Fishing Intelligence

ANGLR | FIshing IntelligenceLook around at your next KBF tournament, chances are you’ll see anglers wearing an ANGLR Bullseye on their hats or PFDs. That’s because ANGLR is empowering fishing intelligence through measurement, learning, and collaboration so that avid kayak anglers can constantly improve and find more enjoyment in their sport.

ANGLR is a fishing intelligence platform built for anglers, by anglers. ANGLR consists of a fishing logbook app that syncs across mobile and web devices, optional tracking accessories, and community of anglers who are passionate about growing and helping others grow. Build private, powerful, personal fishing analytics that are always at your fingertips to help you plan, record, and improve your fishing.

ANGLR is the title sponsor of the KBF “ANGLR” of the Year’ program. To be eligible, anglers must be KBF members and compete and earn points in KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments, Regional Finals, and Championship. [Learn more here.]

This AOY title is a symbol of the ANGLR mission in many ways. It represents drive, constant improvement, learning, and commitment to the craft. The title encapsulates everything we stand for.

Speaking of constant learning and improvement, here’s some resources (many of which were created with the help of KBF members) to help you improve: