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KBF TRAIL – Big Hill Lake

September 23, 2017 @ 6:00 am - 3:00 pm CDT

2017 KBF TRAIL SeriesTournaments

Big Hill Lake Rankings and Rewards

The following chart is preliminary, pending completion of review of protested results. If you are aware of errors or discrepancies, please bring them to the attention of KBF Management. The 24-hour protest window has closed, so any new infractions or errors brought to light will not result in change of rankings or rewards but will be useful in training, improving our judging process, and judge evalutations.

1 Joshua Workman NE 82.00 $1,166 Q 200.0
2 Joshua Boothe MO 81.50 $662 Q 196.0
3 Nick Kruckenberg MO 81.25 $263 Q 192.0
4 Joshua Martin KS 76.50 $141 Q 188.0
5 Eric Michalowski KS 76.25 SLOT 184.0
6 Hans Bentz MO 73.25 Q 180.0
7 Josue Rodriguez OK 72.50 Q 176.0
8 Kevin Workman NE 71.75 Q 172.0
9 Jeff Her OK 71.50 Q 168.0
10 Gina Ueke MO 71.00 Q 164.0
11 Kolby Minor KS 70.00 SLOT
12 Michael Bowden KS 68.00 SLOT
13 Nate Gloria NE 66.75 Q 160.0
14 Preston Maples MO 66.25 SLOT
15 Steve Lutze KS 66.00 Q 156.0
16 Troy Nydegger KS 65.50 SLOT 152.0
17 Eric Braden KS 65.50 148.0
18 Travis Ueke MO 65.00 144.0
19 Nick Crull NE 64.00 140.0
20 Richie McMichael KS 63.00 136.0
21 Nathan Henthorn OK 62.00 132.0
22 Tory Bouma NE 61.25 128.0
23 Grant Moberly KS 60.75
24 Josey Stone KS 60.75 124.0
25 Eric Molina KS 59.00 120.0
26 Michael Sandlin MO 58.75 116.0
27 Mel Ashe MO 55.75 112.0
28 Robbie TurtleKing Arand MO 54.00 108.0
29 Landon Stephens KS 52.75 104.0
30 Jon Newlands KS 52.50 100.0
31 Thor Rooks OK 51.50
32 David Robinson KS 49.00 96.0
33 Jason Adams AR 48.00 92.0
34 Josh Lutze KS 40.50 88.0
35 Derek Jamison KS 39.75 84.0
36 Edward Smith KS 39.50
37 James Harding MO 38.75
38 Sam Myers 38.00 80.0
39 John Harriman KS 15.25 76.0
40 David Cruz KS 12.75 72.0
41 Tad Meyer NE 11.75 68.0
42 Justin Buchanan KS 11.50
43 Sean Evans KS 20.0
44 Nicholas Floyd KS
45 Jonathan Morse KS 20.0
46 Marco Munoz KS
47 Chris Nixon KS

This series is presented by Torqeedo and sponsored by NuCanoe. If 100 or more competitors register for this event, a NuCanoe fishing kayak will be awarded for First Place on top of whatever cash first place pays.

Event Rules Addendum

  1. Date(s) of Competition: Saturday, September 23, 2017
  2. Tournament Director: Josey Stone
  3. Contact: Email: kckayakangler@gmail.com, Phone: (913) 620-7243
  4. KBF Partner Host: NE Kansas Kayak Anglers
  5. Competitor Eligibility Requirement: This tournament is open to KBF Members (2017 KBF Annual Membership or KBF Lifetime Membership) or non-members.
  6. Series Classification: 30 or more registrations are required for this event to qualify as a KBF TRAIL Series Tournament. If fewer than 30 register, this event will classify as a KBF Challenge Series Event.
  7. Venue Host & Tournament HQ: TBD
  8. Eligible Water Name(s), Location:Big Hill Lake, Cherryvale, KS
  9. Eligible Water Boundaries: Meet up for Captains Meeting and check-in at Timber Hill Ramp. May also launch at dam.
  10. Eligible Species: Black bass, all species and varieties
  11. Competition Format: This is a 1-day CPR tournament where the combined length of up to five (5) bass will contribute to each competitor’s score
  12. Competition Rules: By registering, each competitor acknowledges he has read and agrees to abide by the following documents:
    • The “KBF Competition Rules Standards,” including a “Release and Indemnification Agreement” and a “Copyright and Use of Images Agreement”).
    • The specific rules and restrictions outlined in this “KBF Event Rules Addendum.”
  13. Exception to KBF Competition Rules Standards: TBD
  14. Captains Meeting: Virtual Captains Meeting (YouTube video, required viewing)
  15. Event Schedule (all times are local)
      4 PM: Prefishing cut-off time.
      8 PM: Registration Deadline
      8 PM: Image of a KBF Identifier with a 2-character Event ID Code will appear in your TourneyX Dashboard. Print it for use in competition, or print the Event ID Code on a blank KBF Identifier Form.
      5:30 AM: Captains Meeting at Timber Hill Ramp ($10 Entry Fee cash collection for optional Big Fish Pot)
      • 6 AM: Start competition; first cast; no photos of fish caught before this time
      2 PM: End competition; lines out
      3 PM: Be through Tournament HQ check-in line, all fish uploaded. Return early if photo upload assistance is required.
  16. Entry Fee and Procedures
    • No cash will be accepted at the event. All Entry Fees must be paid before Registration Deadline through TourneyX with PayPal account debit or by check/debit card.
    • Entry Fee is $50. Non-Members pay an additional $25 Admin Surcharge. Within one week of event, surcharge may be applied toward KBF Membership dues.
       (Click here to pay the $25 Non-member Admin Surcharge for KBF TRAIL Series tournaments if you overlooked it during registration on TourneyX.)
    • To register and pay the Entry Fee: (a.) log into TourneyX, (b.) navigate to the Event Page or click the dashboard’s “Register for Tourney” button and select the event from the drop-down menu, (c.) check a box that indicates agreement with and commitment to abide by all Rules, Competition Terms and Conditions, and terms of the Liability Release and Waiver Agreement (non-members also check the Admin Surcharge box), and then (d.) click the “REGISTER” button.
    • Entry Fee Refunds up to one week prior to event upon request emailed to accounting@kayakbassfishing.com
  17. KBF TRAIL Event ID CodeIdentifier Form & Code
    • Every photo must include a legible KBF Identifier Form.
    • At the time indicated above, a 2-character Event ID Code will appear in each competitor’s TourneyX Dashboard. Print that code in the identifier form’s top-left field (Box A).
    • Each KBF Identifier Form has six blocks or “fields,” permitting one identifier form to serve for up to six concurrent events. If you are already using a KBF Identifier Form for another KBF Challenge or a KBF Tournament and the top-left box is already filled, you may print the Event ID Code in an adjacent box.
    • Preprint a sheet of 8 identifier blank forms by clicking this link: [KBF Identifier Forms PDF].
  18. Scores & Ranking
    • Rankings will be determined by the cumulative score of each competitor’s five (5) longest bass caught and uploaded in accordance with the KBF Competition Rules for this event.
  19. Cash Prizes (with 30+ registrants)
    • The Event Prize Purse is the number of registrations times the $50 Entry Fee. ($25 Admin Surcharge collected from non-members do not contribute to the Prize Purse but are used to defray event administrative costs.)
    • First place guaranteed $1,000 payout, minimum
    • 10% of Field Payout: 30-39 registrants, three places pay. 40-49, four place. 50-59, five places pay, etc.
    • Prize Distributions are made via PayPal Funds Transfer after winners have provided KBF with IRS W-9 form. (Winner may request that a company check mailed to the address on his IRS W-9 form and are responsible for payment of all state and federal income taxes.
  20. Sponsor Award: If 100 or more competitors register for this event, NuCanoe will award a NuCanoe Pursuit fishing kayak to the first place winner.
  21. 2017 KBF Angler of the Year Points (with 30+ registrants)
    • 2017 KBF AOY Points will be awarded to all registrants who are KBF Members by this event’s competition start time.
    • First Place: 200 Points for first place down to the minimum 40
    • Minimum Participation Points: 40
    • Minimum Registration Points: 20
    • Points decrease with each step down in rank. Increments are determined by the number of active participants, with a maximum decrease of 4 points per level.
    • To qualify for Minimum Participation Points, competitor must upload a photo that meets all standards, except no fish on the Hawg Trough and a length of 0.00″.
    • Registrants who did not compete, or who competed but did not upload a 0.00″ photo, each receive Minimum Registration Points.
    • KBF AOY points from this event will be categorized as  “TRAIL” Points on the 2017 KBF AOY Points chart.
    • If fewer than 30 register for this event, 100 AOY points will be awarded to First Place, 20 Minimum Participant Points and 10 Minimum Registration Points.
  22. 2018 National Championship Qualification (with 30+ registrants)
    • Five (5) KBF-NC slots will be awarded at this event.
    • For  over 50 registrants, one additional Qualifying Slot will be awarded for every additional 10 registrants (6 for 60-69, 7 for 70-79, etc.).
    • If a KBF-NC slot is awarded to a competitor who has previously qualified, then the slot rolls down to the highest-ranking alternate who has not yet qualified.
    • To satisfy KBF-NC eligibility requirements any non-member who is awarded a slot must join KBF within one week of competition or the slot will be retracted and rolled down to the top alternate.
    • If fewer than 30 register for this event, one Qualifying Slot will be awarded for every ten (10) registrants with no minimum.
    • A minimum of $40 and up to $100 in KBF BONUS BUCKS will awarded on top of cash prizes if first and second place (and with 90+ registrants, third place) finishers are 2017 KBF BONUS BUCKS Program participants. (For example, if First Place is won by a competitor who is in KBF-BB, he gets $60, $80, or $100 added to his other winnings.) To be eligible to win a bonus, the KBF-BB participant must earn a top-three finish.
    • If fewer than 30 register for this event, no KBF BONUS BUCKS will be awarded.2017 KBF TRAIL Series Bonus Chart


September 23, 2017
6:00 am - 3:00 pm CDT
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