Hey There KBF’ers,
I want to take a few moments and reach out to you about something that has weighed heavily on me since last fall, when we had a few members who weren’t happy with our military discount program. Like many other businesses, we approached military service benefits by doing what everyone else did. I felt strongly compelled to do that and ultimately thought that it was enough or at least the best that we could do.
I was wrong.
After pouring over the books, crunching the numbers and looking at it from all angles, I and the entire KBF Team decided that we could (had to) do better. After all, it is our company, and we can do what our gut tells us makes sense; what our heart says is right and what our conscience tells us that we should do. So we overhauled the program and put considerable thought and effort into making it as robust as possible. Below are the details of the new KBF Military Members Membership Program. 
  1. Originally, KBF offered a 10% discount on KBF Membership Dues ($5 annual and $50 Lifetime) to active duty and retired career military.
  2. Next we included Canada military service.
  3. Then we included active reservists.
  4. Finally we added military veterans whose service-related injuries cut short their careers.
  1. Extending the Membership Dues discount to now include all honorably discharged military service veterans, both US and Canada.
  2. Now KBF Military get a 10% (or their usual 20/25% Member discount, whichever is greater) on all items in the KBF Store, including reels, tackle organizers, fishing, camping, kayaking, and outdoor gear*†
  3. Submit a KBF Military Member Discount Request. Upon approval, account is tagged (takes up to one week, as requests are batched weekly).
  4. To apply discount, log into the KBF Store. Prices are automatically adjusted to one’s appropriate discount level (20% of 25% on KBF Gear, 10% on the rest†).
* Note1: This is not a stacked discount; if you already get a 20% KBF Member Discount or 25% Lifetime Member discount, this does NOT make it 30% or 35%. You get whichever discount is greater.
† Note2: Discounts do NOT apply to BONUS BUCKS, Gift Certificates, and event registrations. (Sorry Guys, we just couldn’t do it here).
Why? KBF’s entire staff recognizes and honors the service and sacrifice of our military members, both active duty and veterans. I started KBF while still serving in the US Navy, and I recognize the financial constraints of active duty military, so to start out, we offered a discount as a token of our respect and appreciation and to help out a little on the cost.
Over time, we’ve expanded who’s included in this military service benefit, and now we’re taking one more step by extending it to all who have served and were honorably discharged. Here’s how to take advantage of this:
Already a KBF Annual or Lifetime Member
Like most of  you, I don’t wear my military service on my sleeve, injecting it into every conversation or sharing war stories with anyone who will listen. But if you’re willing, please join me in showing the entire kayak fishing community and our friends in social media what a disproportionate percentage of military members, current and former, make up KBF. I’m proud that so many of us have this in common, and I’m honored to serve you and help you enjoy the lifestyle your service has earned.
We’ve created a special emblem that only KBF Military Members are authorized to display. We invite you to use this emblem, with either black or no background, as your Facebook profile image, especially in days leading up to the third Saturday in May, which President Harry Truman designated in 1949 as Armed Forces Day—a day to pay special tribute to the men and women of the Armed Forces.
Although the emblem reflects symbols of the American Seal, we hope it will serve to honor our military members in both the US and Canada. That emblem will be posted on Facebook and Instagram, and it’s also on the KBF Graphics Resources page, along with other KBF logos.
As in the official seal of the United States, the shield represents our readiness and determination to establish and defend the ideals of liberty that the United States embodies worldwide. In the eagle’s right talons is an olive branch of peace. The eagle faces toward it’s right to show that we prefer to resolve conflicts peaceably and that our goal to live in harmony with all nations. Its left talons clutches arrows—a symbol or our willingness to use military means to defend the principles of freedom.
A field of stars under the eagle’s left wing, behind the arrows, reminds of all who have fallen in service to our nations and the cause of liberty—and the 22 veterans and military members each day who embrace death to escape the aftermath of battle—mental anguish and emotional chaos that persist, for some, long after the echos of gunfire and artillery have quieted.
Thank you,
Chad Hoover
KBF President/Founder