Not every kayak angler wants to chase Florida Strain bass. Some of us prefer to bronzed variety.

The popularity of the KBF Smallmouth Series has been an unexpected and welcome surprise. In all, more than 150 kayak anglers in two countries caught, photographed and released more than 1,500 bronzebacks during three frames of fishing in the summer, fall and spring.

The series has even produced some friendly rivalry between the American and Canadian anglers who battled for Smallie supremacy during the events. For the record, American anglers won the regular season series, 2 frames to 1, courtesy of Michigan angler Gilbert Reitsch taking the top spot in the springtime event.

Along the way, Troy Wines caught and released a massive 23.25”, with Jon Brooks landing a 21.75” tank in the fall frame and Mark Donio adding another of the same length last summer for the top three longest fish (the aforementioned Reitsch landed the longest Smallie of the spring frame, too).

The trophy Smallie landed by Troy Wines

Big fish. Prizes. And some friendly competition between neighbors.

The friendly stuff is over. It’s time now to prepare for the championship round.

Next up: the Smallmouth Series Championship round, a championship frame that is limited to the best Smallmouth waters in each region. The eligible waters are Lake Erie, Lake St. Clair, Lake Michigan, Pickwick Lake, Candlewood Lake, Mille Lacs Lake, Susquehanna River, Dale Hollow Lake, Lake Champlain, New River.

The top anglers will earn cash prizes. And because it is MAYhem, the top 50% will also qualify for the 2025 KBF National Championship.

The format is different, and new. Registration is open.

The Smallies are waiting.

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