KBF Event Liability Insurance

Defense and Coverage for Claims against KBF, KBF Partners, and Members

KBF Liability InsuranceKBF is a member of the North American Tournament Association, LLC (NATA), which promotes the operation of safe, financially responsible freshwater fishing tournaments in the US. [See KBF’s2018 Certificate of Membership- NATA]

NATA is an association made up of fishing clubs and circuits that host tournaments. Because KBF is a member of that association, it is covered by NATA’s Event Liability Insurance Policy. That policy is issued and administered by K&K Insurance of Fort Wayne, [2018 Event Liability Insurance Master policy]

See also [2018 Excess Policy]

What is covered?

Claims resulting from personal injury or property damage to a third party (not claims by members).

Who is covered?

This policy provides coverage for Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC, including the organization and its officers and staff. It covers KBF Partners’ organizers, officers, and directors and also their members whose names have been submitted to KBF.

KBF Partners are kayak fishing clubs, organizations and events that affiliate with Kayak Bass Fishing, LLC by complying with the terms of a KBF Partnership Agreement, and the events they hold are KBF-sanctioned. As long as they are under the KBF umbrella, they are included with KBF under NATA’s Event Liability Insurance Policy.

By paying the Admin Surcharge, non-KBF member competitors in KBF-directed open events become temporary KBF members for the term of the event. When their name appears on the TourneyX Leader Board, they are considered KBF Members for the competition period. If a KBF Partner does not use TourneyX, it must submit a roster of competitors for the event to KBF. Any person whose name does not appear on a roster submitted by the KBF Partner to KBF is not covered by the NATA Event Liability Insurance Policy.

This policy can be extended to include a venue host. If a park or facility manager requires to be included as a named insured in order for a KBF-sanctioned event to be held, NATA can obtain that. Requests to include venue hosts as “additionally insured,” must be submitted to Joe Haubenreich at KBF, who will coordinate with NATA to email, fax, or mail the certificate to the venue host and provide a copy to the KBF Partner forwarding the request.

What does this cost me?

Nothing, directly. The cost is spread out among all KBF Members and competitors in KBF TRAIL and OPEN Series Tournaments. KBF applies a portion of KBF membership dues toward payment of its annual NATA Association fee. The Admin Surcharge paid by non-members also helps defray that expense, too. In 2017, KBF’s Association Fee was a little below $20,000.

Since KBF is paying out of Admin Surcharges and Dues the insurance premium for all the KBF Partners’ members, we encourage them to promote KBF Membership within their groups. Basically, $8.60 out of every KBF Member’s dues pays for his membership. If a KBF Partner has forty members, ten of whom are KBF Members, then each KBF Member is paying for not only his but three other competitor’s event liability insurance coverage. Obviously, the more KBF Members there are in each KBF Partner organization, the more financially feasible this benefit remains. In December of each year, KBF conducts a feasibility study to determine how best to fund coverage for the next year. In the future, it may need to adopt a policy where insurance is provide at no cost to KBF Partners with a certain percentage of active KBF Members and at a per-person cost to those with fewer KBF Members. For 2017, though, it’s included as a KBF Partner benefit at no additional cost.

What is covered?

This policy applies to claims from third parties against KBF and KBF Partners, their officers and staffs, KBF Members, and either KBF Partners’ members or active participants. It does not apply to claims brought by any of those people against each other or against KBF or a KBF Partner. Those fall under each individual’s personal liability coverage, which is included with homeowners’ and renters’ insurance. So if a competitor in a KBF-sanctioned event loses his kayak and gear or experiences other material loss and believes the event’s organizers are responsible, any claims he brings against the director(s), officers, and organization(s) are not covered. This policy is for claims against KBF, KBF Partners, and all our officers, staffs, and members/participants brought by people outside that circle.

How much coverage does this policy provide?

Basically, one million dollars per occurrence with no aggregate limit. For example, suppose a KBF Partner holds a tournament, and it hosts a cook-out during the awards ceremony. A gust of wind carries sparks from the cooking fire to a nearby brushy area, starting a fire that destroys or damages property. Each property owner may file a claim for negligence against the club and its officers and the cook who let the fire get away from him. NATA’s Event Liability Insurance Policy provides $1,000,000 of coverage for each claim, as many as there are…with no aggregate limit.

When and Where does coverage apply?

This applies to any KBF-sanctioned event, including Tournaments and Challenges but also club meetings, banquets, picnics, and other social events, recruiting events at fishing and tackle shows, Rendezvous and KBF-sanctioned demo days or product showcases. It does not apply to individuals en route to and from those events, nor to claims against individuals when they are not specifically engaged in a KBF-sanctioned event.

This coverage does not apply for salt water tournaments; only to freshwater events. Organizations that conduct saltwater tournaments are advised to seek separate liability insurance coverage for those events.

It applies for night tournaments only when certain safety precautions are observed, which are incorporated in the KBF Competition Rules Standards and outlined on the NATA website. The

Do I need more liability insurance?

Every individual has liability coverage as part of his homeowners or renters insurance. Whenever a claim is made against an individual, that’s the primary insurance that provides protection and coverage. Should a KBF Partner obtain its own Liability Insurance Policy or offer a per-event liability insurance policy to its members? If you have extra money that you need to spend and don’t care if you get anything for it, sure. We’re not going to tell you not to, but it’s pretty much like putting a Band-aid on top of another Band-aid, or double-bagging your sandwich. It adds cost with little to no benefit. Review the terms, condition and coverage of the policies you’re considering, and review the Event Liability Insurance Policy that KBF obtains through NATA, and then do what seems best for you and your organization.

How do I get Event Liability Insurance for my club?

One way is to become a KBF Partner. Another is to apply for association membership with NATA at $695 per year, and they you will get exactly the same coverage. Or you can negotiate a rate with any other liability insurance company.

What do I do if personal injury or property damage occurs?

Whether or not a claim is filed, print, complete, and submit a NATA Incident Report to Joe Haubenreich, KBF.

Where can I learn more?

For more visit the NATA website and read NATA’s Event Liability FAQ.