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Sensitive Power
All Pro Rods APR LogoAll Pro Rods (“APR”) is making inroads among kayak fishermen who appreciate 100% American-made rods with outstanding balance, durability, and sensitivity backed by world-class service. KBF Members enjoy at 20% discount on APR products offered for sale through the KBF Online Store when using their member discount code.

APR is a KBF BONUS BUCKS participating sponsor. To be eligible for the APR KBF BONUS BUCKS, competitors must own and utilize at least one APR Fishing Rod during eligible KBF BONUS BUCKS Events.

APR Owner Chad Hoover has earned a reputation for being tough on gear. APR rods travel with him over 200 days a year, and they stand up to whatever he dishes out. Here’s what Chad has to say about these fishing rods:

I don’t skimp on anything between me and trophy fish. For many years, I’ve sacrificed in certain areas to make sure I was using the best rods I could get my hands on. Before discovering APR, I figured the best always came with trade-offs. Like I’d compromise on weight to get a more powerful rod, or I’d settle on a less durable rod for the sake of sensitivity. Almost always I figured I’d pay a lot more to get a little better quality.

When I found APR, I didn’t have to make the trade-offs anymore. The phrase Sensitive Power describes us better than any other. If there was another description that fits the brand, it would be “No More Compromises