World’s Biggest Kayak Fishing Event

What: The biggest kayak fishing cash-out in history will take place on March 23-24, 2018 when 754 competitors from all over the U.S. competing for a $100,000 guaranteed first place finish. This event is powered by Torqeedo and presented by Wilderness Systems.

Where: The Henry County Tourism Authority welcomes KBF Members to Paris Tennessee, from whence they’ll spread out over both Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley in Tennessee and Kentucky. Tournament HQ will be at the Henry County Fairgrounds in Paris, Tennessee.

When: Registration and Captains Meeting on Thursday, March 22. Competition on March 23-24, 2018, with awards on Sunday, March 25

Early Registration: Competitors who have not yet done so, please fill out and submit the Early Registration Web Form to speed up your on-site sign-in and ensure we have your shirt and event packet. It will also help us make sure you get credit for sponsors’ products when we pay out BONUS BUCKS.

How: There were five eligibility requirements:

  1. During 2017, each competitor was required to be a KBF Lifetime Member or a 2017 KBF Annual Member.
  2. Competitors qualified through competition in KBF-directed competition (KBF Challenges, TRAIL or OPEN tournaments) or through a KBF Partner club or tour
  3. Register on TourneyX.
  4. Pay $300 Entry Fee (plus optional $45 KBF Big Bass Brawl entry fee)
  5. Be a 2018 KBF Annual Member or KBF Lifetime Membership by paying KBF Membership dues by Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Competitors qualified by competing and placing in the top ranks of KBF Challenges (online state- and national-level competition), KBF TRAIL Series tournaments (regional meet-up events), and KBF OPEN Series Tournaments (national meet-up competition in spring and fall). Each event awarded one, two, five or more qualifying slots, depending on the numbers of registrants. Refer to the KBF Event Rules Addendum for each event. The 2017 KBF National Championship qualified 50 KBF Members. 2017 KBF OPENs qualified 30 each. KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments qualified 10% of the field (one for every additional 10 registrants) with a minimum of 5 per tournament. KBF Challenges qualified 5% of the field (one for every additional 20 registrants) with a minimum of 1 per event.

By December 15, all 2017 slots will had been awarded and the roster was nearing completion.  The slots of qualified anglers who were unable to compete or withdrew were rolled down, based on KBF Angler of the Year Ranking, to alternates who met the eligibility criteria laid out above. All qualified anglers who earned their slots by December 15 confirmed their place by registering and paying their 2018 KBF-NC Entry Fee by the end of December 2017. On January 1, 2018, slots that were relinquished on December 31 rolled down to eligible alternates based on KBF Angler of the Year ranking. By January 4, the final roster was in place.

Who: Below are KBF Members who will be competing in the Championship, with their states of residence. KBF BONUS BUCKS program participants are flagged with a dollar sign by their names.

[Read the Qualified Member Letter that was mailed January 22.]

2018KBFNC Competition Boundaries

Schedule of Events

Thursday, 3/23

  • 11:00 a.m.: Registration/Sign-in begins on screened porch of Tournament HQ (west building at Henry County Fairground).
  • 2:00 p.m.: KBFNC Expo Opens in Building E (Enoch Building) at Henry County Fairgrounds
  • 2:00 p.m.: Food trucks begin on-site service
  • 4:00 p.m.: Tailgate Gear Swap begins in parking lot.
  • 4:00 p.m.: Prefishing on Eligible Water ends.
  • 6:30 p.m.: Registration/Sign-in closes until after Captains Meeting
  • 6:30 p.m.: Gear Swap ends
  • 7:00 p.m.: Mandatory Captains Meeting at Tournament HQ
  • 8:00 p.m.: Late Registration Sign-in resumes following Captains Meeting.

Friday 3/23

  • 5:30 a.m.: Late arrival Registration/Sign-in, Quality Inn lobby, 1510 E Wood St, Paris, TN 38242
  • 5:30 a.m.: Earliest Launch Time. Anglers may arrive and prepare their gear earlier but may not launch onto the water before this time.
  • 6:30 a.m.: Competition Start Time/Lines-in.
  • 2:00 p.m.: Photo Assistance desk opens at Tourney HQ (Competitors seeking photo submission assistance must have their cell phones, camera, or digital media with all necessary cords or cables)
    2:00 p.m.: KBFNC Expo opens
  • 2:00 p.m.: Food trucks on-site will operate until 8:00 p.m. (or later if there’s demand and food supplies hold out)
  • 3:00 p.m.: Deadline to be in Photo Assistance Line (screened porch, Tournament HQ)
  • 3:00 p.m.: Photo submission deadline.
  • 3:00 p.m.: Competition End Time/Lines-out
  • 4:00 p.m.: Friday Check-in line opens. Competitors may be selected to take polygraph tests for cause, by ranking, or at random.
  • 5:30 p.m.: Deadline to be in Check-in line (screened porch, Tournament HQ). Late arrivals’ photos for the day are all disqualified.
  • 6:00 p.m.: Night of Champions/Captains Meeting

Saturday 3/24

  • 5:30 a.m.: Earliest Launch Time.
  • 6:30 a.m.: Competition Start Time/Lines-in.
  • 2:00 p.m.: Photo Assistance desk opens at Tourney HQ (Competitors seeking photo submission assistance must have their cell phones, camera, or digital media with all necessary cords or cables)
    2:00 p.m.: KBFNC Expo Opens
  • 2:00 p.m.: Food trucks on-site will operate until 8:00 p.m. (or later if there’s demand and food supplies hold out)
  • 3:00 p.m.: Competition End Time/Lines-out and Photo submission deadline. Also deadline to be in Photo Assistance Line for on-site upload of photos.
  • 4:00 p.m.: Check-in line opens. Competitors may be selected to take polygraph tests for cause, by ranking, or at random.
  • 5:30 p.m.: Deadline to be in Check-inline

Sunday, 3/25

  • 9:00 a.m.: Awards Ceremony and Door Prizes. Competitors are required to be present to win door prizes but are not required to be present for KBFNC Prizes
2018 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship
2018 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship
2018 Kayak Bass Fishing National Championship

Jon Abreu, TN,
Jason Acklin, IL,
Jason Adams, AR, $
Jesse Adams, IL,
Brandon Adkins, WV,
David Adlington, MD,
Derek Akin, IL,
Jason Alford, GA,
Brian Aliff, WV, $
Chris Alkire, WV,
Tricia Angelini, NY,
Brian Arnold, FL,
Justin Arnold, MO,
Lance Arnoldussen, WI,
Peter Arruda, MA,
Luke Aryan, OK, $
Mel Ashe, MO,
Jared Atwell, AL,
Ashley Ault, TN,
Rob Baginski, ON,
A. J. Balbo, GA,
Matt Ball, OH, $
Giuseppe Barbieri, NY,
Jason Barnes, GA,
Dwain Batey, AR, $
Matt Bauer, KS,
Brian Baulsir, NY,
Adam Baumbach, CA,
Tyler Bean, GA,
Nick Beatty, FL,
Steven Belanger, OK,
William Benini, DE,
Donny Bennett, TN, $
Joshua Bennett, IL,
Blake Benson, TN,
William Benson, TN,
Hans Bentz, MO,
Sean Bentz, MO,
Nick Berlin, NY, $
Will Bevard, CA,
scott Birchfield, WV,
Josh Birthisel, WV,
Paul Bissonnette, CO,
Andy Bitely, MI,
Peter Black, WI,
Drew Blair, NC,
Chris Blake, LA,
Grant Blakeney, LA,
James Blakeney, LA,
Greg Blanchard, NY,
Michael Blumhagen, ON,
Justin Bogue, NE,
Tim Bogue, MI, $
Dayton Bolyard, VA,
Joshua Boothe, MO,
Bryan Bostic, WV,
Derrick Bostic, TN,
Andy Bouloutian, PA,
Tory Bouma, NE,
Jon Bower, VA,
Terry Bowman, TN, $
Stephen Bowne, WV,
John Boyd, AL,
Jeremy Brandes, IA,
John Brandt, WI,
Matthew Brannon, CA, $
Matthew Bray, CA,
James Briggs, TX,
Jason Brink, MO,
Jason Broach, FL, $
Johnathan Broach, SC, $
David Brooke, IL,
Eric Brost, TX,
Gavin Brown, ID,
Jim Brown, WV,
Keith Brown, GA,
Matt Bryant, VA,
Scott Bullins, TN,
Michael Bunch, KY,
Jason Burden, TN,
Jerry Burdine, FL, $
Jeremiah Burish, WI,
Brice Burns, TX,
Brian Butcher, WV,
Morgan Butler, VA,
Daniel Byrne, IL,
Christopher Caluori, PA, $
Garrett Campbell, TN,
Jim Campbell, TN,
Jody Campbell, TN,
Matt Campbell, VA, $
Justin Cann, KY,
Keith Carpenter, GA,
Jason Carr, MS, $
John Carroll, VA,
Steve Carroll, ID,
Todd Cartwright, AR,
Brad Case, MS, $
Matthew Case, TN,
Corey Caywood, KY,
Mario Ceja, VA,
Ron Champion, GA,
Ashley Chaney, TN,
Bryon Chapman, AL,
Coty Chavarria, CA,
Mike Cheatham, TN, $
Jason Choate, TN,
Mark Christman, CA, $
gary church, WV,
Kathryn Church, FL,
Matt Church, FL,
Parker Church, FL,
Teri Cindric, TN,
Dennis Clark, OK,
Jim Clark, AL, $
Will Clements, GA,
Jim Cline, OH, $
Bradley Cody, GA,
Justin Colby, MI,
Roger Colledge, CO,
Darrin Collins, TX,
Josh Cooper, KY,
Eric Cormack, WV,
Jerry Cornelius, MO, $
Kawika Cornman, IL,
Tim Coss, OH,
Shane Coulter, GA,
Ryan Cox, TX,
Brian Coyne, WI,
Jeremiah Craft, MI, $
Chad Crow, GA,
Nick Crull, NE,
Brian Crystaloski, PA,
Dylan Crystaloski, PA,
Ryan Cummings, MO,
Jeremy Curtiss, MN,
Chad Dagley, TX,
Bob Dainton, NC,
Faron Davidson, OK, $
Barry Davis, SC, $
Dillon Davis, AZ,
Jim Davis, TN,
Mark Davis, TN,
John Dean, ON,
Cameron Debity, KY,
Kolt Decker, WV,
Calvin Dee, IL,
Bruce Deel, VA,
John DeKay, NY,
Trey Delk, KY,
Kodi DeLuca, OH,
Jamie Denison, NC,
Chad Devitt, KY,
Timothy Dixon, VA,
Sean Dowling, MI,
Aaron Doyle, NY,
Daniel Doyle, ON,
Scott Drescher, IN,
Cory Dreyer, NC,
Josh Duffel, LA,
Butch Dulaney, ID,
Clint Dunbar, TX, $
Jeremy Dunkley, WV,
William Durboraw, MD, $
Nick Durkin, NY,
Craig Dye, TN
Nick Dyer, AL,
Lee Dykes, GA,
Darla Eames, ID,
Jack Eames, ID,
David Earnest, AL,
Quinton Echols, OH,
Brad Edwards, NC,
Mark Edwards, WV,
Shelly Efird, NC, $
Scott Ehrlich, MO, $
Jeff Eldridge, WV,
Terry Elkins, KY, $
Matt Elliott, MI,
Mike Elrick, MA,
Jerry Emmons, II, MS,
Mike Ensign, CA,
William Eschliman, OR,
Joseph Espinosa, TX,
Josue Estela, NY,
Raul Estela, NY,
John Evans, MO, $
Joshua Evans, MD, $
Sean Evans, KS, $

Jeff Fader, MI,
Mike Fairchild, MI,
Brian Falbe, NC, $
Neil Farley, OH,
Randall Farley, OK,
Joe Farson, WV,
Mark Fehner, NY,
John Ferguson, TN,
David Feucht, ID, $
Dave Fineran, OK,
Aaron Finney, WV,
Alex Fiolka, MD,
Kristine Fischer, NE,
Shaun Flanagan, WI,
Jeff Fletcher, WV,
Matthew Flett, TX,
Jim Flowers, TN,
Mike Fohner, AR,
Gary Ford, ID,
Coleman Fowler, GA,
Lee Fox, KY,
Brian Freshwater, DE,
Ben Friedman, CA,
Chris Fritz, MI,
Mike Furness, AZ,
Mario Galaviz, AZ, $
Jonathan Galicia Mendez, NY,
Josh Gallimore, OH,
Steven Galloway, MI,
Jason Gardner, ME,
Ted Garneau, MI,
Keith Gelhar, WI, $
Jeff Gerdemann, OH,
Scott Gibbens, FL,
Zach Gibbons, MN,
Bryce Gibbs, AZ, $
Matt Gibson, IN,
Steve Gilkerson, WV,
John Gillespie, WV,
Garrett Gincley, PA,
Denton Giovenco, IL,
Steve Glinka, IL,
Nate Gloria, NE,
Mike Godlewski, MI,
Rick Goff, WV,
Rebecca Golden, NJ,
Guillermo Gonzalez, TX,
Dustin Good, VA,
Atif Goodman, IL,
Adam Gorrell, OR, $
chris gravely, NC,
Drew Gregory, NC,
Matthew Gregory, NY,
Heather Gresty, MD,
Wayne Greyling, KY, $
Bob Griffeth, NC, $
Paul Gula, IL,
Steve Gunter, WV,
Bert Guthaus, KY,
Fred Haddox, WV, $
Kevin Halle, MS,
Andrew Hallman, PA,
Jesse Halverson, AL, $
Brandon Haney, FL,
Chris Hannegan, OH,
justin hanson, WV,
James Harding, MO,
Ben Harnar, ID,
Greg Harper, WV,
Jesse Harper, WV,
Scott Harrell, VA,
Wesley Harrell, GA,
Robert Harris, FL, $
Trent Harris, TN,
Cody Harter, TN,
Chris Hartman, AR,
Matt Hawj, NC,
Jeremy Hayes, KY,
Ian Haynes, GA,
Craig Hefner, MI, $
Rusty Helms, OK, $
Clint Henderson, GA,
Victor Hendrix, WV,
Jason Hensley, VA,
shezti heu, GA,
Shawn Hiatt, CA, $
Al Hicks, PA, $
Amos Hicks, WV,
Brian Hillman, MO,
James himel, KY,
Ron Himmelhaver, TN,
Ricky Hines, AL,
Jordan Holmes, PA,
Kurt Hommel, NY,
Kenny Hood, CO,
RJ Hoover, MI,
Jason Hopper, GA
Terry Horak, MI,
Ty Howard, IN, $
Joshua Howell, KY,
Karl Hudson, MS, $
Art Huey, MI,
Jim Hughes, OH,
Marty Hughes, NE, $
Dorman Hughey, MO,
Ryan Hulsey, SC,
Gerald Hunter, TX,
Blace Hutchens, WV,
Richard Hutchinson, OK,
jeremy hyde, AL,
James Ingle, TX,
Tim Isaacs, WV, $
Jeff Isham, TX,
Alexander Isla, AZ,
Tyler Jackson, CA,
Adam James, TN,
Jacob Jenkins, MO, $
Shannon Jernigan, AR,
Brandon Jessup, NC,
Addison Johnson, TN,
Jeremy Johnson, TN,
Joey Johnson, WV,
Levi Johnson, IN, $
Mark Johnson, MA,
Russell Johnson, PA,
Chris Jones, AR,
Dylan Jones, TN,
Raymond Jones, TN,
Wes Jones, CA,
Joshua Jordan, WV,
Adam Judge, MI,
Gary Kasper, OK,
Jareth Kaup, NE,
Pat Keating, IL,
Bryan Keeley, MI,
Calvin Keller, NC,
Jackson Kemp, TN,
Jimmy Kemp, WV, $
Jim Kemp Sr, WV, $
Ryan Kennedy, NY,
Aron Kimbler, OH,
Jake Kimmel, MI,
Jason Kincy, AR,
Greg King, WV,
Josh King, AR,
William Kingdollar, TN,
Stephen Kinnard, MI,
David Kittrell, AL, $
Rene Klager, NY,
David Klosterman, TN,
Ronald Koch, IL, $
Bogdan Korostetskyi, MI, $
Christian Kratz, IN,
Robert Kretsch, VA,
Bobby Kue, MI,
Shawn Kue, MI,
Greg Kupfner, WV,
Jared Kutil, TN,
Joey LaBorde, LA,
Matt Lacey, NY,
Chris LaCourse, MA, $
Matt Lake, TN, $
Tony Lam, IL, $
Ryan Lambert, TN,
Glenn Landstrom, KY,
Brent Lanier, TN,
Robert Lauber, OH,
Richy Laughery, MO,
Michael Lavoie, CA, $
Michael Lawhon, WV, $
Ben Lea, PA, $
Steve Leaman, MO, $
Tracy Leftwich, VA,
Brad Lehman, OH,
Brodey Lehman, OH,
Jared Lehman, OH,
Coy Lehman II, OH,
Coy Lehman Sr., OH,
Jonathan Lessmann, AL, $
Nick Lester, PA, $
bruce levy, MA,
Jonathan Lewis, WV,
Steven Lewis, LA,
Timothy Lewis, WV,
Austin Lilly, WV,
Dustin Littrell, CA,
Shea Locke, TN,
Ricky Long, GA,

Raymond Lopez, TX,
Jim Lor, NC,
Shoua Lor, NC,
Dale Loseke, ID, $
Ben Lowry, TN,
Evan Lowry, TN,
Travis Lucas, WV,
Nawtou Ly, GA,
Rocky Ly, GA,
Johnny Maddox, AR,
Susie Magarity, IL, $
Eric Manko, OH,
Peter Manthos, VA,
Preston Maples, MO,
Micah Marbra, VA,
Bret Marsh, MI,
Jordan Marshall, TN,
Christian Martin, ME,
Dave Martin, FL, $
Josh Martin, KS,
Trent Martin, MI, $
Shawn Maskalick, KY,
Matthew Masters, OR,
Billy Mastorio, TX,
Matt Mathias, WI,
Shawn Matz, PA,
Carson McBride, AR,
Todd McBride, AL,
Ryan McCann, IL,
Thomas McChesney Jr, CO,
Bradley McClung, WV,
Brian McClung, WV,
Thomas Mccord, TN,
Ryan McCoy, OH,
Declan Mcdonald, AR,
Will McInnes, TN,
Nathan McIntosh, TX,
Shane Mcintyre, TN,
Rickey McKenzie, MS, $
Joe McKnight, TN,
Eddie McRae, GA,
Ross Mcvey, VA, $
AJ McWhorter, KY, $
Thomas Mee, CT,
Joe Meno, OH,
Alex Mertens, NV,
Troy Meyerhoeffer, NY,
Andy Middleton, GA,
Brian Middleton, WV,
Jacob Miles, NC,
Jeremy Miles, OR,
Joshua Miles, NC,
Aaron Miller, NC,
Alex Miller, PA, $
Glenn Miller, IL,
Jeremy Miller, ID,
Cody Milton, AR,
Arlie Minton, NC, $
Jessi Mitchell, KY,
Lloyd Mize, AR,
Tom Monahan, ID,
Ray Montes, VA,
Brad Montgomery, IN,
Joey Montgomery, TX, $
Mike Mooney, GA, $
Jared Moore, OH,
Simon Morgan, NY,
Ryan Moriarty, CA,
Daniel Morris, TN,
Jody Morris, TX,
Dustin Mues, NE,
Dave Mull, MI,
Thomas Mullins, MI,
Dustin Murguia, IL,
Robert Murphy, AR,
Steve Nagle, KY,
Gregory Nahodil, WV,
Nathan Naturile, NC, $
DJ Nauta, OH,
David Neace, KY,
Aaron Neff, OH, $
Brian Nelli, FL,
Eric Nelson, NC, $
Randy Nelson, NY,
Jon Newcomb, OH,
Dave Newman, TX,
Pat Newman, MI, $
Johnny Nichols, TN,
Carl Nichols Jr., WV,
Adam Nickel, PA,
Brandon Nodal, FL,
Ralph Nolan, NC, $
Ryan Noland, OK,
Jamie Norris, MO,
Robert Null, TN, $
Bryan Nunziato, NY,
Jason O’Brien, TX,
John O’Neil, OH,
Richard Ofner, ON, $
Brandon Olmsted, VA,
Loren Olson, WA,
Shane Olson, MN,
Jaxton Orr, IN,
Jim Orr, IN,
Jonathan Orr, SC,
Brandon Overstreet, VA,
Blake Padgett, SC,
Chris Padgett, GA,
Craig Page, MA,
Everett Park, GA,
Daniel Parris, GA,
Ed Parrish, NC,
Mathias Pate, IL,
Abel Patino, CA,
Justin Patrick, TN,
Ben Paugh, WV,
Micah Payne, TN,
Adam Peak, AL,
Andrew Peak, AL,
Mark Pendergraf, TX, $
Kirt Pequignot, TN, $
Tim Percy, ON,
Robert Perkins, OH,
Shawn Perkins, PA,
Tim Perkins, AL,
Rich Peterson, MI, $
William Pfingst, CA,
Tony Pfuelb, KY,
Bob Phillips, WV,
Justin Phillips, AR,
Greg Phipps, TN,
Dave Pilgrim, MO,
Erwin Pitonyak, PA,
Jedediah Plunkert, WV, $
Cory pohler, TX,
Joshua Pohler, TX,
Bryan Poninski, IL,
Drew Pryor, TX,
Randyka Pudjoprawoto, AZ,
Sammy Pugh, WV, $
Jody Queen, VA, $
Todd Quillin, TN,
Daniel Rabb, AL,
Jay Randall, IL,
Matthew Randolph, PA,
Patrick Randolph, WV,
Richard Ranieri, NY, $
Beth Rapp, WV,
John Rapp, WV,
Ben Rayfield, TN,
Greg Raynes, WV,
Shane Raynes, WV,
Alan Reed, IN,
Casey Reed, VA,
Logan Reid, MI,
Mike Reinhold, PA,
Billy Reynolds, MO,
Chun Rhee, VA, $
Brad richardson, WV,
Brayden Richardson, AR,
Craig Richardson, AR,
Judy Richardson, NH,
Andrew Riddle, CA,
Josh Riffle, WV,
Anthony Rinehart, WV,
Michael Ring, OK,
Adam Riser, TN, $
Robert Roberts, ME,
Tony Roberts, KY,
Cari Robinson, WV,
David Robinson, KS,
Dewey Robinson jr, WV,
Josue Rodriguez, OK,
Alex Rojas, CO,
Basil Romanovich, IN,
Thor Rooks, OK,
Gary Rosenberg, IL,
Jeff Ross, VA,
Jordan Ross, WV,
Adam Rourke, NH,
Ricky Rowland, NC, $
Jon Russelburg, KY,
Chuck Russell, KY, $
Drew Russell, KY,
Russell Rutledge, TN,
Joe Ruwoldt, OH,
Tim Sabella, SC,
Rick Sacca, NY,

Brent Salfen, MO,
Rodney Salser, FL,
Joseph Sanderson, TX,
Michael Sandlin, MO, $
Christopher Santoro, PA,
Valber Santos, MA,
Jeremy Sauve, KY,
jason scapanski, FL, $
Eric Schaaf, IL,
Matthew Schaefer, KY,
Andy Schafer, WV,
Chris Schafer, WV,
Dave Schar, OH,
Stephen Schenck, NY,
Wayne Schnaak, OH,
James Schopper, LA,
Matthew Scotch, TX, $
Stephen Scott, MA,
Robert Secondi, IL,
Aaron Sellers, WV,
Allan Seniuk, OH,
Chris Shaddle, TX,
Ray Shadwick Jr., GA,
Adam Share, NC,
Gary Sharpe, TX,
Richie Shaw, IN,
Adam Shepard, KY,
Anthony Shingler, TN,
Eric Siddiqi, OH,
Chris Siebenmorgen, MO,
Daniel Silva, OR,
Bill simmons, WV,
Robbie Sinker, SC,
Matt Skelton, TN, $
Shawn Skidmore, OH,
Brian Slone, KY,
Wesley Smallwood, VA,
Ben Smith, WV,
Marcus Smith, NC, $
Jason Smitherman, AL, $
Kurt Smits, OH, $
Rus Snyders, TN, $
Brian Soefje, AZ, $
Vincent Soliz, LA,
William Son, KY, $
Ben Sopczyk, NY,
Zack Sopczyk, NY,
Brandon Sorg, KY,
Jesse Soria, TX,
Ben Spangler, AR,
Brock Spencer, OH,
Jerry Spradling, WV,
Joe Starett, WV,
Allen Starling, GA,
Jesse Stephens, WV, $
Noah Stevens, CA, $
Joshua Stewart, TN,
Ron Stewart, MI,
Copeland Still, VA,
Brady Storrs, NE,
Adam Street, TN,
T.J. Strong, KY,
Jim Strunk, IN,
Trev Stuckey, CO,
Brian Stumbo, KY,
Will Stumbo, KY,
Robert Suhr, NY,
Joey Sullivan, NC, $
Kyle Sweitzer, PA,
Clayton swofford, TX,
Timmy Synarong, TN,
Brian Tacy, OH,
Bryan Tadlock, AL, $
Justin Tadlock, AL, $
Dwayne Taff, TX,
Brandon Tagayun, WV,
Billy Tallman, WV,
James Tankersley, OH,
Joseph Tarr, PA,
Brad Taylor, TN,
Derek Taylor, AL, $
John Taylor, AL,
Sherrie Taylor, NC,
Jared Terry, WV,
Travis Terry, MI,
Tim Thao, SC,
Patrick Tharp, IL, $
Jimmy Thomas, OK,
Dave Thompson, MD,
David Thompson, NE,
Don Thompson, WI, $
Jill Thompson, IL, $
Mark Thompson, IL, $
Tony Thompson, KY,
John Tibbens, CT,
Joe Tiller, OH,
Justin Tobiczyk, MI,
Duc Tran, TX, $
David Truban, NC,
Chris Tuers, OH, $
Tim Turcotte, KY,
Jason Turley, WV,
Bradley Turner, OR,
Zack Turner, GA,
Michael Turpin, VA, $
Justin Tuxward, DE, $
Zane Tuxward, DE,
Jeffrey Tyson, TX,
Gina Ueke, MO, $
Travis Ueke, MO, $
Jason Underdown, AR,
Chris Urquhart, ME,
Brandon Utley, TX,
Ben Vadnais, WI,
Nick Van Gompel, WI,
Dale Van Horn, NY,
Sam Van Horn, NY,
Buddy Vance, WV,
Austin Vang, NC,
Benjamine Vang, GA,
Kenny Vang, MI,
Brian VanVlack, NY,
Brian Vaughan, ON,
Henry Veggian, NC, $
Zac Velarde, AZ,
Stewart Venable, SC,
Jamie Verab, CT,
Luis villegas, NY,
Jason Voight, TX,
Jesse Wade, VA,
John Wagner, TX,
Rich Waite, IA,
Alden Walden, CA,
James Walker, VA,
Jay Wallen, KY,
David Walls, WV,
Paul Walter, NY,
Lee Ward, SC,
Jim Ware, GA,
Chad Warford, AR,
Lanny Watkins, AL, $
Brandon Watson, AL,
Doug Watson, AR,
Patrick Weaver, WV,
Michael Wegrzynek, PA,
Edward Weiland, PA,
Derek Weinstein, NY,
Jason Wells, WV,
Preston Wells, OR,
Cody Wenger, IL,
Bear Wenzel, WV, $
Robert Weskamp, IL,
Jordan Westerman, IA,
Aaron White, DE,
James R White, FL, $
Jeff White, TX,
Mitchell White, GA, $
Alan Wiedmeyer, IL,
Elias Wiff, MN,
Corey Wilkerson, AL,
Kevin Will, IA,
Darren Williams, TX,
Jim Williams, GA,
Matthew Williams, IL,
Shane Williams, GA,
Thomas Williams, KY,
Jason Willis, TX,
Seth Willoughby, PA,
Daren Wilson, IN,
Doug Wilson, FL, $
Russell Wilson, MI,
Paul Winkel, ON,
Brian Wisner, PA,
Jacob Wood, TN,
Ken Wood, MA,
Nathan Wood, TN,
Joshua Workman, NE,
Kevin Workman, NE,
Nick Wright, AR, $
Houa Xiong, OK,
Kong Xiong, OK,
Tommy Xiong, NC,
Melvin Yang, NC,
Tony Yang, GA, $
Vang Yang, MI,
Marshall Yarbrough, TN,
Lynn Yester, PA,
kyle zemke, ID,
Santos Zepeda, TX,

2018 KBF National Championship

You're invited to not just witness but compete in the world's biggest kayak fishing event