Kayak Bass Fishing’s Biggest Event of 2019

2019 KBF National Championship Roster2019 KBF National Championship RosterThere are two main ways to qualify to compete in the 2019 KBF National Championship:

KBF Partner Awards

  • The number of qualifying awards is determined by a Partner status (Legacy, Inaugural, Provisional) and its number of KBF Members.
  • Recipients of Partner Awards must be 2018 KBF Annual Members or KBF Lifetime Members prior to award

KBF Competition

  • 2018 KBF National Championship: 20
  • KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments. 10% of field,  minimum 5 awarded at each
  • KBF OPEN Series Tournaments: 10% of field, minimum 20 awarded at each
  • KBF Challenges: 10% of field, minimum 1 awarded at each
  • Special KBF Members-only Events: 10% of field


  1. To qualify, one must be a 2018 KBF Annual Member or KBF Lifetime Member no later than the day prior to start of competition
  2. When the top ranks include non-members or KBF Members who have previously qualified, their qualifications do NOT roll down to other competitors who finished lower in the ranks. For example, if 5 positions are eligible to qualify in a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament and First Place is not a KBF Member and a KBF Member in Second Place qualified earlier in the year, only the KBF Member in places 3-5 will qualify—not Sixth or Seventh Places.

Want to see who’s already qualified to compete in the 2019 Championship? Click to open the 2019 KBFNC Qualified Members PDF.

2019 KBF National Championship

Compete against the best kayak bass anglers on the water