ConSeal Outdoors

Add stealth, comfort, and sure footing to your kayak

CONSEAL - Stand Out UndetectedCONSEAL Outdoors and kayaking go hand-in-hand. Their custom kayak kits and pads can be trimmed and fitted easily to help you stay quiet and sure-footed on the water. ConSeal was one of the first kayak fishing gear manufacturers to work with KBF to build its world-class tournament series. You’ll see their familiar traction pads on trailers, boats, stair steps, tree stands, ATVs…anywhere reducing noise and improving traction make sense.

  • Sound Dampening — Conformable, adhesive-backed, printable rubber, EVA, neoprene and PVC materials in configurations that absorb structural vibrations and reduce panel resonance to significantly suppress noise and shock waves. Available in pre-cut kits or easily trimmed to fit and apply to boats and personal watercraft, autos, ATVs, deer stands and duck blinds, and industrial applications.
  • Durability — Paper-backed, aggressive, supercharged adhesive package designed for marine and outdoor applications. Easy to clean with brush or power washer. Resistant to UV rays, salt water, and fuel spills.
  • Traction — Flexible, self-adhesive non-skid surfaces and grip tapes protect vehicles, equipment and watercraft, reduce fatigue, and protect against slips and falls on wet surfaces. Useful for ice chest lids, elevated boat platforms, stairs and ladder treads, vehicle steps, showers and pool decks, boat repairs, trailer tongues, and countless other applications.
  • Cushioning and Comfort — Shield and insulate hard, sharp, or rough surfaces while improving usability. Low light reflection reduces glare, and low thermal conductivity provides insulation.

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