2020 KBF Challenge Series

300+ opportunities for advancement in competition at national or state/province levels


KBF Challenges provide KBF Members opportunities to compete in places and times most convenient to them. They are catch-photo-release (CPR) online competitions using TourneyX and are organized at either the State or Regional level. KBF State Challenges run twenty-one (21) days. KBF Regional Challenges are typically of shorter duration—two, three or four days.

In 2019 KBF began rolling KBF State Challenges based on local weather and state regulations. Weather patterns and open seasons were considered in establishing the first month of competition for each state or province. Those with relatively warm winter months that permit year-round fishing will begin in January. Moving northward, the states will see events posted on TourneyX beginning in March, April, May and June. If five or more KBF Members in a state commit to compete in a month earlier than shown on this page’s roll-out map, notify the Series Director and KBF will set up that event.

NEWS: Challenges Now a Pathway to Dee Zee KBF The TEN: The Fish USA KBF Challenge Series Angler of the Year will now be numbered among the top anglers who make up the roster for Dee Zee The TEN, one of the kayak fishing communities highest-profile events. If the Challenge Series AOY is not already among the nation’s top ten KBF AOY Points leaders, then that will increase the field by one, making The TEN eleven. Another could be added through the All-American Kayak Classic, an event that brings together five top anglers from kayak bass fishing clubs across the nation. Finally, one more KBF Member can win his way into The TEN by winning the Dee Zee KBF TENvitational, which is combined with a KBF TRAIL Series tournament in late January, 2021.

Prerequisites: KBF Membership (Competitor, AmBASSador, or Lifetime) is required to compete in KBF Challenges and be eligible for KBF Challenge Points. KBF Membership dues must be paid no later than 12:00 a.m. Central Time (not necessarily local time zone) of the first day of competition for a registrant to be eligible for prizes and awards. Non-members who register and compete will be contacted and offered an opportunity to pay their KBF dues or receive a refund for their Entry Fee.

One Night Stand Regional Challenges: KBF’s One Night Stand is a 2-fish Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) tournament powered by TourneyX. Competition is against others in the five Challenge Regions (Northeast, Southeast, Central, FL/TX, and West). There is no limit to the number of bass photos Competitors may submit during Competition Period. Regardless of the number of photos submitted, only the two highest-scoring photos (based on bass length) submitted by a Competitor throughout the 14 hours of competition will post to his score and will determine the final ranking.

Due to the number of requests from anglers unable to fish on Friday nights, KBF allows anglers to choose either Friday night or Saturday night, but not both.

Sign up at TourneyX by the registration deadline (3PM in the predominent time zone for the region) on Friday for the night you choose to compete. Those who choose to compete during the 14-hour period beginning Friday evening may not withdraw after competition start time and switch to Saturday. Once competition has started on Friday night, they are committed. Otherwise, an angler might fish for a while Friday evening and, faced with poor results or foul weather, decide to hang it up and try again Saturday. That would give the anglers free to fish Friday evening a better chance of winning than those who may only fish Saturday. So, for each angler, it really is a one-night stand…not two. Opportunities for Group 1 on Friday night and Group 2 on Saturday night are as equal as we can make them.

Other Regional Challenges: Each month from April through October, KBF runs a 3- or 4-day weekend Challenge, usually coinciding with a national holiday, observance, or event (e.g., Spring, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Dog Days, Back to School[ing Bass], Columbus Day). Competition is against others in the five Challenge Regions (Northeast, Southeast, Central, FL/TX, and West). These are 5-bass Challenges that run from 12AM on the first day until 11:59PM on the final day. Registration cut-off is 12AM on the first day of competition.

Concurrent Events: KBF Members may submit the same photo of a fish they catch in up to five concurrent KBF competitions (two bordering states with reciprocal fishing license agreements, a Regional Challenge, a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament, and a Pro Tour Event, for example). While most opt to compete in only one state or region at a time, KBF Members have been known to compete in up to four regions, states or provinces during the same month—as well as in several TRAIL Series Tournaments. KBF Members often register and compete in KBF State Challenges of the states to which they travel for KBF TRAIL Series Tournaments, Member-only Tournaments, and Championships. If permitted by their rules, the photos submitted in KBF competition may be submitted in KBF Partner or non-affiliated club or circuit competition, too.

Registration: Event registration deadline is 12:00 a.m. on the first day of competition, for State Challenes, in the time zone set for each event. For example, If one wishes to compete in the May Virginia KBF State Challenge, which is in the Eastern Time Zone, then he must register by May 1 at 12:00 a.m. EDT. No registrations are permitted once competition has begun.

Time Zones: For states or regions with multiple time zones, events go by the predominant time zone. Northeast, Southeast, and FL/TX regions are set for Eastern Time Zones. Central Region for Central Time Zone, and West Region goes by Pacific Time.

Don’t rely on your lake-time, but go by the time zones laid out above. For example, East Tennessee is in Eastern Time Zone and the rest of the state in Central. The Tennessee KBF State Challenge is set up for Central Time Zone. Indiana uses multiple time zones but Eastern Time Zone is designated for state events. Arizona has regions on Pacific Time and others on Mountain Time, but  only one—Mountain Time—is used in setting up events for the entire state. The Southeast Region encompasses states in both Eastern and Central Time Zones and uses Eastern Time for its schedule. Competitors must be aware of this and adjust accordingly so as to not start or end an hour early or late.

All 2020 KBF Challenges will be run using the TourneyX Tournament Management System. Get started by creating a free TourneyX account. One may use a web browser on a computer or mobile device to register for an event by opening the Event Page (using the search function or jump to KBF Tournaments). Or, one may download the free TourneyX app for Apple or for Android devices and register in the app.

Minimum Registration Threshold (MRT): KBF Regional Challenges with fewer than five (5) registrants will cancelled. If KBF anticipates that fewer than five will register in a state for a KBF State Challenge, usually because the state has fewer than 10 KBF Members, then that state may be merged with a bordering state prior to posting of the events. Usually mergers are between states having similar black bass characteristics. If the combined number is still less than five, then multiple states may be selected for merger. Once merged, states remain so for the rest of the 2020 season unless a waiver is granted by the Series Director.

Entry Fee: $35 per Challenge. This includes both the Challenge and Big Bass competition. $5 covers TourneyX charges. $1.31 is retained by PayPal. $7.50 is held back for the KBF Challenge Series Championship prize pot. KBF retains $1.50 to cover  adminstrative costs (planning, organization, staffing, promotion, officiating), so the remaining $19.69 from each registration goes into the pot that is distributed as event cash prizes (big bass and rank).

Refund requests must be received before competition start time; requests for refunds after competition has started will be denied. An administrative fee is charged for requests received after the date stated in the KBF Event Page.

Cash Prizes: One place pays for 5-9 registrants, and then one for each additional ten. That is, two for 10-19, three for 20-29, etc.  [See 2020 Challenge Series Payout PDF.]

2021 KBFNC Qualification: Awarded to top 25% of field, minimum one qualification per Event (per state or multi-state group, in monthly KBF State Challenges). If Competitor has previously qualified, the award does not roll down.
• 5 Registrants: first place qualifies
• 6-9 Registrants: top 2 places qualify
• 10-13 Registrants: top 3 places qualify
• 14-17…four places, etc.

Challenge Points: At each KBF Challenge, Points are awarded, ranging from a maximum of 600 to a minimum of 120 (for active participants) or 60 (for non-participating registrants), dropping by 5 points from one place in rank to the next. Points from one’s top three KBF Challenges plus the KBF Challenge Series Championship (four scores in all) make up a KBF Member’s 2020 Challenge Points score. The maximum possible points, at 600 per event and 1,200 at the Championship, is 3,000. Ties in overall ranking are broken by competitors’ scores earned at the 2020 KBF Challenge Series Championship.

Challenge Points are the basis for 2020 KBF Challenge State Points Leader awards. KBF Challenge Points also are part of the equation used to identify KBF Members who will be invited to compete in the 2020 KBF Challenge Series Championship.

KBF Challenge Series Championship: October 7-8, 2020 on Lake Guntersville, Alabama. This will be at the same time and place as the 2020 KBF TRAIL Series Championship and  the 2020 KBF National Championshgip. Points accumulation began in October 2019. The following qualify to compete in the 2020 Challenge Series Championship:

  • Challenge winners (first place only; no roll-downs)
  • Top 5 residents of each state and province based on Challenge Points total from each one’s top three events (regardless of the state/province in which they were earned)
  • Top 50 residents of each KBF Region (all Canada is included in Central Region) based on Challenge Points total from each one’s top three events (regardless of the region in which they were earned)
  • Cut-line: all KBF Members whose 4-event Challenge Points total is 2,000 or more

If a KBF Member has already qualified by winning, or by rank in either state/province or region, qualifying position do not roll down.

Rules: KBF Competition Rules apply and are comprised of the foundation, “KBF Competition Rules Standard,” and an event-specific set of rules and details called the “KBF Event-specific Rules,” which is on each KBF Event Page. Links to all Challenge Event Pages will be on KBF’s “2020 Events Schedule” web page.

State Challenge Points Leaders will be recognized for each state and province. Trophies will be presented at the Night of Champions, Thursday night, October 8 at Guntersville, Alabama.

Awards are based on state/province of residence as indicated by the member’s KBF online store account and TourneyX profile—not on the competition location. If a KBF Member relocates during the season, the state or province in which he resides most of the season will be considered his “state/province of residence.”

Example: KBF Member “Matt Bass” lives in Iowa. He competes in North Central and Northeast KBF Regional Challenges, and in IA, MN, FL, and WI KBF State Challenges. Here are Matt’s best four events:
• 595 Challenge Points earned for placing second in the October 2019 WI State Challenge
• 585 Challenge Points for fourth place in the May 2020 IA KBF State Change
• 595 Challenge Points for second place in the July Central Region One Night Stand.
• 500 Challenge Points in the July IA KBF State Challenge.
That gives Matt a 4-event total of 2,275 Challenge Points. If that’s tops in the state, then Matt wins the 2020 Iowa KBF AOY Title (ROY is not tracked at the state level). Since his top-4 score is over the 2,000 cut line, he qualifies automatically for the 2020 KBF Challenge Series Championship and, if he finishes in the top 20 of Cut-line Award competitors, he wins 1/20 of the Cut-line Award Fund, made up of $5 from every 2020 KBF Ambassador Membership dues payment.


  1. Payout to Top 10%
  2. Big Bass Prize
  3. State AOY Recognition
  4. 2021 TENvitational Qualification
  5. 2021 KBFNC Qualification
  6. 2020 Challenge Series Championship
  7. Cut-line Payout at 2020 CSC
  8. 2021 Dee Zee KBF The TEN Qualification



• Challenge Series AOY wins a slot in 2021 Dee Zee KBF The TEN
• AOY wins $1,000 Angler of the Year Award


  1. Points from top three Challenges, Jan-Sept 2020
  2. Ties will be broken by 24-hour fish-off Challenge, Sept 26
  3. Trophies awarded at Night of Champions, Guntersville, AL on Thu, Oct 8
  4. No minimum number of members per state