Livingston Lures Three Fish Throwdown

Overview: 10-day CPR (Catch- Photo-Release*) bass tournament using the Fishing Chaos Tournament Management System. Each competitor’s score is the sum of the three longest fish caught on a Livingston Lure.

How: Competitors sign up and submit photos of fish caught using Livingston Lures. Livingston Lure must me visible in photo; no other fishing lure brand may be used in competition. Anglers choose during registration to fish from the bank, kayak or boat. KBF (Kayak Bass Fishing) rules apply, and a rules addendum below pertaining to bank and boat fishing. No other fishing lures other than Livingston Lures are allowed. No exceptions!

Where: Anglers sign up to compete in a single category (boat, bank, kayak) in one of the following five regions:

  • Northern: Canada, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, RI, NJ, DE, NY, PA, MD, VA, WV, OH, MI
  • Central: ND, SD, NE, KS, OK, M0, IL, IN, WI, MN, IA
  • Southern: KY, TN, NC, SC, GA, AL, MS, AR, LA
  • Western: MT, WY, CO, NM, ID, UT, AZ, WA, OR, NV
  • Big 3: CA, TX, FL

Entry Fee: None. That’s right; absolutely free.

Eligibility: Open to all anglers in the 48 contiguous United States who comply with all applicable fishing & boating laws and regulations. All current Livingston Lures Pro Staff are eligible to compete and are encouraged to invite non-Livingston Lures Pro Staff Members & non-SAMI APP users. This competitive event is void where prohibited. Anglers are responsible for all applicable taxes and compliance with tax regulations. IRS Form W-9 will be required for winnings of $600 or more.

Acceptable Fish Species: all black bass species (e.g., largemouth, smallmouth, spotted bass) twelve inches and up.

When: A practice tournament to get up to speed on the app, equipment, and rules, then a 10-day online tournament.

  • Black Bass Brawl, a free practice event, starts 5:00 PM CST on Friday, July 31st and ends at 5:00 PM CST on Thursday, August 20th
  • Three Fish Throwdown starts 5:00 PM CST on Friday, August 21st and ends at 5:00 PM CST on Sunday, August 30th

Payouts & Prizes

In each region. Livingston Lures awards:

  • Regional 1st Place—$1,600 cash (5 awarded, one per region; $8,000 total)
  • Regional 2nd Place—$800.00 cash (5 awarded, one per region; $4,000 total)
  • Regional 3rd Place—Livingston Lures Pack, $500 retail value (one per region, 5 total)
  • Regional 4th through 10th place—$25 Livingston Lures Gift Cards (seven per region, 35 total)

The highest inplacing KBF Member  in the Kayak category

  • …in each region wins $100 (5 awarded, $500 total)
  • …overall wins $500 (1 awarded)

Highest Placing Shore Angler – TBA

Additional Product Prizes from these great outdoor companies:

Sign Up Process

  1. Sign up through the Livingston Lures SAMI (Smart Aquatic Marine Instruments) App. (Available for Android on Google Play and for iOS at the Apple App Store. Click SAMI App to learn more.)
  2. Fill the SAMI tackle box with a minimum of 3 Livingston Lures.
  3. Go to (the tournament management system) create an account, and log in.
  4. Print a sheet of Livingston Lures ID Cards [Open printable PDF with 8 cards.]
  5. Register either on the Fishing Chaos app or website for the Black Bass Brawl and/or the Three Fish Throwdown
  6. After signing up, click “View Designoken,” and then print the Event ID Code or Designoken on a Livingston Lures ID Card, as show in the illustration on this page.
  7. Make sure that card is in EVERY photo submitted for the Three Fish Throwdown.
  8. For the practice event, Black Bass Brawl, the Designoken printed on the Livingston Lures ID Card is preferred, but the designoken may appear on the competitor’s hand or a piece of paper, but it must still appear in each photo.

New SAMI App Registrants, get your a $25 Livingston Lures Gift Code and 20% Livingston Lures Discount Code

  1. Download and install the SAMI App.
  2. Register for either of those two events (See the four steps above).
  3. Email with these words in the subject line: Three Fish Throwdown.
  4. You will receive your Gift Code and Discount Code by email.


Official Rules and Conditions of Participation

  1. KBF Competition Rules Standard apply, with the exceptions listed below in the Bank & Boat Rules Addendum.
  2. All participants enter with the full knowledge and acceptance of these competition rules and standards and agree to abide by them in their entirety.
  3. All participants enter at their own risk and agree to the terms and provisions of the Waiver & Liability Release Agreement at the bottom of the KBF Competition Rules Standard and agree to not hold any person or entity in association with KBF and Livingston Lures liable for any mishap or misfortune.
  4. Each Participant must be a registered user of the SAMI app with a minimum of 3 lures in the virtual tacklebox
  5. All photos submitted to Fishing Chaos are considered property of Livingston Lures and Fishing Chaos.
  6. For the Practice Tournament only (not during the Three Fish Throwdown), a Golden Rule is an approved measuring board. Keep in mind that it is marked with half-inch increments, so a fish that falls short of a measuring mark will be scored at the next lower half-inch increment rather than quarter-inch, as with the Ketch Measuring Board and Hawg Trough.
  7. The smallest bass that will be scored in competition is 12.00 inches. Photos of bass shorter than the minimum will be denied. If deductions reduce a photo’s score to less than 12.00”, that photo will be denied.
  8. *In accord with local fisheries management practices and if permitted by regulations, fish caught in competition may be harvested for consumption.
  9. A competitor’s score is the sum of the scores of the three (3) longest fish caught using Livingston Lures in accord with rules and submitted during competition.


Bank & Boat Rules Addendum


  1. If fishing from a boat, competitor must comply with all USCG, state and local regulations regarding lighting, signal devices, life jackets and flotation.
  2. Competitors in boats other than kayaks, canoes, SUPs, are required to have but not to wear at all times USGC-approved personal flotation device (PFD, i.e., lifejacket) during competition.
  3. Competitors fishing from the bank, (e.g., from the shore, a bridge, dock, or wading) are not required to have or wear a PFD if not mandated by local, state, or federal regulations.

Permissible Watercraft

  1. Participants fishing from a kayak, canoe or stand up paddleboard should register in the “Kayak” category. All others fishing from (motorboat, PWC, punt, skiff, jon boat, mini-pontoon, pirogue, duck boat, raft, pontoon boat, etc. should register in the Boat category.
  2. Motor restrictions and capacities for kayaks, canoes and SUPs are covered in KBF Competition Rules Standard. For all other boats, motor or propulsion unit must not exceed horsepower or thrust limits on the boat’s Capacity Plate.
  3. Participants in all categories are permitted to wade fish. Participants registered in Boat and Kayak categories must first be in the watercraft and then exit to wade. Bank category participants may simply step off the shore into the water.


  1. The Designoken (Event ID Code) must appear in each photo. For the Black Bass Brawl practice event, the Designoken may be printed on a Livingston Lures ID Card, another piece of paper, or the back of the competitor’s hand. For the Three Fish Throwdown, it MUST appear on a Livingston Lures ID Card.
  2. Boat: the boat used in fishing must be in the background of the photo.
  3. Bank: there are no background requirements for photos taken in the Bank category.
  4. Measuring board for Three Fish Throwdown are either the Hawg Trough or Ketch Measuring Board. (Golden Rule is approved for use in the Black Bass Brawl free practice event only.)
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Livingston Lures Three Fish Throwdown

5PM Friday, August 21 through 5PM Sunday, August 30 | 48 Contiguous United States