Competitors are familiar with KBF’s contingency awards program, KBF BONUS BUCKS. Now, Berkley is rewarding anglers for using Berkley hard and soft baits in eligible tournaments, including the KBF TRAIL Series, KBF Pro Tour, and the KBF National Championship.  the Berkley  Cast for Cash Program went into effect January 1, 2020.

Win Big with Berkley!

  • Anglers purchase a Cast for Cash membership for $29.99 and receive an exclusive Berkley Pro Pack valued at $50.00
  • Anglers put Berkley decals on their boats and fish with Berkley baits in any of the 800+ Cast for Cash sanctioned events having 20 or more boats, like KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and Regional Finals. Bassmaster B.A.S.S. Nation Kayak Series tournaments and Championship are also participating, so if you fish both circuits, your Cast for Cash membership can pay off in both. [Participating circuits and events]
  • The top two (2) Cast for Cash members finishing in a sanctioned tournament receive payouts, which differ based on event and circuit.
    • For KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments and Pro Tour Tournaments, $150 for the highest-ranking finisher and $100 for 2nd-highest place finisher.
    • For KBF TRAIL Series Regional Finals and Championship, the KBF Pro Tour Championship, and the KBF National Championship, Berkley pays $500 for highest-ranking finisher, $250 for 2nd-highest.
  • Over $330K in payouts are forecast to be paid in 2020, and there is NO limit to how many times or how much an angler can win
  • KBF will handle payouts, which are distributed to winners within 30 days of the event.
  • Cast for Cash Memberships are annual and must be purchased for each season
  • Separate memberships must be purchased for angers who are competing in both sanctioned bass and walleye tournaments.
  • Spots are limited in the program so be sure to purchase your membership soon!

What’s in the Pro Pack?

2020 Pro Packs will include the following

  • 2020 Berkley Cast for Cash Hat
  • 2020 Berkley Cast for Cash Boat Decal
  • Two (2) Soft Baits of the Angler’s Choice*
  • Two (2) Hard Baits of the Angler’s Choice*

Anglers will select two (2) of the following Berkley Hard Baits: Frittside, SquareBull, Choppo, Cane Walker, Dredger, Bad Shad, Surge Shad, Warpig, Surge Shad Jointed, and Bullet Pop

Soft Bait choices include two (2) of the following PowerBaits: MaxScent The General, Pit Boss, The Champ Swimmer, Power Swimmer, Chigger Craw, MaxScent Flatnose Minnow, The Champ Minnow, Ca$h Out, Water Bug, and MaxScent Flat Worm.

NOTE: These shapes are subject to change throughout the year at Pure Fishing’s discretion

*Anglers will choose from a curated list that is subject to change throughout the season
*Baits to choose from will differ based on membership type (bass or walleye)

How do I qualify to become Berkley Cast for Cash member?

Any angler can purchase a Cast for Cash membership and be a part of Berkley’s bait contingency program. Become a member here.

How do I become eligible to win Cast for Cash contingency prize money in sanctioned tournaments?

To be eligible to win Cast for Cash prize money, anglers must become registered members of the contingency program and follow all Cast for Cash Terms and Conditions to remain eligible. Review the rules and regulations here. Cast for Cash memberships are based on a calendar year. Anglers who wish to remain a part of the program from one year to the next much purchase the following year’s Cast for Cash membership.

How do I Register?
  1. Log in to your account or register for an account.
  2. Register for your membership and select four (4) Berkley baits.
  3. Purchase membership.
  4. Receive confirmation email.
  5. Print off membership card (found in confirmation email and on account profile) and bring to tournament.
Can I purchase my friends and family members a Berkley Cast for Cash membership?

Yes. There is a limit of one Cast for Cash membership per angler. However, anglers can purchase as many as they would like for family members and friends.

Do I have to create an account on to become a Cast for Cash Member?

Yes. Berkley requires anglers to create an online account before purchasing a membership. This helps to ensure that members are always able to access their membership ID(s).

How do I receive/retrieve my membership ID?
  • Downloadable and printable Membership IDs are sent to the email entered at registration after a membership is purchased.
  • Membership IDs will also be accessible at any time on the account profile of the customer who purchased the membership ID. These IDs are also downloadable and printable.
  • If a friend or family member purchased your Membership for you, your membership ID will initially be sent to the email used during registration. The ID will thereafter be available on the account of the angler who purchased the Membership.
Who qualifies to receive Cast for Cash contingency prize money?

At sanctioned tournaments, eligible Cast for Cash members (see Terms and Conditions) who finish in the top two (2) out of all Cast for Cash members at that tournament will be awarded a prize.

Is there a boat minimum to win a Cast for Cash payout?

Yes. There must be 20 boats minimum in a tournament for it to be considered sanctioned.

If I am one of the top two Berkley Cast for Cast finishers how do I collect my prize money?

Cast for Cash winners will collect their winnings directly from the management team from that particular tournament. Tournament directors may award prize money at their own discretion and will do so on tournament day or as late as thirty (30) days after the tournament via mail.

How long does my membership last?

Memberships are activated on January 1st or at time of purchase (if after January 1) and will last through November 30th of the calendar year that the membership was purchased.

For example, if you are purchasing a 2020 Cast for Cash membership, that membership will be active starting on January 1st, 2020 or anytime purchased after that date, and will be set to expire on November 30, 2020 regardless of purchase date.

Do I need to purchase a membership each year?

Yes. Anglers will need to purchase a new membership each year.

Does my partner need to be a Cast for Cash member if fishing a team tournament?

Yes. Both anglers must be Cast for Cash members to be eligible to win the prize money.

Is there a limit to how many anglers can register for Cast for Cash?

Yes. Berkley has a limited amount of memberships for each season, so be sure to purchase your membership early.

What are the Cast for Cast payouts?

Payouts range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the tournament and place that an angler finishes in. Find out more on our Tournaments and Total Possible Winnings page.