2019 KBF Members-Only Discounts

KBF Member Benefits and Programs

20% off all Line Cutterz products at www.linecutterz.com with discount code: LCKBF20


20% off KBF gear through 12/31/2020 when using this code at checkout: KBFDISC20

KBF Ohttps://kayak-bass-fishing-store.myshopify.com/nline Store

25% off all NINES sunglasses at ninesoptics.com with the 2020 discount code: KBF2020


15% off all Cal Coast Fishing purchases when using this code at checkout: kbfccf


10% off all Woo Tungsten weights and products  with discount code: KBFWOO10


Discounted $250/day kayak angling fee and 10% off Bienville Plantation lodging and activites rates


25% on purchases directly from PowerTeam Lures using this code on ckheckout: KBFPTL


10% on purchases* from FishUSA.com.
Discount is automatically applied for
Lifetime and 2020 KBF Members.

See Welcome Letter for details.

25% off all JB’s Fish Sauce products with discount code: KBFMOJB


Other Discounts for KBF Members

  • Bienville Plantation: $250 per day per kayak (must be in group of two or more), 10% off regular bass boat/guided trips, 10% off lodging, and 10% off other activities (except already-discounted kayak angler rate of $250 per full day).
  • Quality Inn Paris, TN: Rooms normally $89-99 for $78 year-round. During the 12 days prior and during the KBF National Championship, they drop the rate for KBF Members to $72 per night. Just ID yourself as a KBF Member.

Don’t publicize this special rate: Quality Inn doesn’t normally award these to groups and events.

2018 KBF MembershipSpread The Word on Facebook—Feel free to use the 2018 KBF Member logo at right for use as your Facebook Profile Picture. Right-click, “save-as” to your hard drive, and then on your Facebook page click the “Update Profile Picture” link.

Facebook KBF Members Only Group

FacebookJoin the KBF Members Only private group on Facebook to get notifications of news, special offers, and opportunities. You may still come to this website page for Member information, discount codes, etc., but Facebook provides a dynamic forum where you may engage with other KBF Members, offer your opinions and suggestions, and help us make KBF into the organization that meets the needs of the kayak fishing community. As a member of that private group, you’ll also receive notifications of activity that may be of interest to you. You’ll find us at: www.facebook.com/groups/kbfmembersonly


Summary of Benefits

  • Discounts at the KBF Online Store, including sales items (but not including Gift Cards)
  • Discounts at select KBF Sponsors and Retailers (listed above and at right)
  • KBF Member-only Challenges and special tournaments (like Get S.O.M.E. and Bienville Bassin’)
  • KBF 2018 Angler of the Year eligibility, with AOY receiving $10,000 plus sponsors’ product prizes and considerations.
  • Top 10 in the KBF AOY Race compete in The TEN for a $10,000 winner-takes-all tournament at Bienville Plantation, America’s most famous big bass resort.
  • Eligibility to qualify for the 2019 KBF National Championship
  • KBF BONUS BUCKS optional member-only contingency rewards program

Confidentiality Notice

This Web page contains confidential and proprietary information and material that is intended for the exclusive use of KBF Members and authorized KBF Partners. Only authorized KBF Members and KBF Partners are permitted to access this page, and any unauthorized use of this page is unlawful. All authorized persons accessing the material have an obligation of confidentiality. If you are not an authorized KBF Member or KBF Partner, you are hereby notified that any entry into this Web page or disclosure, copying, distribution or use of any of the information contained in or attached to this Web page is strictly prohibited. If you have any knowledge of attempts to enter this section of the KBF Website wrongfully, please immediately notify us via e-mail at kbfjoe@gmail.com. All access to this system is monitored and may be used as evidence in court. If you are uncertain of your authorization status, please contact us via email at kbfjoe@gmail.com.

Sponsorship & Pro Staff Advice

Kayak bass fishing is the fastest growing segment of sportfishing. Manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and service providers are trying to figure out how to tap into this market, and one strategy many adopt is to have brand champions—influential anglers and opinion-leaders who use, demonstrate, teach, and generally promote sales within our community.

Since we’re still in the very early stages of the kayak fishing trend, Pro Staff (promotional, that is) and Sponsorship opportunities are all around us. Is that something you’d consider? What does it take to land a Pro Staff gig…and to be successful as one? Since there’s no such thing as a free lunch, what will Pro Staff perks cost you?

If you’re already following Chris Payne’s Kayak Fishing Blog or Payne Outdoors, you’re probably up to speed on answers to these questions. If not, those are good places to start. We’ve listed a few pertinent blog posts below. In addition, KBF will, from time to time, set up a “Sponsorship Coaching and Q&A” session at events where Chad and other prominent KBF Members who effectively promote companies will offer advice. KBF Members who participate will be welcome to get in on those.



  • Ten Things Every Prostaffer Should Know — There’s “doing it,” and then there’s “doing it right.” Pro Staff who get it right also get invited back the next year, and the next. Chris breaks “doing it right” into ten simple step.
  • An Insider’s Look at Pro Staff Deals — What should a Pro Staff member expect to receive for free…and what will it really cost him?
  • So You Want to Be the Next Big Thing — Wouldn’t it nice to get paid to fish and talk about fishing? If that’s where you’re heading, be sure you go in with eyes open. Chris offers some insights into what it takes to achieve the fishing celebrity status that sponsors are willing to back.
  • Sponsorship from a Tackle Manufacturer’s Perspective — Companies exist to make a profit. What do companies want? To sell stuff. Why do they engage Pro Staff? To help them sell stuff. If you can’t do that, they don’t need you. So…how do you convince a company that you have what it takes to make them rich?
Harbuck Outdoor Sports KBF Member Discount
Harbuck Outdoor Sports KBF Member Discount
Harbuck Outdoor Sports KBF Member Discount
Doomsday Tackle Co Discount Code
Woo Tungsten
Line Cutterz
PowerTeam Lures KBF Member Discount