It is an angler’s best ten bass (five each day) caught in a CPR (Catch-Photo-Release) invitational tournament held over two days.

It is ten thousand dollars for the champion, and guaranteed payouts for the field.

It is also the top ten KBF anglers of the 2021 season enjoying the fruits of their previous years’ labor: a free stay in the “Ten House,” amazing KBF sponsor gifts and a chance to compete for one more trophy.

Ten Anglers, Ten Bass, Ten House and Ten Thousand Dollars – in ten words, that’s DEE ZEE KBF THE TEN.

To earn a spot, an angler must finish in the Top 10 of the previous season’s AOY rankings, grinding out top finishes to earn points across the KBF TRAIL SERIES. Add the winner of the DEE ZEE KBF TENvitational and the KBF Challenge Series Champion, and the roster is set.

And if that were not daunting enough, the best of the best compete in a two day event. Victory can mean a highlight reel for an entire year. Reflecting on his 2021 win at DEE ZEE KBF THE TEN, kayak fishing legend Jody Queen says “it builds a great deal of credibility with your sponsors and potential sponsors,” and then he added, in his wry West Virginia way, “it also takes the stress out of wondering how to pay for tournaments.”

The 2022 edition of KBF DEE ZEE THE TEN will take place on the Kissimmee Chain in Kissimmee, Florida on February 1-2. The 2022 roster again includes some of the sport’s top names, as well as some rising stars:

      • Cody Milton (2021 FarWide KBF Angler of the Year)
      • Brandon Bissell (2021 Rogue Fishing KBF Rookie of the Year)
      • Rus Snyders (2019 & 2020 KBF Angler of the Year)
      • Mike Elsea (2019 KBF National Champion)
      • Jimmy McClurkan (KBF Challenge Series Tennessee State Points Champion)
      • Matthew Scotch (2021 KBF TRAIL Series Champion – Trinity River)
      • Josh Stewart (2019 KBF Pro Tour Champion)
      • Cody Henley (2021 KBF TRAIL Series Champion – Clear Lake)
      • Garrett Wade (2021 Challenge Series Champion)
      • Caymen Rassmussen (2nd place AOY, Kayak Fishing Utah/2nd Place KBF Trail Clear Lake III)
      • Jody Queen (Defending DEE ZEE KBF THE TEN Champion)
      • Your name here (2022 TENvitational Champion)

There is still time to plan, travel and compete for that last spot awarded to the TENvitational champ! See below for more info.

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Fishing Chaos on Feb 1-2, 2022!

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