KBF wrapped up the 2018 Season with not one, but two Championships, both on Toledo Bend, and hosted by Louisiana Travel, Toledo Bend Lake Country and Sabine Parish, State of Louisiana. For two years straight, this was Bassmaster’s #1 big bass lake. It’s fairly close to the middle of the country and far enough south for comfortable end-of-october fishing, The two Champions will take places alongside KBF Angler of the Year and KBF National Champion to compete in all future Hall of Champion Events.

TRAIL-Metallic-600KBF TRAIL Championship

What: Top-ranked KBF Members from forty 2018 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments across the US will meet on Toledo Bend Reservoir to compete for the title of 2018 KBF TRAIL Champion. This will be a concentration of KBF’s elite anglers—ones who excelled at individual TRAIL tournaments or consistently ranked in the top 20%. We predict the field to be about 300.

How: There are two paths to qualification.

  1. Tournament Ranking—The most direct is to finish first, second, or third in a 2018 KBF TRAIL Series Tournament. With 40 such tournaments on the schedule, that could be as many as 120 of KBF’s best kayak anglers.
  2. AOY Points Ranking Nationwide—After the final TRAIL Series Tournament, KBF will  compile 2018 AOY Points from each competitors top five TRAIL finishes. Starting from the top, and skipping all who already qualified by finishing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, KBF will invite the top 200, which could (but probably won’t) reach as deep as 320th place in ranking. If they decline, there will be no roll-downs. KBF Members who rank near the top of the AOY race and know they will not be able to compete will be encouraged to let KBF know ahead of time so they will be skipped as the invitations are extended.

Where: Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Sabine River, with HQ at Cypress Bend Park, Many, LA

When: Captains Meeting Thursday, October 25, with competition Friday and Saturday, October 26-27.

Entry Fee: $100 per competitor. $7.50 from each TRAIL Entry Fee throughout the season goes to into the prize pot, too. Sponsors may also contribute to the prize pot.

Payouts: Full amount and number of places paying will be determined by registrations, sponsorship contributions, and participation levels in 2018 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments, but first place will be guaranteed $5,000, plus a $15,000 bonus If he/she is enrolled in KBF BONUS BUCKS.

KBF Challenge Series100 Challenge Championship

What: Based entirely on Angler of the Year Points earned in 2018 KBF National and State Challenges from April through September, this event will be held concurrently with the 2018 KBF TRAIL Championship and will determine the 2018 Challenge Champion. Only 100 KBF Members will compete (hence the title “100 Challenge Championship”). Click the “Roster” image here to open a PDF file showing the names and states of KBF Members on the roster as of 10/8/2018.

How: There are three ways to be invited to compete in the 100 Challenge Championship.

  1. State Ranking
    • Based on scores from their top five KBF State Challenge and one top National or Regional Challenge
    • AOY points are awarded in KBF Challenges from April through September
    • The two top-ranked KBF Members residing in each state will be invited to compete. Because the event is only three weeks later, invitees must commit within two days in order to reserve their spots.
    • The invitations of any who decline or neglect to reply will NOT roll down within states.
  2. Challenge AOY Points Ranking Nationwide
    • After the September KBF State Challenge, KBF will  compile 2018 AOY Points from Challenges.
    • Starting from the top, (skipping those already invited), KBF will invite as many as needed to fill out the 100.
  3. On-site Substitutions—If any 100 Challenge Championship invitees are no-shows or withdraw in the final hours, then the KBF TRAIL Championship contenders will be ranked by their Challenge AOY points and, starting from the top, as many will be tapped as needed to fill the 100-person field.

Where: Toledo Bend, Cypress Bend Park, Many, LA

When: Captains Meeting Thursday, October 25, with competition Friday and Saturday, October 26-27.

Entry Fee: None. $3 from each Challenge throughout the season goes to cover entry fees for this event.

Payouts: First place is guaranteed $10,000. Other amounts and the number of places paid out will be determined by sponsorship contributions and participation levels in 2018 Challenges.


End on the Bend saw 100 competitors vying for the 2018 KBF 100 Challenge Champion title and 104 (many of them doubling up) for the 2018 KBF TRAIL Series Champion crown.

2017 KBF Angler of the Year and 2018 The TEN winner Jamie Denison (NC) captured the crown in both events, 162.25″ of bass netting him $5,000 (plus $15,000 in KBF BONUS BUCKS) for his TRAIL win, $10,000 for the Challenge Series Crown, and another $100 for two hours of the KBF Big Bass Brawl.

Second Place in both events, just 2.25″ behind, was Casey Reed (VA). Casey added $100 in KBF BONUS BUCKS to his $4,000 TRAIL Series Championship prize, and his 100 Challenge Championship winnings brought his total up to $$6,100.

Jeff Fader (MI) was $4,500 to the good after placing third in both events. That was $3,000 TRAIL cash plus $1,500 Challenge earnings.
Coming in fourth place was Jim Clark of Alabama. His 158.00 score was the same as Jody Queen’s, but his 21.00″ bass (which won him $50 in Day 1, Hour 1 Big Bass Bucks) beat Jody’s 18.50 to break the tie and earned him $3,200 ($2,000 of in TRAIL Series competition.) That left Jody in Fifth place with $1,800 in the TRAIL Series Championship and $1,000 in the 100 Challenge Championship. To that, Jody added $50 from the End on the Bend Big Bass Brawl (Day 2, Hour 6).

Adam Riser (TN) put 156.75″ on the Lowrance Leader Board over two days, leaving him in sixth place for both events and $2,400 richer.
Home-state favorite Jamie Broad (LA) garnered a respectable $2,100 for his ten bass totaling 155.00 inches. He was in seventh place in both tournaments.

Garrett Morgan from Arkansas posted 152.50″ in this two-day fish-off; good enough for eighth place in both TRAIL and Challenge Championships. The payouts for those were $1,200 and $600, respectively.

Justin Coon of Springfield, Missouri fished the TRAIL Series Championship only, winning $1,100 for ninth place. He had 151.25″ as his event score.

Jay Wallen’s 149.75″ put him in ninth place in the 100 Challenge Championship (for $500) and tenth, behind Justin, in the TRAIL Series Championship ($1,000).

Tenth in the 100 Challenge Championship was 2018 KBF National Champion and Day 1 leader Dwayne Taff of Texas. He earned $400 in this event, plus $50 for a Day 1 Hour 4 big bass measuring 19.75″.

Bouncing back after a disappointing first day, Zach Gibbons of Minnesota, in which one fish left him in 74th place, five fish anchored by a 25.25-inch behemoth bass put him in sixth place for Day 2 (35th overall). His big bass won hourly, daily, and event honors, paying off $1,050.

KBF is indebted to hosts Louisiana Travel, Sabine River Authority, State of Louisiana, and Toledo Bend Lake Country for their hospitality and support. This is an amazing fishery!

Next year’s KBF 100 Challenge Championship and KBF TRAIL Series National Championship (following five regional finals) will be on the Mississippi River system out of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Many thanks to KBF TRAIL Sponsor NuCanoe for supporting the 2018 series and Championship. Torqeedo Kayak Fishing was our major sponsor this year across all series and events, and KBF owes them a special vote of thanks for their support of this community and its mission. Other sponsors providing product prizes for Championship competitors were YETI, YakAttack, Nite Ize, NRS Fishing, Anchor Wizard and Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits.

This event witnessed the all-too-soon passing of beloved KBF Member Rebecca Golden, who was prepping for one of kayak bass fishing’s top competitions, checking an area that she hoped might lead to national titles, when her life was cut short. Left behind were scores of saddened, shocked, and disheartened comrades, their grief tempered by memories of Rebecca’s indomitable spirit, passion for the sport, joy and optimism. She is greatly missed. Rest in peace, Rebecca.

2018 KBF 100 Challenge Championship | KBF TRAIL Series Championship

Cypress Bend Park, Toledo Bend Reservoir, October 26-27, 2018