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KBF TRAIL – Lake Guntersville II, Guntersville, AL

June 9, 2018 @ 5:00 am - 2:00 pm CDT


Event Rules Addendum
Virtual Captains Meeting   2018 Lake Guntersville TRAIL Facebook Page   2018 Lake Guntersville TRAIL TourneyX   KBF Competition Rules Standard   Email Tournament Director  KBF Membership Information Join KBFClick to view Tournament Results

KBF TRAIL Series Sponsors are NuCanoe, Torqeedo, Bending Branches, NRS, Lucky Tackle BoxBait Cloud, YakAttack, YETI, APR, Yak Lights, Power-Pole, Lowrance and NINES Optics. If 100 or more competitors register for this event, a NuCanoe fishing kayak will be awarded as a prize. Event Sponsors are Sportsman’s Warehouse, Tremont Tavern, Line Out Custom Tackle, Yakattack, Testimony Tackle, Hog Farmer Bait Company, Tony Sanders Outdoors, and Chattanooga Funeral Home.

  1. Venue: Lake Guntersville, out of Guntersville State Park, Guntersville, Alabama
  2. TVKA Tennessee Valley Kayak AnglersVenue Host: Tennessee Valley Kayak Anglers, TVKA
  3. Concurrent KBF Events:
    • June KBF State Challenges
    • Strike King of the Hill Challenge
    • TVKA Tournament—Entry fee $25 plus $5 Big Bass, paid via PayPal FRIENDS AND FAMILY to yanksfan0207@yahoo.com. Manually submit photos of your three best bass, 12″ or longer, at tournament check-in. Be aware of 2018 KAST Rules differences. For example:
      • If fishing only the KBF TRAIL, electric propulsion is allowed, but you may have no trolling motor if you’re fishing both events.
      • Only Hawg Troughs or Ketch Measuring Boards (not black or dark green) are approved, and you must have a high-contrast sticker of some kind on the fence.
      • Bass may be hooked only inside the mouth, and hooks must be removed before photographing.
  4. Tournament Director: Steve Owens
    TD’s cell phone number: (423) 681-9519
    TD’s Email Address: yanksfan0207@yahoo.com
  5. Format: 1-day CPR tournament using the TourneyX Tournament Management System
  6. Competition Rules & Conditions of Participation: By registering, Competitor affirms that he has read, understands, and as a condition of participation in the Event agrees to abide by KBF Competition Rules, which are in two parts:
    • The “KBF Competition Rules Standards,” including a “Release and Indemnification Agreement” and a “Copyright and Use of Images Agreement.”
    • The specific rules and restrictions outlined in this “KBF Event Rules Addendum.”
    • Minimum length of bass scored: 8 inches
    • KBF Rules are authoritative, taking precedence over all information presented in social media, TMS, oral presentations, and other information sources.
    • NOTE: anglers who compete in a concurrent TVKA tournament must comply with TVKA rules, which differ in some respects with KBF Competition Rules Standards. Know both sets of rules, and apply the most restrictive standards so your photos will count for both events.
  7. Eligibility:
    • All kayak bass anglers are welcome to sign up and compete in this Event. KBF Membership is not required to compete for cash prizes.
    • Only 2018 KBF Annual Members and KBF Lifetime Membership who paid their dues by midnight on the day before start-of-competition are eligible to earn KBF AOY Points, bonuses, and qualify for the 2019 KBF National Championship.
    • [Membership Info]
  8. Registration, Entry Fee and Procedures
    • Entry Fee: $75
    • No cash will be accepted at the event. All Entry Fees must be paid before Registration Deadline through TourneyX with PayPal account debit or by check/debit card.
    • To register and pay the Entry Fee: (a.) log into TourneyX, (b.) navigate to the Event Page or click the dashboard’s “Register for Tourney” button and select the event from the drop-down menu, (c.) check a box that indicates agreement with and commitment to abide by all Rules, Competition Terms and Conditions, and terms of the Liability Release and Waiver Agreement and then (d.) click the “REGISTER” button.
    • Entry Fee includes a $5 per-person TourneyX user fee and PayPal Transaction Fee of 2.9% plus 30¢.
    • 10% of Entry Fee ($7.50) is held back to build the 2018 KBF TRAIL Championship Prize Fund.
    • Remainder of Entry Fee goes into the Event Prize Fund, which is distributed as cash prizes by rank. with a portion going into a Big Bass pot.
    • MRT Deadline — Event sign-ups must reach the 30-person Minimum Registration Threshold (“MRT”) by midnight, 10 days prior to start of competition. Registrations may be Active (Entry Fee Paid) or Inactive (incomplete; Entry Fee not yet paid).
    • Assuming MRT was met, additional registrants must sign up and all Entry Fees paid by the time specified below.
    • If Event fails to meet MRT and KBF cancels the Event, each Registrant’s Entry Fee will be refunded in full.
    • Understanding that until MRT is met the Event is subject to cancellation, Registrant indemnifies KBF and waives all liability on KBF’s part for non-direct or incidental loss (e.g., money spent on lodging reservations, travel, licenses) that result from Event cancellation.
  9. Event ID Code
    • At the time shown below, a KBF Identifier Card with Event ID Code will appear in each competitor’s TourneyX Dashboard. Print that formatted card for use in competition, or write the Event ID Code on a blank KBF Identifier Card.
    • Each KBF Identifier Card has six boxes or “fields,” permitting one Card to serve for up to six concurrent events. Preprint a sheet of 8 identifier blank cards by clicking this link: [KBF Identifier Forms PDF].
    • Using a permanent marker, write the Event ID Code in the Top-Right field (Box B) of a printed KBF Identifier Card.
    • If the field specified for this Event is already occupied, write the Event ID Code in an adjacent box.
  10. Eligible Water: Lake Guntersville
  11. Boundaries: Entire extents of Lake Guntersville, from Nickajack Lake in Tennessee to Guntersville Dam in Alabama.  All tributaries are in bounds until the first impassable barrier. (see KBF Competition Rules Standard for more information)
  12. Launch sites: All public-access launch points onto Lake Guntersville or tributaries that are contiguous with eligible water
  13. Tournament HQ:
    Guntersville City Harbor
    29 Paddle Wheel Drive
    Guntersville Al 35976
  14. Captains Meeting: Anglers’ choice: Friday evening, 7 PM at Tournament HQ, or competitors may view the Virtual Captains Meeting. One or the other is required.
  15. Species: Black bass, all species
  16. Event Schedule (all times are local for the tournament HQ)
    • Thursday May 31, 10 days prior to Start of Competition
      • 12:00 a.m. Deadline to meet MRT
    • Friday June 8
      • 7:00 p.m.: Captains Meeting
      8:58 p.m.: Prefishing Ends (1/2 hour after sunset)
      • 8:00 p.m.: Event ID Code Released
      • 11:59 p.m.: Registration Deadline
    • Saturday June 9
      • 4:30 a.m.: Earliest Launch
      5:00 a.m.: (about 1/2 hour before sunrise) start-of-competition; first cast
      2:00 p.m.: End-of-competition; lines out, and photo upload deadline
      • 3:30 p.m. Deadline to check in to Tourney HQ. (Late or Failure to check in will result in disqualification.)
  17. Scores and Ranking:
    • The combined length of the five (5) bass caught during competition hours will contribute to each Competitor’s score.
    • Event ranking is determined by the total score (length) for any photo(s) beside each Competitor’s name on the Leader Board when judging and verification is complete.
  18. Cash Prizes:
    • First Place is guaranteed $1,000 minimum.
    • Cash prizes are rounded to the nearest dollar.
    • One cash prize is paid for every ten registrants. (For 30-39 Competitors three places pay. Four places pay for 40-49, five for 50-59, etc.).
    • In addition, there will be sponsor prizes awarded.
  19. KBF Big Bass Brawl
    • Register and pay a $25 Entry Fee on the KBF Store: https://kbfstore.com/products/kbf-big-bass-brawl
    • Registration deadline is Competition Start Time (shown above as First Cast).
    • Hourly and daily winners are displayed on Tournament Management System leader board.
    • $50 Big Bass Prize paid hourly; rolls back to next hour if competitor is not registered in Brawl.
    • $500 Big Bass Overall/Daily Prize.
    • Ties break in favor of first upload.
    • Winnings are paid via PayPal funds transfer. See “Reward Distributions,” below.
  20. KBF BONUS BUCKS: Depending on number of registrants, bonuses are paid in addition to cash prizes to 1st, 2nd, and/or 3rd Place finishers if they are enrolled in KBF’s contingency awards program no later than midnight Central Time the evening before start-of-competition. [Info] {Enroll]
    • 30-49 Registrants: $50 to 1st place if enrolled in KBF-BB
    • 50-74 Registrants: $100 to 1st, $50 to 2nd if enrolled in KBF-BB
    • 75-99 Registrants: $150 for 1st, $100 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd, if enrolled in KBF-BB
    • 100+ Registrants: $200 for 1st, $150 for 2nd, $100 for 3rd, if enrolled in KBF-BBKBF TRAIL Series BONUS BUCKS
  21. 2018 KBF AOY Points
    • 2018 KBF Angler of the Year points will be awarded to all eligible KBF Members who register for this event.
    • Active Participants’ AOY points will range from a maximum of 600 Points for First Place down to 120, dropping with each successively lower rank by no more than eight (8), with each angler’s ranking determined by his score.
    • KBF AOY points from this Event will be categorized as “TRAIL” Points on the KBF AOY Points chart.
    • To be considered an Active Participant, one must upload a photo of a bass that meets scoring standards or, if none were caught, a photo that meets all photo requirements except that the Measuring Board is empty, with a score submitted as 0.01″ (Note: KBF recommends taking such a photo and submitting it at start-of-competition time so Competitor qualifies for at least the minimum Participation Points and to ensure Competitor has an approved measuring board, KBF Identifier Card with Event ID Code, and a functioning digital camera.)
    • Registrants who do not compete, or who fail to upload the empty measuring board “Participation” photo  will be awarded 60 Registration Points.
  22. 2019 KBF National Championship Qualification: Awarded to top 10% of field, rounded to the nearest 10, minimum five with 30+ registrations. If recipient has previously qualified, the award does not roll down.
    • 30-54 Registrants (rounds to 50): top 5 places qualify
    • 55-64 Registrants (rounds to 60): top 6 places qualify
    • 65-74 Registrants (rounds to 70): top 7 places qualify
    • 75-84 Registrants (rounds to 80): top 8 places qualify (etc.)
  23. Reward Distributions: A 48-hour Dispute Period begins when Event judging and review are complete and the Tournament Director announces preliminary results. When all disputes have been resolved—no sooner than 48 hours later—prizes, bonuses, AOY Points and KBFNC qualifications are finalized and posted on this page. Cash prizes are distributed via PayPal Funds Transfer using the email address provided by Competitor during event registration. Competitors who win $600 or more, cumulative, during 2018 are required to provide KBF with a completed, signed, and dated IRS FORM W-9. KBF uses information from the W-9 to prepare an IRS 1099 form, a copy of which is sent to the IRS, and another provided to Competitor in January for income tax return preparation. Prize distribution will follow receipt by KBF of Competitor’s IRS Form W-9.


June 9, 2018
5:00 am - 2:00 pm
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