Doomsday Tackle Co

Fish to the End

KBF was the first national tournament trail to partner with Doomsday Tackle Co., and their name is now linked in kayak anglers’ minds with molded soft plastic baits. KBF Members get a 25% discount on the Doomsday Tackle Co Website and 10% off at HOOK 1.

Whether you thread on their newly redesigned Doomsday Turtle, a 3.2″ Reaper with its flattened, meaty body and corrugated claws for incredible fluttering action, or the Roku soft stick bait, with a hexagonal cross-section that causes the bait to flash and gyrate on the drop, fishing a DTCo soft molded bait will up your game.

Seriously, anglers who have discovered the Turtle’s effect on bass buy twelve 6-packs at a time from HOOK 1 Outfitters on Old Hickory and have offered to buy out the entire stock just to keep other fishermen from stumbling onto their secret weapon.

Doomsday Tackle Co - Fish to the End
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