KBF Challenge Series Virtual Captains Meeting


  • Challenges are for KBF Members only.
  • When non-members register, KBF staff attempts to contact them as soon as possible. We clarify the requirement and invite them to join KBF to become eligible to win prizes, awards, points, bonuses, and championship qualifications.
  • Each competitor is respionsible for meeting the membership requirement.
  • KBF Ambassador membership, at $25/year, is acceptable for Challenge competition.

Challenge Overview

  • These events are ideal for newcomers to competition or the sport, and even for veteran anglers who like to fish neareby waters at convenient times.
  • KBF State Challenges are 21 days, from 12am on the first to midnight on the 21st. KBF Regional Challenges are three or four days over a weekend, or they’re “One-night Stands,” 14-hour night tournaments on the final Friday or following Saturday night.
  • Registration and membership deadline is usually midnight, evening before competition
  • Time zones and start/end times vary from one type of Challenge to another, so make sure you read the Event Page so you will start and end on time. Do NOT rely on what the times were for another Challenge, or even the same Challenge in another year or month; they may have changed.
  • Event ID Code displays at 7PM tournament time in the TourneyX dashboard and at 6PM Central Time here: kayakbassfishing.com/identifiers.

Rules—Each KBF Challenge Competitor agrees to read, understand, and comply with the KBF Competition Rules Standard.

  • Not all water is eligible for Challenge Competition. It’s up to each competitor to know KBF’s standards for “public-access water.” Don’t rely on “somebody said it’s okay.” Be sure you can document that water you’re fishing meets eligibility standards.
  • Follow KBF rules at all times, even when recreational fishing or paddling, so that you can pick up a rod at any point and switch to competition mode.
  • If you’ve launched from private property, don’t wear a life jacket on the water, or are fishing in a way that conflicts with KBF Rules, you can’t just “start competing” at any point. To stop recreational fishing and compete in a Challenge, paddle back to a public launch point, get out, rig for bass, put on your PFD, and re-launch from the public launch point, complying with all KBF Competition Rules.


  • Since most times, competitors are out of sight of all other KBF members when they’re competing, the temptation to skirt the rules or take a few shortcuts “that aren’t all that important” is greater than during meet-up tournaments.
  • Every fishing tournament relies on the honor system.
  • Conduct yourself as if you’re being observed the entire time.

Event Page—Review this page for:

  • Series Director Contact (in case you have issues or questions)
  • Schedule, rules, and other details
  • Go to kayakbassfishing.com/schedule, scroll down, and click “Details” by the event name.

Safety—A check-style PFD must be on and securely fastened whenever you’re engaged in KBF competition.

  • Observe all USCG rules regarding a sonic signal device and a bright flashlight to signal other vessels. In addition, a 360-degree light is required when anchored. Green & red navigation lights and a 360 light are required for motorized watercraft underway. We recommend every competitor have a 360-degree light switched on AND a bright flashlight attached to your PFD if you’re in or near boat traffic lanes before sunrise.
  • Youth under age 18 are permitted to register and fish but both they and their parent or guardian and the adult supervisor, if different, must sign the youth waiver and release agreement, and an adult must accompany the youth at all times during competition, close enough to render aid and advice, but not to assist in other ways.

TourneyX advice—Upload and use the Pro App. If you have trouble, try logging into TourneyX on a web browser. Most issues are related to poor data signal, so be sure to get off the water in time to find a strong signal or Wi-Fi hotspot before photo upload deadline.

  • Check emails for judges’ notices for penalties and deductions.
  • Don’t assume your fish loaded successfully; check all the photos you submitted in ‘Manage Catch” on the TourneyX Pro App.
  • Event staff does not provide manual upload assistance for Challenges as they may at meet-up tournaments.

KBF TRAIL Series Virtual Captains Meetings

KBF will conduct live streaming captains meeting on Thursday evenings before weekend events. Competitors who can’t catch the live stream are required to watch the recording prior to competition.

KBF TRAIL Captains Meeting – Lake Lanier

KBF TRAIL Captains Meeting – Lake Lanier

Watch the Virtual Captains Meeting on Facebook This is the virtual captains meeting for the two Realtree Fishing KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments presented by Dee Zee at Lake...

KBF Virtual Captains Meetings

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