As plans come into sharper focus, we’ll keep you informed of plans for a reschedule 2020 KBF National Championship. Here’s what we know now:

  1. Dates: Wednesday through Friday, October 7-9
  2. Concurrent with the 2020 KBF TRAIL Series and KBF Challenge Series Championships. Those are Wednesday/Thursday.
  3. KBFNC BONUS BUCKS/BIg Bass Brawl is a go. And we’ll find a way for competitors in the Challenge and TRAIL championships to get in on that, too.
  4. All who 1,200 KBF Members who qualified for the 2020 KBFNC may register and compete in the October event. Entry Fee is $400.
  5. The registration deadline (and withdraw/refund request deadline) is Friday, September 18, 2020.
  6. All 1,200 KBF Members who qualified for the 2020 KBFNC and do NOT compete in October will automatically qualify for the 2021 KBFNC. If they’ve not already qualified, their names will be added to the 2021 Qualified KBF Members roster after the September 18 registration deadline.
  7. Any who registered for the April event and are unable to work it out to compete in October may withdraw and request a refund or can request that the registration and entry fee be rolled back to the 2021 KBFNC.
  8. Refunds are available to any who registered and paid for the April 2-04, 2020 KBFNC. See details at KBF Refund Policies & Procedures. [Refund Request Form]
  9. Those who paid the $500 or $600 entry fees may request a $100 or $200 refund. All withdraw/refund requests will include a $25 administrative fee. Any who withdraw and receive a refund and later wish to re-register will be able to pay the rufunded amount rather than the full $400 Entry Fee.