American Kayak Anglers' Favorite PFD

NRS incorporates years of on-the-water kayaking experience into each of its designs.

NRS is a KBF BONUS BUCKS participating sponsor. To be eligible for the NRS KBF BONUS BUCKS, competitors must own and utilize an NRS Chinook Mesh Back Fishing PFD during eligible KBF BONUS BUCKS Events.

For example, its best-in-class Chinook combines the roomy, convenient storage of the best fly fishing vests with lightweight, mesh-back, heads-up foam-panel flotation. It would be difficult to come up with ways to improve on this design. Durable materials, highly adjustable for 4-seasons use, and a whole list of features like retractable clips, D-rings, Velcro rod/sunglasses strap, and front knife/flashlight holder are just for starters.



Heroes on the Water

A Chinook Fishing PFD is part of the prize pack for each KBF HOW Big Bass Brawl in 2016, and NRS was pleased to be invited to show its support for Heroes on the Water in this way.