If there aren’t big bass being caught, is it still a bass fishing tournament? Maybe, but it’s a whole lot more fun when anglers post big catches. Just ask Alan Reed about the giant he landed at Guntersville in 2020 – it was his personal best and it won him a big paycheck, too. Best of all, it was also the bass of a lifetime.

When KBF heads back to Guntersville (and Wheeler) for the 2024 Yak Attack KBF National Championship powered by Dakota Lithium, it’s when the best bites can be found. And this year, BassForecast will once again sponsor the Big Bass event in a Kayak Bass Fishing Championship.

What is Bass Forecast?

To quote the company: “BassForecast simplifies the complex science of tracking past and forecast weather, then put[s] all the pieces together in a fish-catching game plan.”

If it sounds good, that’s because it is. The app delivers information efficiently through a user-friendly interface. Some of the variables calculated into the Bass Forecast are wind, lunar phases, and barometric pressure. The app collates the weather data to produce a rating, and then it also provides useful information about lures and structure.

As Chad Hoover described it:

“I love the Bass Forecast app. The consolidation of content that affects fish behavior makes it easy, a one-stop shop. It’s really user-friendly, and it compliments your knowledge of other areas. For example, the app learns recommended patterns more with every bit of data anglers enter, so it improves. Also, their big bass lunker program is great. They make a great product, and I use it daily, and I’m not really an app guy.”

Big Bass and Bass Forecast at the 2024 KBFNC

Justin Faircloth at the 2023 KBF Challenge and Trail Series Championships .

When anglers descend on Lakes Wheeler and Guntersville for the 2024 Yak Attack KBF National Championship in North Alabama, they will find bass in various stages of the spawn. Some will have left beds, while others will still be feeding up ahead of spawning. With fish at every phase of the spawn, it will be critical to factor in weather and other variables to devise a solid fishing plan.

BassForecast will be here to help with that.

  • The big bass event will span three days on Wednesday-Friday, April 3, 4 and 5.
  • The daily big bass event awards prizes on Day 1 on Day 2.
  • Friday is the Big Bass Shootout for anglers who are not fishing in the top 100, with $1,000 in total payouts (500/300/200) and also additional KBF credits awarded for each of the top 3 spots.

And of course, the weekend of April 6-7 is the KBF Trail on Guntersville/Wheeler!

Additional Info

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For more info on Bass Forecast, visit https://bassforecast.com/

For more information about traveling, lodging and more, visit https://www.northalabama.org/

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