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The MERRY FISHMAS Tournament

The MERRY FISHMAS Tournament

OVERVIEW Submit your three CPR (Catch- Photo-Release) previously taken photos using Fishing Chaos Tournament Management System. Photos will be reviewed by other anglers who may Challenge the submission if they find a rule infraction that violates KBF rules. You can...

Jeremy Mitchell Claims TEN Spot at AAKC

Jeremy Mitchell Claims TEN Spot at AAKC

This weekend, Jeremy Mitchell bested 167 kayak bass anglers from across the country to become the first All-American Kayak Classic Champ. That title came with a trophy, a check for $10,700, and an invitation to compete in the 2021 Dee Zee KBF The TEN. The All-American...





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KBF National Championship

The granddaddy of all kayak fishing competition, with the top prize money for first place, the deepest pay-out (projected to pay 60 places this year) and the most KBF and Sponsor bonuses brings kayak bass fishermen from all over North America to Lake Guntersville, Alabama, October 7–9 (rescheduled due to coronavirus travel and assembly restrictions).


Two dozen meet-up tournaments across America in 2020. $100 entry fees includ Big Bass Brawls, opportunities to collect 2020 KBF Angler of the Year points, and 2021 KBF National Championship qualifying slots all make this a regional favorite among KBF Members.

KBF Redfish Series

The KBF Redfish Challenge Series rolls into its second season in January, 2020. Anglers compete in Atlantic and Gulf divisions. Ten monthly 3-fish CPR Challenges run January through October, plus two meet-up tournaments, culminate in the KBF Redfish Challenge Series Championship in November.

TENvitational & The TEN

Dee Zee KBF The TEN, Dee Zee KBF TENvitational, and other meet-up tournaments where KBF Membership is required are presented each year. Both novices and veterans find plenty to enjoy in these get-togethers. Camaraderie within the kayak fishing community, even more than competition, is what brings us together time and time again. KBF’s Angler of the Year year-long race is fiercely contested, with the winner not only claiming hot-stick status but a prize package valued at between $10,000-$20,000.

KBF Top Team Cup Challenge

KBF National Championship competitors selected by KBF Sponsors form 5-person teams, with each contributing his biggest bass of Day 1 and Day 2 to the team’s score. How does this form of team competition work within an individual competition event?

KBF Regional Challenges

One Night Stands the final Friday of each month from April through October. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Challenges. Back to School(ing Bass) Challenge in August. Black (Bass) Friday Challenge. All these and more add more opportunities to compete close to home with others in one of the five US/Canada KBF Challenge regions, usually during hours convenient for work and family commitments.

 KBF State Challenge Series

KBF’s Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) style of tournament and the use of tournament management systems make possible these 21-day competitions, where KBF Members pit themselves against anglers in their own state or multi-state group, on their favorite public waters, on their own schedule. KBF Challenge Points, KBF Series and National Championship qualifying slots, and cash prizes in each state help ensure that anglers have opportunities for competition and rewards close to home.

KBF 2020 Sponsors

YakAttackYETI Coolers Sponsors KBF

Bending BranchesPower-Pole Sponsors KBF

Tactacam Fish-i Share your catchNRS

FishUSA - America's Tackle Shop bonafide kayaks

Feelfree KayaksNINES - Polarized Perfected

ANGLR - Fishing IntelligenceTorqeedo Sponsors KBF

Native Watercraft Dakota Lithium

Columbia SportswearDiatract Sense Surge Technology

Where is a kayak bass fishing club near me?

KBF has partnered with kayak fishing clubs across that U.S. These clubs not only hold compeitions but serve their communities, introducing the sport of kayak fishing to individuals, families and schools.

Browse this map of KBF-affiliated clubs to find one in your area, or one in a state to which you will be traveling for work or vacation.

Why Kayak Fishing?

Why is kayak fishing the fastest-growing segment of the sportfishing market? Is kayak bass fishing healthier for anglers as well as the ecosystem? Does kayak angling practice better stewardship of our natural resources? Do the economics of kayak fishing allow more anglers to escape the shore? Do they encourage bass boat anglers to rediscover the pure, simple enjoyment of fishing without breaking the bank? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. But to really understand kayak bass fishing’s exploding popularity, one has only to look at the faces of those engaged in this sport.

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Let’s talk

If you’re interested in growing with KBF as a kayak fishing club or circuit, or if you’re interested in a sponsorship that helps your business build a stronger relationship in the kayak fishing community, or if you need assistance or information, get in contact with KBF today. In the kayak fishing arena, KBF is blazing trails that others follow. We look forward to forging ahead together.

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