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KBF Young Guns Challenge June 2019

June 1, 2019


This no-entry-fee month-long competition is for youth up to age 18.

Event Rules Addendum
Virtual Captains Meeting  2019 KBF State Challenges on TourneyX KBF Competition Rules Standard Email KBF Challenge Series Director KBF Membership Information Pay KBF Membership Dues

  1. Venue: Nationwide
  2. Tournament Director: For questions about this event, issues regarding judging, rules, and scoring, and dispute submissions, contact:
  3. Format: 1-month, 5-bass, CPR (catch-photo-release) online “virtual” tournament using the TourneyX Tournament Management System
  4. Concurrent KBF Events:
    • 6/1: KBF May One Night Stand Regional Challenge
    • 6/8: KBF TRAIL Series Tournament, Madison Chain, WI
    • 6/14: KBF Father’s Day Regional Challenge
    • 6/15: KBF Trail Series Tournament, New Melones, CA
    • 6/15: KBF Trail Series Tournament, Chickamauga, TN
    • 6/22: KBF Trail Series Tournament, Upper Chesapeake, MD
    • 6/28: KBF June One Night Stand Regional Challenge
  5. Competition Rules & Conditions of Participation: By registering, Competitor affirms that he has read, understands, and as a condition of event participation agrees to abide by KBF Competition Rules, which are in two parts:
    • The “KBF Competition Rules Standards,” including a “Release and Indemnification Agreement” and a “Copyright and Use of Images Agreement.”
    • The specific rules and restrictions outlined in this “KBF Event Rules Addendum.”
    • Minimum length of bass scored: 12 inches
    • KBF Rules are authoritative, taking precedence over all information presented in social media, TMS, oral presentations, and other information sources.
  6. Eligibility:
    • Minimum Registration Threshold for this event to take place is five (5) KBF Members.
    • KBF Membership is NOT required for youth to register, compete and win rewards in this event,
  7. Registration, Entry Fee and Procedures
    • Entry Fee: Free
    • To register (a.) log into TourneyX, (b.) navigate to the Event Page or click the dashboard’s “Register for Tourney” button and select the event from the drop-down menu, (c.) check a box that indicates agreement with and commitment to abide by all Rules, Competition Terms and Conditions, and terms of the Liability Release and Waiver Agreement, and then (d.) click the “REGISTER” button.
  8. Event ID Code
    • At the time shown below, a 2019 KBF Identifier Card with an Event ID Code will appear in Competitor’s TourneyX Dashboard. Print it for use in competition, or write the Event ID Code on a blank KBF Identifier Card.
    • Each KBF Identifier Card has six boxes or “fields,” permitting one Card to serve for up to six concurrent events. Preprint a sheet of 8 blank 2019 KBF Identifier Cards by clicking this link: [KBF Identifier Forms PDF].
    • Using a permanent marker, write the Event ID Code in any field or box on the KBF Identifier Card.
  9. Eligible Water:
    • Digital photos for any KBF Young Guns Challenge may be submitted only for bass caught from public-access waters for which the competitor is legally authorized to fish, and for which he complies with all regulations.
  10. Launch Points: Sites that comply with KBF’s Definition of Public Access
  11. Captains Meeting: View pre-recorded information in a Virtual Captains Meeting on YouTube.
  12. Species: Black bass, all species
  13. Event Schedule — All times below are the predominant time zone for the state/multi-state group (EDT, CDT, MDT, or PDT)
    • Friday, May 31
      • 7:00 p.m.: Event ID Code Released; displays on TourneyX dashboard (browser) and KBF Website.
    • Saturday, June 1
      • 12:00 a.m.: Deadline to register for this event
      • 12:00 a.m.: Deadline to join KBF and be eligible to compete
      • 12:00 a.m.: Start-of-competition; first cast
    • Sunday, June 30
      • 11:59 p.m.: End-of-competition; lines out; photo upload deadline
  14. Scores and Ranking: Event ranking is determined by the total score (length, adjusted by penalties for infractions, if applicable) for up to five photos that remain beside Competitor’s name on the NRS Leader Board after Event judging and verification is complete.
  15. Cash Prizes — None
  16. Other awards and prizes are being donated by event sponsors.