Kayak Bass Fishing Magazine Articles and Contributors Guidelines

For contributors to be considered, three sample works must be submitted for review along with a list of recently published articles/photos. Hyperlinks can and should be included where pertinent.

As this is a new startup magazine, contributions are on a pro bono basis until further notice.

Typical word count for a feature will be 800-1200 words based on the concept.

Word count for a technique article will be 400-600 words.

Word count for an adventure story will range between 500-800 words.

Photos can be submitted with stories but may not be selected.

Contributors names will appear with the story/photos submitted as well on the Staff Page at the beginning of the magazine.

Ideas for articles must be submitted via email to kbfmag@gmail.com for approval 90 days previous to the release date.

All articles must be in for first edits 30 days from release date.

Final edits will be done by 15 days out.

Photos must be at least 300 DPI.

A full page vertical shot would be 2550px wide and 3300px tall.

A full spread would be 5100px wide and 3300px tall.

If you have questions please send your request to kbfmag@gmail.com