDF file.]

KBF BONUS BUCKS participants can win additional cash and sponsors’ product bonuses, too.

NuCanoe will be awarding a Pursuit fishing kayak as an additional First Place Prize at every KBF TRAIL Series Tournament with 100 or more registrants.

Pursuit Pro Angler Lime Camo

KBF Angler of the Year Points will be awarded according to performance to every KBF Member who registers to compete in TRAIL Series Tournaments, from 600 for First place down to 120 for every active partcipant and 60 for those who register and are unable to compete. Each KBF Member’s top five scores contribute to his Angler of the Year total.

KBF-NC Qualification—KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2019 KBF National Championship. Assuming at least 30 competitors register, one slot will be awarded for every ten registrants with a mininum of five.

KBF Partners (KBF-affiliated clubs and circuits) are invited to host and staff these events. KBF provides judges who will objectively and fairly review, score, and provide feedback to competitors when appropriate.

Interested in hosting a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament in your area? Reach out to other kayak bass anglers and KBF Partners in your region, gauge the interest level, and contact KBF to get the ball rolling. TRAIL Tournaments require 30+ participants to register at least 10 days in advance of competition. The hosting KBF Partner designates tournament director and recruits event staff to handle logistics. Partner liaisons coordinate with Venue Hosts and KBF Management to arrange for Tournament HQ facilities, merchant discounts and other KBF Member amenities. KBF-certified judges from other regions of the country will judge the event, freeing up KBF Partner directors and officers to compete in the event and ensure complete objectivity in scoring. If you have the support of kayak anglers in your area and can commit to run a KBF TRAIL Tournaments in 2017, please email Kristi at KBF.

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2018 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments

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