KBF AmBASSador Series partner organizations are the clubs and trails that grow kayak fishing at the grassroots level. In the month of April, 2022, the following organizations are hosting tournaments. Click on the links below for full schedules, registration and other information. If you have questions, please contact the organization’s director.

Colorado: Colorado Kayak Fishing Club  Date: April 23    Location: Pueblo

Connecticut: SlayNation (CT)   Date: April 9       Location: Bantam Lake

Delaware : Delaware Paddle Sports Date: April 23    Location: Silver Lake

Florida: Kayak Anglers of Florida Date: April 9       Location: Vero Beach

Indiana: Southern Indiana Yak Anglers Klub  Date: April 16    Location Glendale FWA

Hoosier Kayak Bassin Date April 2 Location: Multi Lake

Indiana Kayak Anglers: Date: April 23  Location: Wawasee

Kentucky: Kayak Anglers of Kentucky  Date: April 16    Location: Dewey

Louisiana: North Louisiana Kayak Bass Fishing Date: April 2-3   Location: Caddo    Concurrent KBF TRAIL EVENT

Maine: SlayNation (ME)  Date: April 17    Location: Alford

Maine Yak Anglers:   Date: April 23 Location: Square Pond

Massachusetts: SlayNation (MA) Date: April 9       Location: Whitehall

Massachusetts Kayak BAssinDate: April 2  Location: Stump Pond

Date: April 9    Location: On Line

Date: April 16  Location: Upper/Lower Mill

Michigan: Michigan Kayak Trail Date: April 23    Location: White Lake

Missouri : Kayak Anglers of Missouri Date: April 16   Location: Stockton lake

New Jersey: North Jersey Kayak Fishing Club Date: April 24    Location: Musconetcong

New York: Adirondack KBF     Date: April 23 Location: Saratoga Lake

Long Island Kayak Bass Fishing Date: April 10    Location: Fort Pond

Western New York Kayak Bass Fishing (WNYKBF) Date: April 30    Location: Honeoye

New York Kayak Bass Fishing NYKBF  Date: April 30    Location: Honeoye

North Carolina: Carolina Kayak Anglers CKA   Date: April 2       Location: Lake Mackintosh                                 

Date: April 30    Location: Jordan Lake

Pennsylvania: SlayNation (PA) Date: April 2       Location: Marburg

South Carolina: Palmetto State Kayak Bass Fishing Date: April 23      Location: Santee Cooper

Texas: North East Texas Bass League Date: April 3       Location: Caddo     Concurrent KBF TRAIL EVENT

Utah: Kayak Fishing Utah Date: April 30    Location: Sand Hollow

Virginia: North Virginia Kayak Bass Anglers Date April 9-10 Location: Potomac River Concurrent KBF TRAIL EVENT

Virginia Kayak Trail (VKT) Date: April 2   Location: Back Bay

Virginia Kayak Trail (VKT) Date: April 9th Location Potomac River. Double up!

Virginia Kayak Trail (VKT) Date: April 23   Location: Potomac River

West Virginia: Southern West Virginia Kayak Anglers Date: April 23    Location: Stephens Lake/Plum Orchard

West Virginia Kayak Anglers Date: April 9       Location: Stonewall


About the KBF AmBASSador Series

The Kayak Bass Fishing AmBASSador Series functions in partnership with local clubs and trails to promote the sport of kayak fishing at the grassroots level.

KBF provides its local partner organizations with material support.

Anglers who compete through AmBASSador Series partner organizations can earn qualifying opportunities for KBF events, win prizes and have access to KBF TRAIL and PRO SERIES events.

Most AmBASSador Program partners do not require KBF membership in order to compete in events. However, anglers who participate in AmBASSador Series partner events must be KBF Members in order to qualify for KBF tournaments through AmBASSador club events.

To become a KBF Member, click here: https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/join/

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