As the KBF River Series enters its summer frame, I’d like to share a few thoughts about it.

I will cut to the main channel. Rivers move me, and not just literally. On the river, I don’t need to look at a screen to see where I am in the universe. It doesn’t matter, because I am on the river.

The river moves the fish too, making them leaner and more acrobatic in the fight. In the summer months, I can get away from the traffic on the lake. The quiet river at dawn, noon or dusk – I enjoy that most of all.

This is why I bought a kayak- to fish skinny water, moving water, and water that bubbles and roars. River fishing has brought me prizes, trophies and more over the years. Most of all, it has brought me peace and quiet.

Me in my happy place. Screenshot courtesy of Hank Veggian, 2024

Some of us are born river dogs, and I am proud to be one.

That’s why I got excited when Chad announced a KBF River Series last year. I even bought a new river boat just for the series – an older Jackson Coosa HD. Paddle only. No fish finder.

So here we are in early May, with two frames of the River Series down and one to go. The fall and spring frames were fun to follow and fish. My fall frame didn’t go well, but anglers like Jason Starley and Matthew Shepherd caught some huge bags. I had more time and better luck in the spring frame, but competitors like Michael Mooney and Troy Wines smashed them in a big way.

Clearly, river anglers mean business. But fishing last fall provided more than just a few bites to me. That river time helped me recover at the end of a crazy year. Just like rivers restore lakes and oceans, they also restore my sanity. I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.

That’s why I am appealing to everyone to help keep the River Series going.

Rivers change like we do. They swell and recede, their banks crumble and their currents carry life to new places. How will the KBF River Series change? I don’t know for certain. After talking with Chad Hoover about it for this article, here is what I learned:

  • First, there is MAYhem. That means that all KBF events in May qualify 50% of the field for the 2025 KBF National Championship.
  • Second, there will be a River Series Championship in 2024. In Chad’s words, “It will be similar to the Smallmouth Series event, but nothing is finalized yet.”
  • Finally, the River Series may continue, and this is where I ask that you join me in working to make it so. What does that mean? I can’t know for sure, but I know this – I need to fish through a rapid and launch from a dirt road.

And so I am asking the Kayak Bass Fishing community to grow river kayak fishing. Spread the word about our rivers and their place in our sport. Let everyone know we fish where other anglers can’t or won’t go. Stand on your roof and tell your neighbors. Wear it on a shirt to the store.

I’ve been posting about the KBF River Series on my social media accounts. I ask that you do the same. Post your catches, your place in the standings, your landscape photos and your thoughts. Tag me. Tag Kayak Bass Fishing. Tag your sponsors, your friends and your pets.

I assure you, this is not an attempt to get you to market KBF events. If you know me personally, you know I am not about that.

This is about us and the rivers we love.

I’m an old river dog. Whether its paddling, wading or just sitting on the bank with a line out, rivers are my natural habitat. Now that I know there are more of you out there, I enjoy it. Now, I can go fish down the river any time, and I don’t necessarily need a separate River Series to do that. But KBF is a community, and it’s a community of river kayak anglers now, too.

Thanks for hearing me out. I rarely get personal or editorialize in my KBF posts, but I felt that this one needed a different look.

Sign up is open through the Summer Frame, so have a look at the River Series link below.

Good luck to everyone, be safe, and enjoy the river.


Hank Veggian

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