KBF Challenge Series

200+ opportunities for advancement in competition at national or state/province levels


KBF Challenges give KBF Members opportunities to compete at the most convenient places and times. Challenges pit Competitors against others in their own or nearby state(s) or on a nationwide (US and Canada) basis.

Entry Fee: $25

Prerequisites: KBF Membership is required. Midnight Central Time of the evening before start-of-competition is the deadline to pay 2018 Annual or Lifetime KBF Member Dues to both compete and be eligible for Angler of the Year points, That is also the enrollment deadline for Competitor be eligible to earn KBF BONUS BUCKS.

MRT (Minimum Registration Threshold): Five registrants. National Challenges with fewer than five are cancelled. State Challenges in which fewer than five register for one state results in a merger of  that state with a bordering state—usually one having the fewest registrants of its own. If the combined number is still less than five, then another state is selected for merger. Once merged, states remain so for the rest of the 2018 season.

Payout: One place for 5-19 and then one for each additional ten. Two for 20-29, three for 30-99, etc. $5 from each Entry Fee is used to pay TourneyX per-person user fees. A portion is also held back to fund prizes for the 100 Challenge Championship in October and for administrative costs, with the balance paid out in prizes. [See 2018 Challenge Payout PDF.]

KBFNC Qualification: Awarded to top 10% of field, rounded to the nearest 10, minimum one qualification per Event (per state or multi-state group, in monthly KBF State Challenges). If Competitor has previously qualified, the award does not roll down.
• 5-14 Registrants: first place qualifies
• 15-24 Registrants: top 2 places qualify
• 25-34 Registrants: top 3 places qualify
• 35-44…etc.

AOY: 2018 Angler of the Year Points are awarded at each Challenge, from a maximum of 300 down to a minimum of 60 (for active participants) or 30 (for non-participating registrants), dropping no more than 8 points from one place in rank to the next. Points from one’s top five KBF State Challenges and his top Nationwide Challenge (six scores in all) add up to the KBF Member’s score in the AOY Challenge Category. Maximum possible points, at 300 per event, is therefore 1,800.

AOY points are the basis for 2018 KBF Angler and Rookie of the Year ranking. They also identify KBF Members who will be invited to compete in the 100 Challenge Championship on Toledo Bend, October 19-20, 2018. Two KBF Members from each State and Province whose scores top all others residing in the same state will be invited to compete in that Championship. Position do not roll down within states; however, if one or both of them decline their invitations, their positions go to the nationwide ranking pool. If, for example, KBF Members in 42 US states and Canadian provinces compete in Challenges, KBF will invite 84 of them (top two in each state/province) to compete in the Championship. If 60 of them accept, that results in 40 invitations to other KBF Members based on national Challenge AOY Points ranking. KBF Members will be skipped only if they have informed the series director in advance that they will decline if invited. If one knows he cannot participate, keeps quiet, accepts an invitation and then declines, that position will be lost; it will not roll down.

Bonuses: For Challenges in which the number of registrants is 25 or more, Competitors who enrolled in KBF BONUS BUCKS, KBF’s optional contingency rewards program, are eligible for bonuses according to this schedule:

KBF Challenge Series BONUS BUCKS

Rules: KBF Competition Rules apply and are comprised of the foundation, “KBF Competition Rules Standard,” and an event-specific set of rules and details, “KBF Event Rules Addendum,” that are found on each Challenge’s KBF Events Calendar page. For a quick reference with links to all Challenges, visit KBF’s “2018 Year at a Glance” web page.

2018 Challenge Schedule:

  • April 13-15, Fri/Sat/Sun. Spring National Challenge
  • April 27-30: Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, April 2018 One Night Stand National Challenge
  • May 1-31: May 2018 KBF State Challenges
  • May 11-13: Fri/Sat/Sun, Momanem (Mother’s Day Weekend) National Challenge
  • May 18-20: Fri/Sat/Sun, Armed Forces Day National Challenge
  • May 25-27: Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, May 2018 One Night Stand National Challenge
  • June 1-30: June 2018 KBF State Challenges
  • June 15-17, Fri/Sat/Sun, Father’s Day Weekend National Challenge
  • June 29-July 1, Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, June 2018 One Night Stand National Challenge
  • July 1-31: July 2018 KBF State Challenges
  • July 6-8, Fri/Sat/Sun, Freedom to Fish (Independence Day Weekend) National Challenge
  • July 27-29, Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, July 2018 One Night Stand National Challenge
  • August 1-31: August 2018 KBF State Challenges
  • August 10-12, Fri/Sat/Sun, Dog Days of Summer National Challenge
  • August 31-Sept 2, Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, August 2018 One Night Stand National Challenge
  • September 1-30: September 2018 KBF State Challenges
  • September 7-9, Fri/Sat/Sun, Back to School(ing Bass) National Challenge
  • September 28-30, Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, September 2018 One Night Stand National Challenge
  • October 1-31: October 2018 KBF State Challenges (NO AOY POINTS)
  • October 5-7, Fri/Sat/Sun, Columbus Day National Challenge (NO AOY POINTS)
  • October 19-20, Fri/Sat, 100 Challenge Championship, “End on the Bend”
  • November 9-11, Fri/Sat/Sun, Veterans Day National Challenge