Refund Offer

Due to circumstances beyond our control KBF is offering refunds for entry fees for the 2020 KBFNC until Midnight on September 18, 2020. Please complete the Withdraw & Refund Form and your refund will be processed. There will be a $25 administrative fee for withdrawals.

New Dates Announced

The KBF National Championship will take place on Lake Guntersville on Wednesday, October 7 through Friday, October 9. Concurrent events:

  • KBFNC Big Bass Brawl, October 7-8-9
  • FishUSA KBF Challenge Series Championship presented by NRS, October 7-8
  • Realtree Fishing TRAIL Series Championship presented by Dee Zee, October 7-8
  • KBF Top Team Cup Challenge, October 7-8 (top bass from each team member x 2 days)

Event Headquarters

Event sign-in, report-in sites, Lifers’ Lounge and other event locations will be posted here as soon as arrangements are made.

Kayak Bass Fishing’s Biggest Event of 2020

The next YakAttack KBF National Championship, presented by Torqeedo, will take place October 5-9 in Marshall County, Alabama. More than 600 KBF Members are expected to compete in KBFNC-V, vying for a national champion title and a first-place payout of $75,000, plus another $25,000 or more in bonuses.

Championship contenders will be fishing one of America’s most popular big-bass factories—Lake Guntersville. Florida-strain largemouth bass were stocked in the lake several years back, interbreeding with the native northern stains and producing a population of bass that runs bigger than that of most lakes on the Tennessee River chain. KBF’s championship hits during Guntersville’s most productive time of the year for bass fishing. Competitors will be able to pattern bass in pre-spawn, spawn and post-spawn stages, as bass are generally on the beds from mid-March through April. Spring rains upstream can have a huge impact on water temperatures, lake levels and turbidity, so there’s no way to predict the conditions we will encounter.

Guntersville anglers typically find most of their bass under and around the sprawling acres of hydrilla and milfoil. Native coontail and lily pads will just be emerging in early April, but bass will still be found in the lily pad fields, too, around last years stems.

Eligible water includes all 75 miles and 69,000 acres (a bit less at winter pool) of the lake plus tributaries, extending from the tail-waters of Nickajack Dam in Tennessee downstream to Guntersville Dam in the west. KBF will establish Event Headquarters at the Guntersville Parks & Recreation Center. Event participants, families, and the general public will find the KBFNC Expo to be bigger and better than ever before, and KBF is working on lodging discounts, too. Stop back frequently for more details to come.

This will be a 3-day event (Thur/Fri/Sat) with an optional BONUS BUCKS/KBF Big Bass Brawl. The field will be trimmed after Day 2, and the top 100 competitors will continue to compete for the Champion title on Saturday. While they do, all others who entered the KBF Big Bass Brawl will be invited to keep fishing on Saturday for even greater big bass prizes. Prize ceremonies and awards will be Saturday evening.

[Event Page with schedule, rules, locations] [KBFNC Facebook Page] [Marshall County, Alabama] [AL Fishing License]

Schedule of Events

See 2020 KBF National Championship Event Page for Schedule, Locations, and Events.


NOTE: Changes in sponsor and amounts are subject to change, depending on the impacts of this economy on the companies’ sales during the remainder of 2020. Please consider supporting these sponsors with your purchases.

These two optional KBF programs will again be combined for the 2020 KBF National Championship and add over $65,000 in bonuses and prize money to this year’s KBFNC.

To be eligible to win bonuses, one must register for KBF BONUS BUCKS – KBFNC. For Sponsors’ BONUS BUCKS, meet the eligibility requirements outlined below:

To qualify for any bonus, one must enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS – KBFNC no later than 11:59 PM CST on Tuesday, October 6. There may be some shi

*Products do not include promotional items, like caps, decals, garments (except high-tech apparel from NRS) or other items that do not represent the company’s primary goods.

KBFNC Big Bass Brawl

Hourly $100 big bass prizes all three days of the KBF National Championship are doubled during the “Golden Hour,” first hour of each day. The prize goes to the Brawl participant with the biggest (highest-scored) bass of an hour. That’s $2,700 up for grabs in hourly increments on all three days. Top three scores each day will win $1,000, $500 and $250, respectively. The biggest bass of the entire BIg Bass Brawl is worth another $5,000. By “biggest bass,” we mean the highest-scoring photo. A 25.25″ bass penalized 1″ for open mouth will be scored 24.25″ and may be beat out in the Brawl by a 24.50″ bass with no deductions. Ties are broken based on upload times. All total, that comes up to $12,950 in prize money paid out for the KBFNC Big Bass Brawl.

Mystery Bass adds another $9,000 ($3,000 each day) for the first KBFBB-BBB registrant with a photo on the board at days’ end that matches the randomly-drawn score, on the randomly-drawn hour. Ties (same score, same hour) are broken by upload times.

Competitor Checklist

  1. 2020 KBF Competitor* or Lifetime Membership
  2. Event Registration by March 5 ($300 until Dec 31. $400 Jan 1-31, $500 Feb 1-March 5)
  3. Lodging—make reservations or arrangements (competitors, families, and spectators will number over 1,000)
  4. Alabama fishing license, and you’ll need a Tennessee License if you fish right below Nickajack Dam in Tennessee.
  5. Budget and start setting aside funds for the trip (sponsors may help defray expenses)
  6. Schedule vacation
  7. Prep: fishing report and event article archives, Navionics Boat USA app, professionally guided prefishing trips (until Feb 28)
  8. Equipment: vehicle, boat, electronics, gear and rigging, rod and reels, lures and tackle, rain gear, skeeter and gator repellant

* Includes Military and Student discounted memberships

Right-click and “Save image as…” to download this emblem.

2020 KBF National Championship Roster

2020 Membership Codes: A=Ambassador| C=Competitor | P=Pro | L=Lifetime
Updated March 6, 2020

Abshire, Jonathan (WV): P
Acklin, Jason (IL): C
Adair, Tony (IN): P
Adams, Jason (AR): P
Adams, Josh (KY): P
Akin, Derek (IL):
Aliff, Brian (WV): L
Allain, David (WI): C
Alves, Angelo (MA): P
Amaral Jr, Kevin (RI): P
Amaral Sr, Kevin (RI): C
Amendola, Geanpaolo (GA): C
Anderson, Corey (UT):
Anderson, Mike (MI): C
Angelini, Tricia (NY): P
Armes, Dustin (TN):
Arnoldussen, Lance (WI):
Arruda, Peter (MA): C
Aryan, Luke (OK): C
Ashe, Mel (MO): P
Atkins, Eric (AL):
Atwell, Heath (MI): C
Atwell, Jared (AL): C
Backus, Philip (WV): C
Badillo, Luis (NY): C
Ball, Brian (WV): C
Ball, Matt (OH): L
Barlow, Josh (OK): C
Barnes, Jason (GA):
Barnes, Matthew (IA):
Barnett, Robert (GA): C
Baron, Matthew (MI):
Batten, David (VA): C
Baulsir, Brian (NY): C
Baxter, Bryan (CT): C
Beasley, Christian (VA):
Beatty, NICK (FL):
Bedoya, Mike (): P
Beedle, Darian (MO): C
Beers, Tim (FL): P
Beeson, Russell (NH): C
Bell, Timothy (NY): C
Benini, William (DE): C
Bennett, Donny (TN): P
Bennink, Grant (MI): C
Berding, Alan (MO):
Bessell, Ryan (RI): C
Biggie, Rich (NY): C
Biggs, Kevin (IN): C
Binkley, Mark (TN):
Bish, Steve (PA): P
Bishop, Sherman (FL): P
Bishop, Steve (VA): C
Blair, Chris (MI):
Blair, Maverick (TN): L
Blanchard, Greg (NY): C
Blume, Charlie (AL): C
Bolobanic, Jack (PA): C
Bonnette, Paul (NY): P
Bontrager, Chance (KS): C
Boorsma, Sean (VA): C
Boothe, Joshua (MO): P
Bostic, Derrick (TN): C
Bowen, Danny (OK): C
Bowman, Terry (TN): C
Brancato, Joe (RI): C
Braun, Rob (NY): C
Broach, Jason (SC): P
Broad, Jamie (LA): L
Brown, Keith (KY): C
Brown, Nick (UT): C
Brown, Robert (VA): C
Bruening, Michael (OH): C
Brundle, Derek (MA): P
Brust, Pat (MD): C
Bubba Jones, John (AL): C
Budd, Ed (NY): C
Burish, Jeremiah (WI): L
Burress, Anthony (IN):
Burris, Lance (MO): P
Butler, Roland (VA):
Butler, William (VA): C
Byrd, David (OK): C
Campbell, Dennis (DE): L
Campbell, Garrett (TN): C
Campbell, Jody (TN): C
Cantrell, Leroy (KY): C
Cantwell, Chris (MI): C
Carlson, Tj (): C
Carr, Jason (MS): L
Cartwright, Adam (IN): C
Carver, Storm (WV): C
Casagrande, Bruno (MA): C
Case, Brad (MS): L
Castillo, Fermin (AR): C
Catucci, Christopher (RI): C
Cavanaugh, Kevin (NH): A
Chamberlain, Owen (TN):
Champion, Ron (GA): L
Chaney, Ashley (TN):
Chang, Bruce (MI):
Chaon, Dustin (AZ): C
Charette, Matthew (ME):
Cheatham, Mike (TN): P
Cherry, Jeremy (MO): L
Childress, Jim (VA): C
Clements, Robert (VA): C
Cline, Jim (OH): C
Coleman, James (VA): C
Coley, Lance (AL): P
Conant, Matthew (MA): P
Conder, Chris (TN): L
Coon, Justin (MO): P
Cormack, Eric (WV): L
Cornelius, Darrell (OH): C
Cornelius, Jerry (MO): P
Cox, Alex (CA): C
Coyne, Brian (OH): P
Craft, Jeremiah (MI):
Crooks, Steven (MI): C
Crosby, Josh (OK): C
Cross, Clayton (IA): C
Crossnoe, Hayden (TX): C
Crowe, Jeremy (MI):
Crumb, James (NE): C
Cummings, Ryan (MO): C
Cushing, Sam (ME): P
D’Addeo, Joseph (NH): P
Davidson, Faron (OK): C
Davis, Barry (SC): C
Davis, James (TN): P
Davis, Mark (AL): C
DeBruin, Mike (IA):
Decker, Kolt (WV): C
DeClerico, Lou (NJ): C
Deel, Bruce (VA): C
DeJoseph, Bill (PA):
DeMartino, Lou (PA): C
DeMorais Jr, Paulo (MA): P
Denison, Jamie (NC): L
DiCenzo, John (RI): L
Dipman, Bill (MO): C
Dixon, Robert (NJ): C
Dobbs, Diana (MO): C
Dockins, Travis (GA):
Donio, Mark (NJ): C
Dorvilliers, John (KS):
Dowie, Kevin (NH): P
Drescher, Scott (IN): L
Dreyer, Cory (NC): L
Dugger, Jordan (WA): C
Dugger, Joshua (WA): C
Dunbar, Clint (TX): C
Duncan, Brian (IN):
Duncan, Drew (IN):
Dunlap, Stephen (AR): C
Dunn, Matthew (NC): C
Duong, Jason (CO): C
Durbin, Jeffrey (OH): P

Dwyer, Duayne (FL): P
Dye, Craig (GA):
Dye, Daniel (TN): C
Dyer, Nick (AL):
Eames, Jack (ID): C
Eastridge, Brandon (IL):
Edwards, Mark (WV): C
Efird, Shelly (NC): C
Elias, Gerard (MA): C
Elkins, Terry (KY): P
Ellis, Kris (NH): P
Elsea, Mike (IN): P
Emmons, II, Jerry (TN): L
Engel, Lance (AZ): C
Engle, James (ME): P
Enke, Troy (MO): P
Eno, Domenic (MA): C
Estep, Jason (WV): C
Evans, John (MO): L
Evans, Joshua (MD): P
Falbe, Brian (NC): P
Fehner, Mark (NY): P
Fetterman, Aaron (DE): C
Feucht, David (ID):
Field, Katherine (UT): L
Fink, Brandon (AR): C
Fink, Mike (OH): C
Fischer, Kristine (NE):
Flett, Matthew (TX): C
Flewallen, Chase (TN): C
Fordonski, Jeff (IN): C
Foster, James (TN): C
Fowler, Coleman (GA): C
Fox, Lee (KY): A
Freeman, Riley (WV): C
Freeman, Ryan (NC): C
Freese, Keith (TN): P
Frey, Dave (PA): A
Fuqua, Dylan (IL): P
Furness, Mike (AZ): C
Galaviz, Mario (AZ): C
Galloway, Steven (MI):
Garavaglia, Rick (WV): C
Gardner, Jason (ME): L
Gebbia, Mark (NJ): C
Gelhar, Keith (WI): P
Gibbons, Michael (GA): C
Gibbons, Zach (MN):
Gibbs, Bryce (AZ): L
Gibson, Charlie (OH): C
Gilkerson, Steve (WV): L
Gill, Joe (WV): C
Glaize, Zechariah (FL): P
Glinka, Steve (IL): C
Goff, Rick (WV): C
Gomes, Chris (MA): C
Gonzalez, Guillermo (TX):
Gorton, Craig (NC): C
Goyette, Eric (MI): C
Graver, Joshua (VA): C
Gray, Wendell (IN): C
Griffin, Dale (TX): C
Grimsley, Michael (OH):
Guigar, Robert (TN): C
Gunter, Steve (WV): C
Gurdak, Greg (FL):
Hall, Nate (PA): C
Halverson, Jesse (AL): P
Hambrick, Brad (TN): C
Haney, Brandon (FL): P
Hannegan, Chris (OH):
Hansel, Christian (OH):
Harnish, Robert (MA):
Harrelson, Zachery (MN): C
Harris, Robert (FL): L
Harrison, Cabe (GA): C
Hart, Cody (MI): P
Havlicek, Ryan (OH): L
Hayes, Donald (NY): C
Hayes, Jeremy (KY): C
Hayes, Joe (MO):
Hayes, William (NC): C
Haynes, Ian (GA): C
Hefner, Craig (MI): C
Henderson, Clint (GA): L
Henderson, Patricia (AR): C
Heredia, Tony (PA): C
Hile, Drew (VA):
Hill, Don (AZ): C
Hillenbrand, Chris (IN): C
Hillman, Brian (MO):
Himmelhaver, Ron (TN): P
Honaker, Brandon (WV): C
Hood, Kenny (CO): C
Hood, Nick (TN):
Hopper, Jason (GA): C
Hoskyn, Charles (AR): C
House, Chris (NJ):
Howard, Chad (IN): C
Howell, Brock (IN):
Howell, Joshua (KY): C
Hughes, Marty (NE): L
Hulsey, Ryan (SC):
Hurt, Greg (TX): P
Huynh, Qui (NY):
Hyde, Chase (WV): C
Isaacs, Mel (MO): C
Isaacs, Tim (WV): L
Isla, Alexander (AZ): C
Jablecki, Kenny (TN): L
Jackson, Brand (AL): P
Jackson, Joshua (MA): C
James, Brent (TN): C
Jensen, Gene (GA): L
Jent, Thomas (ME): C
Jernigan, Shannon (AR): C
Johnson, Garrad (TN): C
Johnson, Jeff (OH): C
Johnson, Jeremy (TN):
Johnson, Joey (WV): C
Johnson, Matt (IN): C
Jones, Charles (TX): P
Jones, Erick (OH):
Jones, Raymond (TN): L
Jones, Sam (IN): L
Kaczkowski, Mike (MI):
Kalafsky, Kurt (NJ): C
Kay, Brian (NY): C
Keafer, Mike (): P
Keating, Patrick (IL): C
Keller, Calvin (NC):
Kennedy, Russ (TN):
Kennon, William (LA): C
Kiefer, Matt (IN): C
Kincaid, John (MI): C
Kincy, Jason (AR):
King, Christopher (MO):
Kivett, Justin (IN): C
Komendat, John (NJ): L
Komyati, Joe (NC): C
Krasnowiecki, Gregory (RI): C
Kretsch, Robert (VA): C
Kroger, Jake (MO): C
Kuhlin, Bradley (AZ): C
Kupfner, Greg (WV): C
Kvidera, Leslie (MN): C
Kytle, Trey (GA): C
Lacasse, Justin (RI): L
Lachance, Ryan (ME): C
LaCourse, Chris (MA): C
Lamb, Tuck (OH):
Lambert, Ryan (TN):
Lambert, Will (NC): C
Landstrom, Glenn (IN): P
Lang, Ryan (AL): C
Lange, Kimberly (IN): C
Lanier, Brooks (NC): C
Lavoie, Michael (CA): C

Leach, Jason (NC): C
Leaman, Steve (MO): L
Lessmann, Jonathan (AL): P
Lignelli, Ryan (MD): C
Little, Joshua (GA): C
Lo, Chris (GA): C
Long, Ricky (GA): C
Lovings, Wade (KY): C
Lowry, Ben (TN):
Lutze, Steve (KS): L
Ly, Nawtou (GA): C
Ly, Rocky (GA): C
Mackey Jr., Eugene (DE): L
Maddox, Johnny (AR): C
Marbra, Micah (VA): C
Marshall, Jordan (TN): C
Marshall, Justin (OH): C
Marshall, Ryan (MO):
Martin, Christian (ME): P
Martin, Josh (KS): L
Martin, Trent (MI): C
Martinez, Ruben (TX):
Matakaetis, Greg (CT): C
Matava, Jeff (NH): C
Matice, Brenden (NY): C
Matthews, Dustin (NC): C
Matthews, Jason (GA): C
Matylewicz, Francis (PA): C
Matylewicz, Ryan (PA): P
Mazza, Nicholas (MD): L
McBee, Lou (AZ): C
McClenney, John (TN): C
Mcclurkan, Jimmy (TN): P
Mccord, Thomas (TN):
Mcdonald, Brandon (GA): C
McDonald, Ed (PA): C
McDougal, Brennan (IN):
McElroy, Joe (AL): P
McGee, Keith (NC): C
McGowan, Coley (AL): C
McGruder, Pat (TX):
McGuire, Nick (KY): C
McInnes, Will (TN): C
McIntyre, Shane (TN):
McMichael, Richie (KS): P
Mee, Thomas (CT): P
Meece, Jerry (TX): P
Mehus, Jon (VA):
Meno, Joe (OH): C
Merritt, Daniel (TX): P
Merritt, Rodney (ME): P
Milchling, John (MD): P
Miller, Alex (PA):
Miller, Clayton (WV): C
Miller, Deric (TX): L
Miller, Glenn (IL): L
Milton, Cody (AR): P
Minor, James (TN): P
Minton, Arlie (NC): P
Mitchell, Jerry (IN): C
Mizer, Charles (TN): P
Molinder, Aaron (IN): C
Mongognia, Joey (): C
Montes, Ray (VA): C
Mooney, John (TX): C
Mooney, Mike (GA): L
Morgan, Garrett (AR):
Morgan, John (TN): P
Morgan, Simon (NY): P
Morgeson, Evan (MO): P
Morris, Daniel (TN): P
Morris, Eric (AR): P
Moser, Emerik (OH): C
Moss, Robert (IL):
Moulton, Jake (NY): C
Mues, Dustin (NE):
Mulgrew, Gregg (NJ): C
Mull, Dave (MI): P
Mullins, Thomas (MI): P
Murguia, Dustin (IL): P
Murphy, Greg (GA): C
Murphy, Robert (AR): C
Nardomarino, Frank (IL): P
Naturile, Nathan (NC): C
Nelson, Eric (NC): P
Nemeth, George (OH): L
Newlands, Jon (KS): L
Nguyen, Hiep (KS):
NICHOLS, Dustin (TX): P
Niebanck, Jeff (NJ): C
Norris, Jamie (MO):
Nosar, Greg (VA): P
Notaroberta, Anthony (NY): C
Novak, Jacob (VA): C
Nunn, Jacob (MO):
Nunziato, Bryan (NY): C
Oaks, Gregory (VA): C
Ocampo, Roland (VA): C
Odeen, Chase (WA): C
Ofner, Richard (Ontario): C
Ohlinger, Austin (WV): C
Olson, Shane (MN):
Oriel, Sean (NY): C
Orr, Jaxton (IN):
Orr, Jim (IN):
Otting, Larry (GA):
Padgett, Chris (GA): C
Pagnano, Rob (MA): C
Palmer, Brandon (OH): C
Parker, Michael (FL): P
Parris, Daniel (GA): C
Paszkowski, Jason (IL): C
Patalune, Ryan (VA): C
Peedin, Van (NC):
Penny, James (TX): C
Pepin, Jonathan (MI):
Perez, Curtis (TN): C
Perkins, Robert (OH):
Perkins, Tim (AL): L
Petrone, Adam (NC): P
Phillips, Justin_B (AR): C
Phillips, Mark (NC): C
Pierce, Bob (MA): C
Pierce, Jeremy (CO): C
Pierce, Ryan (MA): C
Platt, Ryan (IN): C
Plumley, Jason (WV): C
Pollard, Jeff (TN): A
Pollard, Mary (TN): A
Portes, Gabriel (MA): C
Powers, Dean (RI): C
Praglowski, Raymond (MD): C
Pride, Carl (MO): P
Prince, Brandon (MO): C
Pugh, Sammy (WV): L
Pyatt, Matthew (MI): C
Queary, Alan (NY): C
Queary, Justin (NY): C
Queen, Jody (WV): P
Queen, Jon (OK): C
Queen, William (NC): C
Quillin, Todd (TN): C
Quinn, James (VA): C
Ranieri, Richard (NY): P
Rash, Douglas (MD): P
Rasmussen, Caymen (UT): C
Ray, Jason (OK): C
Reed, Alan (IN): P
Reed, Casey (VA): P
Reising, Jamie (OH): C
Reynolds, Billy (MO): P
Rhee, Chun (VA): L
Riddle, Greg (FL): C
Ring, Michael (OK): C
Robbins, Joshua (IN): C
Robinson, Ronnie (MD): C
Roche, Ian (): P
Roche, Shawn (NH): C
Rodgers, Brent (MO): C

Roloff, Susie (IL): C
Romano, Kevin (NJ):
Romanovich, Basil (IN): C
Ross, Jeff (VA): C
Roth, Don (MI): C
Roth, Paul (CO): C
Rourke, Adam (NH): L
Rowland, Ricky (NC): C
Rupert, Tyler (PA):
Russell, Drew (KY): C
Russell, Mike (DE):
Rutledge, Russell (TN): C
Sabella, Tim (SC): C
Sacca, Rick (NY): C
Saffle, Jerrad (MO): C
Salfen, Brent (MO): C
Salzman, Mitchell (CO): C
Sanders, Mitch (MI): C
Sanderson, Joseph (TX):
Sandlin, Michael (MO): C
Santiago, Francisco (NJ): C
Santos, Valber (MA): P
Scarbrough, Joel (IL): C
Schar, Dave (OH): C
Schmitz, Mike (TN): C
Schroeder, Kyle (TX):
Schwartzkopf, Jay (KS): C
Scotch, Matthew (TX):
Scott, Robert (NJ): P
Seggermann, Scott (FL):
Shadwick, Keith (TN):
Shamus, Joe (MI): C
Sharp, Joshua (TN): C
Sharpe, Gary (TX): P
Shaw, Ote (TX):
Shelnutt, Charles (GA): P
Shippy, Ken (KS): C
Shoemaker, Michael (PA): C
Short, William (NY): C
Shrader, Jesse (DE):
Simmers, Matthew (VA): C
Simmons, Brad (MI): C
Singer, Mike (IN): C
Sisto, Stephen (PA):
Skidmore, Shawn (OH): P
Slaughter, Heath (VA): C
Slover, Steve (AL): C
Smith, Aaron (RI):
Smith, Benjamin (TN): C
Smith, Chris (MO): C
Smith, Chuck (TN): C
Smith, Josh S (IL):
Smith, Nicholas (IN): A
Smits, Kurt (OH): P
Snowball, Seth (NY): C
Snyders, Rus (TN): C
Soderquist, Rich (MI): P
Sosa, Jonathan (AL): C
Soulliere, Jenna ():
Soulliere, Zack (MI): C
Southard, Jeff (GA): C
Spencer, Chris (UT): P
Spencer, Matthew (TN):
Spradling, Jerry (WV): P
Sprayue, Brian (IN): C
Stallbaum, Aaron (OH): C
Stames, Mike (CA): C
Stamper, Joey (OH): C
Stansberry, Eric (IN): C
Starett, Joe (WV): C
Stewart, James (NY): C
Stewart, Josh (TN): P
Stewart, Matt (TN): P
Stieger, David (VA): C
Stiles-Holmes, Kathy (CA): C
Storms, Craig (NY): P
Stoughton, Reece (OH): C
Stuckey, Trev (CO): C
Stuhlmann, Scott (MN): C
Stumbo, Brian (KY): P
Sumner, Barry (VA): C
Sweat, Ryan (IN):
Sweet, Tyler (NY): P
Swindler, HEATHER (ME): P
Swisher, Morgan (CA): C
Swofford, Clayton (TX): C
Synarong, Timmy (TN):
Tadlock, Justin (AL): C
Taff, Dwayne (TX): L
Tarr, Joseph (PA): C
Taylor, Ashley (NC): C
Taylor, Derek (AL): C
Taylor, Reece (TN):
Taylor, Zachary (FL): C
Terry, Travis (MI):
Thomas, Brian (NJ): C
Thomas, David (AR): C
Thomas, Jimmy (OK): C
Thompson, Don (WI): C
Thompson, Jeff (WI): C
Tillotson, Brandon (IN): C
Tingey, Kendall (UT): C
Toyp, Couth (GA):
Traister, Alexandar (MI): C
Tran, Duc (TX):
Tuxward, Zane (DE): C
Uribe, Danny (CA): C
Van Gompel, Nick (WI): C
Van Leuven, Kyle (MI): P
Vandergriff, Russ (TN):
VanDusen, Dan (MI): C
VanEss, Collan (): C
Vang, Benjamine (GA): L
Veggian, Henry (NC): P
Vidales, Edward (TX): P
Vogt, Matt (FL): C
Vojt, John (NJ): P
Voreis, Todd (IN): L
Vuittonet, Jose (NY): C
Wagner, Jack (TX): P
Wagner, Randy (IA): C
Wallace, Randall (AL): C
Wallen, Jay (KY): P
Walley, Dwayne (MS): L
Ward, Gary (NJ):
Ward, Lee (SC): P
Ware, Jim (GA): P
Watson, Michael (WI): C
Wegner, Preston (IA): C
Wenzel, Bear (WV): C
Westbrook, Andrew (LA): C
Whitchurch, Kori (IL): C
Williams, Dj (MO): C
Willis, Jason (TX): P
Wills, Jeffrey (WV): C
Wilson, Aaron (IN): C
Wilson, Sammy (NC): C
Winters, Blaine (WV): C
Wither, Robert (NY): C
Wood, Ken (MA): P
Wood, Larry (SC): L
Worley, Paul (OH): P
Wright, Robert (IN): C
Wulitich, Joseph (IN): C
Yang, Tony (GA): P
Yang, Vang (MI): C
Yocum, Todd (): C
Yoder, Jonathan (SC): C
Young, Cameron (SC): C
Zemke, Kyle (ID): C
Zepeda, L. (TX):
Zuniga, Kevin (NY):

2020 KBF National Championship

Compete against the best kayak bass anglers on the water