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KBF Design Challenge

T-shirt Design Contest

1. Design

First, come up with a unique idea and design your graphic.

2. Enter

Save your file as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF, give it a cool name, and submit it (below).

3. Evaluation

Our design team will sift though entries and pick the winners.

4. Rewards

If your design is chosen as is or to produce derivative works, you win, and the Kayak Fishing community gets to buy and enjoy your creativity.

  1. Sample KBF Shirt DesignGet inspiredSometimes this first step’s the hardest. Other times, a unique idea pops up as you dream, drive, fish, or chat. If you think your idea would look awesome on a t-shirt or hoody, gather your thoughts, sketch your idea and get started! The design should be all yours—one that you came up with and created, even if inspired by others.

  2. Submit your designWhen you feel your design is ready for review, the next step is to photograph, scan, or create a digital art file for upload on the submission form at the bottom of this page. This will be the image that the review panel sees when they score your design.

  3. Panel ReviewKBF’s design team will score your artwork. If your design isn’t selected, don’t get discouraged. Frankly, some ideas just don’t fly. Others are good ideas, but the execution needs work. And, it may be that we already have designs in process or production that are very similar.If your first efforts don’t succeed, try, try again!

  4. Win cash, prizes & fame!If your design is chosen, we’ll reach out for the hi-res artwork, secure rights to use the image, and reward you for your accomplishment. When you see your design up for sale, your name will appear with artist credits.


If your design is selected for a T-shirt of the Month Club feature, you will receive a free three-months enrollment in the Club, or a free three month extension if you’re already a Club member.

Plus, winners will receive an advance printing of three garments—a UPF-50 short-sleeve tee, a UPF-50 long-sleeve tee, and a hoodie—featuring your design. We’ll post a photo of you wearing the t-shirt, the design title, and any remarks you’d like to make about your design when we announce that your design was selected.

To enter this Challenge, please use this form to submit your design.

KBF Design Challenge

    What name would you like to give to your image?
  • Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png.
    Select and upload one original artwork file in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format. (You may make multiple entries.)