KBF BONUS BUCKS is Kayak Bass Fishing’s incentive rewards program for KBF MEMBERS ONLY. It promotes competitive kayak fishing by awarding bonuses to program participants fishing in select KBF competitions across the country. These bonuses are in addition to regular prize payouts.


  • KBF Premium Membership (annual or Lifetime) is required to participate in the 2022 KBF BONUS BUCKS – Dakota Lithium Power Pay Program.
  • Competitors MUST compete in both KBF TRAIL Events to be eligible for KBF BONUS BUCKS payouts.
  • In order to be eligible for bonuses in any competitive event, Competitors must enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS prior to the event registration deadline, found on the event page.
  • Event registration is $35 for the KBF TRAIL Series and will cover both days. Winners are determined by the combined total of both days of the KBF TRAIL Series or the KBF PRO SERIES. Payouts DO NOT roll down if the winner or angler in that place is not entered into KBF BONUS BUCKS.
  • KBF CHAMPIONSHIP Events are $50 Per Event and payouts are based on each event as detailed below.



KBF Members who enroll in KBF BONUS BUCKS are eligible to win cash bonuses at each KBF TRAIL Series weekend based on their combined score for the two events.

KBF TRAIL Series ($35 for Both Days Combined)

1st place – $1,000

2nd place – $400

3rd place – $300

4th place – $200

5th place – $100


1st place – $2,000

2nd place – $800

3rd place – $600

4th place – $400

5th place – $200

This Contingency Awards Program is funded through both KBF Sponsor Donations and KBF BONUS BUCKS Program Enrollment Fees.