2019 KBF TRAIL Series Schedule

This preliminary schedule was updated 11/30. When finalized by KBF TRAIL Series Director Richard Penny, that will be noted here.

Northeast Region

  • Saturday, 4/27: Lake Anna, Virginia
  • Saturday, 5/18: Lake George, New York
  • Saturday, 6/22: Upper Chesapeake, Maryland
  • Saturday, 7/27: East/West Harbors, Ohio
  • Saturday, 8/10: Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
  • Fri 9/13-Sat 9/14: Lake Erie, Pennsylvania – Regional Championship

Texas Region

  • Saturday, 3/9: O.H. Ivie Lake, Texas
  • Saturday, 4/27: Lake Ray Roberts, Texas
  • Saturday, 5/11: Lake Whitney, Texas
  • Saturday, 8/10: Sam Rayburn Reservoir, Texas
  • Saturday, 8/31: Toledo Bend Reservoir, Texas
  • Sat 9/21-Sun 9/22: Lake Fork, Texas – Regional Championship

Western Region

  • Sunday, 2/24: Lake Berryessa, California
  • Saturday, 3/9: Lake Havasu, Arizona
  • Saturday, 4/13: San Vicente Reservoir, California
  • Saturday, 6/15: New Melones Lake, California
  • Saturday, 7/6: Lower Otay Reservoir, California
  • Fri 8/23-Sat 8/24: Clear Lake, California – Regional Championship

Southeast Region

  • Saturday, 2/23: Santee Cooper System, South Carolina
  • Saturday, 4/27: Lake Guntersville, Alabama
  • Saturday, 5/11: Three Rivers, Georgia
  • Saturday, 6/15: Chickamauga Lake, East Tennessee
  • Saturday, 7/20: Kentucky Lake, West Tennessee
  • Fri 9/6-Sat 9/7: TBD – Regional Championship

Central Region

  • Saturday, 4/27: Big Hill, Kansas
  • Saturday, 5/25: Lake St. Clair, Michigan
  • Saturday, 6/8: Madison Chain, Wisconsin
  • Saturday, 7/13: TBD, Iowa
  • Saturday, 8/3: Mark Twain, Missouri
  • Sat 9/21-Sun 9/22: Table Rock, Missouri – Regional Championship

2019 KBF TRAIL Series Overview

KBF Members can pit their skill against world-class kayak bass anglers in regional tournaments. KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are stepping stones to five 2019 KBF Regional TRAIL Series Championships, the 2019 KBF TRAIL Series National Championship and the 2020 KBF National Championship (March 2020) and, the 2019 KBF TRAIL Series National Championship in October on the Mississippi River near La Crosse, Wisconsin. Tournament Entry Fees remain at $75 for 2019.

2019 KBF TRAIL Series Tournament Payouts

Prizes for 2019 will be the same for each event, regardless of the number of registrants.

  • First Place. . . . . . . . $2,000
  • Second Place. . . . . $1,000
  • Third Place. . . . . . . . $750
  • Fourth Place. . . . . . . $600
  • Fifth Place. . . . . . . . . $500
  • Sixth Place. . . . . . . . . $400
  • Seventh Place. . . . . . $400
  • Eighth Place. . . . . . . $300
  • Ninth Place. . . . . . . . $300
  • Tenth Place. . . . . . . . $200

Competitors who receive $600 or more cumulative for the year will be required to provide KBF with an IRS Form W-9 form. After KBF receives the completed, dated and signed IRS Form W-9, then winnings are paid via PayPal Funds Transfer (or by mailed check, if no PayPal account is available).

KBF BONUS BUCKS participants can win additional cash and sponsors’ product bonuses at each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament by enrolling in the KBF BONUS BUCKS – TRAIL program. Annual charge of $100 includes all TRAIL Series Tournaments and Championships.

KBF Angler of the Year Points will be awarded according to performance to every KBF Member who registers to compete in TRAIL Series Tournaments. 2019 KBF Angler of the Year ranking will be the sum of:

  • Top three scores from KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments
  • Points from one Regional KBF TRAIL Series Championship
  • Double points from the 2019 KBF TRAIL Series National Championship

KBF-NC Qualification—KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments are qualifying events for the 2020 KBF National Championship. One qualification will be awarded for every ten registrants, with a minimum of five.


  1. Who came up with this year’s schedule?
    • The 2019 KBF TRAIL Series Schedule came about  as a team effort from KBF Partner Tournament Directors from across each region. Certain concessions had to be made to get to where we needed to be on the overall TRAIL for what we could afford to do in 2019. Scheduling 40+ TRAIL Series Tournaments again, as KBF did in 2017 and 2018, just wasn’t feasible.
  2. Can anyone fish a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament in 2019?
    • Well, yes…but only if he becomes a KBF Lifetime Member or 2019 KBF Competitor Member (Standard, Military, or Student). Non-members must pay their KBF Competitor Membership Dues (and KBF Ambassador Members must upgrade to Competitor membership) by midnight before competition to be eligible to register and compete.
  3. Why are there no TRAIL Series Tournaments in my state?
    • KBF Members live in 45 states and three Canadian provinces, and KBF will run only 25 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and five Championships in 2019, so there aren’t enough events to go around. Some states will have two, but they are widely spaced (e.g., Chickamauga Lake and Kentucky Lake are both in Tennessee, and Erie and East/West Harbors are both on Lake Erie.)
  4. Can I compete in more than one region?
    • Yes, you may, and regardless of region, your top three AOY points rankings contribute to your Angler of the Year standings. If you’re trying to qualify for a particular region’s Championship, the top three scores you earn in that region count. For example, if Kim fishes three TRAIL events (two in Southeast and one in Northeast Regions), his AOY points total will be the sum of points earned in those three TRAIL tournaments. If his goal is to qualify for the Southeast KBF TRAIL Regional Championship, he’s going to be at a disadvantage compared to KBF Members who fish three or more KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments in the Southeast Region. He still has a shot, but it’s a long one.
  5. What is the minimum number of registrants required in 2019 for a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament to “make”?
    • TBD
  6. Are KBF BONUS BUCKS awarded at KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments?
    • Yes. The number of places eligible for bonuses is determined by registrations. The payout structure and number of places will be shown here when finalized.
  7. Are Sponsor BONUS BUCKS awarded at each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament, too?
    • Yes, for every TRAIL Seres Tournament and Championship, KBF Sponsors will award both cash and product prizes to BONUS BUCKS participants who place at or near the top in competition. Details will be posted here as they become available.
  8. How does a KBF Competitor Member qualify for a KBF TRAIL Series Regional Championship?
    • KBF Members can qualify in three ways:
      a.) Win a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament. (Possibly place 2nd or 3rd…that’s still TBD.)
      b.) Qualify by AOY Points earned in KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments (top scores of  up to three TRAIL Series Tournaments in the Region.
      c.) There will be a qualification process whereby KBF Partners can qualify KBF Members in their organizations, too. Details will be posted here when we have them.
  9. For how many KBF TRAIL Series Championships can one qualify?
    • Since two of them fall on the same weekend, four regional championships is the most anyone could possibly attend. A KBF Member could possibly win a TRAIL Series Tournament in three or four different regions and thereby qualify for three or four championships, though it’s not very probable. If one fishes three KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments in one Region and three in another, or wins two TRAIL Series Tournaments in different regions, he would very likely qualify for two regions.That’s more likely to happen.
  10. Must all AOY Points be earned in the same region?
    • No. Points a KBF Member earns at his top three-scoring KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments count toward his 2019 KBF AOY Points total. Ditto for Championships; if one fishes more than one championship, only the top score contributes to his AOY Points total.
  11. Does the payout vary with the number of registrations?
    • No. $6,450 will be awarded at each KBF TRAIL Series Tournament. KBF’s break-even point on Entry Fees and Payouts (after credit card transaction fees, tournament management system charges, judging & admin costs) is about 100 participants.
  12. If the number of registrations exceeds $100, does the payout increase?
    • No. Nor does it decrease if the number of registrations falls below 100. This is a fixed payout on which competitors can rely, which should help eliminate uncertainty that kept competitors away in previous years. (I would have signed up if I’d known the the payouts would be that high!)
  13. What do we see happening with the KBF TRAIL Series down the road?

    • For one, we may need to split the Southeast Region into SE West and SE East. Florida may need to be its own region, as Texas is for 2019. Kristie is has some premium Florida events in the works that promise not only exciting kayak bass tournament action but vacation opportunities for anglers and their families. KBF is also working on ways to tie the KBF Partner Program into the Regional KBF TRAIL Series Championships.

2019 KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments

World-class kayak bass fishing local & regional tournaments