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KBF Challenge Points State Leaders Fish-off

September 26, 2020


FishUSA KBF Challenge Series Fish-off presented by NRS Fishing

This is a one-day, five-bass tie-breaker for Challenge Series Competitors tied for Challenge Points First Place in their states (counting the top three finishes’ points only).

VENUE — Four separate events have been created, one for each Time Zone across the US and most of Canada. Choose the one appropriate for the time zone where you will be fishing (not necessarily the time zone of your residence) and register on TourneyX:

COMPETITOR ELIGIBILITY  — To register for this event, one must be a KBF Member tied for First Place in the number of 2020 KBF Challenge Points for his state of residence There are no minimum age limits; however all competitors under age 18 must be supervised at all times during competition by either a parent or guardian or by an adult designee.


  1. By registering for this event, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the terms, conditions, and provisions of the KBF Competition Rules Standard and event-specific rules on this Event Page. KBF Rules are authoritative, taking precedence over all information presented in social media, TMS, oral presentations, and other information sources.
  2. Entry Fee — $7, which must be paid prior to registration by PayPal account or credit/debit card. There are no cash prizes for this special Challenge; it is entirely to determine who will be the State Points Leader for each US State and Canadian Province.
  3. No entry fees will be refunded for this event.
  4. To register and pay the Entry Fee: (a.) log into TourneyX, (b.) navigate to the Event Page or click the dashboard’s “Register for Tourney” button and select the event from the drop-down menu, (c.) check a box that indicates agreement with and commitment to abide by all Rules, Competition Terms and Conditions, and terms of the Liability Release and Waiver Agreement, and then (d.) click the “REGISTER” button.
  5. Waiver & Release Online Form — Each competitor must fill out and submit a Waiver & Release form. [Submit Online] at least one time per year.
  6. Format — 1-day, 5-fish CPR (catch-photo-release) online “virtual” tournament using the TourneyX Tournament Management System.
  7. Number of Photos Scored — There’s no limit to the number you may submit; fish with lower scores are automatically replaced by those with higher scores. The score of all photos remaining on the NRS Leader Board at end of competition (up to five in this Challenge) are added to give each Competitor’s score.
  8. Minimum length of bass scored — 12 inches
  9. Event ID Card — An official KBF Identifier Card with the proper Event ID Code must appear in each photo submitted for scoring. Use a permanent marker to write the Event ID Code in any field or box on the KBF Identifier Card. Codes are posted on the KBF Website Identifiers page and appear in the TourneyX Pro App dashboard at 7PM the evening before competition. No substitutes. Click to open a PDF file, printable, with 8 KBF Event Cards. [More Information]
  10. Eligible Water — Digital photos for any KBF State Challenge may be submitted only for bass caught from public-access waters for which the competitor is legally authorized to fish, and for which he complies with all regulations. Competitors in multi-state or multi-province groups may submit bass caught in either/any of the combined states or provinces, providing they comply with all regulations (e.g., have a valid fishing license, meet boat permit requirements) for the water in which they fish.
  11. Launch Points — Put in at sites that comply with KBF’s Definition of Public Access
  12. Multiple Challenges — Competitors may also compete in the September One Night Stand Regional Challenge. If competing on Day 1 of the ONS, fish caught during overlapping hours may be submitted for both challenges. KBF Members may sign up for only ONE KBF Challenge Points Leader Fish-off.
  13. Bordering States’ Reciprocal Fishing License Agreements — On some state boundary waters, a reciprocal licensing agreement between the bordering states allows anglers with valid fishing licenses issued by one state to legally fish specific waters through which the border passes and sometimes in water well within the neighboring state’s borders. A competitor catching a bass in water covered by such an agreement may submit the same photo of that bass in both State Challenges, assuming he registered for both. For example, the boundary between Louisiana and Texas runs down through Toledo Bend Reservoir. Those two states’ reciprocal license agreement permits Texas and Louisiana residents with a valid fishing license issued by either state to fish from a boat anywhere on Toledo Bend. Therefore, a Competitor fishing the Louisiana KBF State Challenge may submit photos of bass caught in Texas areas of the lake and vice versa. The same photo may also be eligible for submission to other concurrent KBF Regional Challenges and Tournaments, if permitted by the rules for those other events. Be sure to read reciprocal agreement regulations carefully; they vary state-to-state. Some pertain only to residents, while others to all license holders, both residents and non-residents.


  • Saturday, September 28
    • 7:00 p.m.: Event ID Code Released; displays on TourneyX dashboard (browser) and KBF Website.
  • Saturday, September 29
    • 12:00 a.m.: Deadline to Register for Event
    • 6:00 a.m.: Start-of-competition; first cast
    • 2:00 p.m.: End-of-competition; lines out; photo upload deadline

Waiver & Release Online Form: [Submit Online]
Dispute Submission: [Link]

FishUSA, America’s Tackle Shop
NRS FIshing

CONTACTS — Report issues or questions to:
Series Director: Amanda Brannon
Email: joe@kayakbassfishing.com

PUBLISHING EVENT RESULTS — Following a 24-hour dispute window, during which scores and judgments may be challenged, results are finalized and posted on the KBF Rosters and Standings page.


September 26, 2020
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