KBF Trail

Top level competition at regional sites
Kayak Bass Fishing Trail
Kayak Bass Fishing’s latest tournament series is the KBF Trail, with regional competition at top-ranked bass lakes, estuaries, and rivers across the American heartland. Now, within a convenient driving distance and throughout the year, KBF members have more opportunities to win substantial cash and prizes and qualify for The KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

$2,000 minimum first place, guaranteed!

Prize places and amounts depend on the number of competitors registering for each tournament, but KBF is guaranteeing a $2,000 first place payoff, minimum, for each event. It is also engaging with leading kayak and gear manufacturers and retailers to add even more value and excitement for these events. Return to this Website and bookmark the KBF Trail Facebook Page to keep up with plans, schedules, sponsor announcements and late-breaking details.