The Realtree Fishing Kayak Bass Fishing Challenge Series presented by FishUSA provides an ideal competition environment to learn the sport of kayak fishing. With low entry fees and flexible schedules, you can fish your local, publicly accessible waters. Additionally, KBF Challenges offer anglers opportunities to fish for prizes, state points championships and qualifying spots for the KBF National Championship, Challenge Series Championship and TENvitational.

The Challenge Series has been updated and streamlined for 2022. Key changes include:

  • Weekend Warrior events will continue, but the points will no longer be counted toward the title of KBF State Points Champion. However, the top 25% will qualify for the Challenge Series Championship, KBF National Championship and The KBF TENvitational.
  • Beginning in January, 2022, only Ketch measuring boards will be permitted as legal measuring devices. To order a Ketch measuring board, click here
  • In order to guarantee accurate locations for judging of photo submissions, the “Location” must be turned to “ON” in the angler’s phone when submitting all photos to Fishing Chaos.
  • Anglers will have a 72 hour window (3 days) to submit a catch photo to the monthly challenge Fishing Chaos leaderboard.
  • The State Points Champion for each state will be decided at the Challenge Series Championship in October, 2022.

For additional information about these changes and more, watch Chad Hoover’s video on the Kayak Bass Fishing Facebook page.

To become a KBF Member and learn more about the KBF Challenge Series, visit the Realtree Fishing Kayak Bass Fishing Challenge Series home page!

2021 Realtree Fishing KBF Challenge Series Tournaments are presented by FishUSA

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