By Jason Gardner and Henry Veggian

At the start of 2021, the new and improved Fishing Chaos Tournament Management System became the primary app for tournament submissions for Kayak Bass Fishing events. This is not to suggest that Fishing Chaos was entirely new; thousands of anglers used it in 2020 in smaller events such as the Livingston Lures Three Fish Throwdown and the Big Bass Brawl at the KBF National Championship on Lake Guntersville. Since that time, user feedback has been used to optimize the app. Since 2020 thousands of KBF anglers have used the system in hundreds of events, including:

Fishing Chaos has undergone periodic updates on the app and its user interface. We thought it an opportune time to offer some tricks and tips for how to get the most out of your user experience with the site/app. There are two sections below. One is for tournament related tips and tricks, the other for customizing your profile

Managing Tournaments

 Tip: Finding your Identifier Code

An angler’s ID Code must be clearly written and visible on a Kayak Bass Fishing Identifier card in every submitted photograph of a fish. As such, the code is one of the most essential components of a tournament angler’s check list. This is how to find your identifier for a specific event on Fishing Chaos:

  • Open the App and go to the Tournament for which you need the identifier.  In the example in the photo below, it is the Maine Yak Anglers Practice Event:

  • Once in the event, notice the Yellow Banner: “Your identifier is ready.  View Identifier”.  Click where it says “View…” on the right side of that banner (circled in red above).
  • Your identifier code will pop up and you write that code on your KBF Identifier Cards (PDFs for sheets of identifier cards are found on the KBF Website)

Trick: Make the Tournament your default page

  • When you are logged into your tournament page, click the “Setting” wheel on the top right. In the drop down menu, click “Default view.” This will keep that page as your default – this is very useful for multi-day and month-long events. Remember to change it to the next event when the tournament concludes! You can check this in your “Preferences” on the left menu, too!

Tip: Viewing the Roster

Want to check if you are signed up for a tournament or confirm your registration went through? When you are logged in:

  • Go to your tournament
  • Click on the number above the word “Roster” (“Formerly “Anglers,” see the arrow below) :

 Trick 1: Want to see how many anglers registered for an event?

  • Go to “Tickets Sold” and then click on your state or the event.

Click here for a video demo of the features listed above.

Trick 2: An angler can see what other tournaments they are a part of by accessing their “Dashboard” menu from the left hand menu option. They can also see what clubs they are a part of and if they have any upcoming trips with a Charter.

Tip: Viewing an Angler’s catch photos

One of the features of Fishing Chaos is that the “Challenge” button allows anglers who spot a submission error to contest a competitor’s catch, thereby alerting judges to a mistake (anglers are limited to the number of challenges they can submit). While viewing the roster (see above), click on an angler’s profile and see their submitted catches for that event.

Trick: Viewing Tournament Results

Couldn’t make it to the tournament? We all like to follow event results when we aren’t competing. There is a way to see more of the Fishing Chaos leader board:

  • When you are on the tournament page, click the “list” option. It’s a square of 3 small boxes and 3 bars on the upper right. This will convert to a square of 9 small boxes to show standings without photos.
  • To view photos, click again on the button, and the grid view of photos returns on the screen.

Tip: Allowing Photo submission time to show in the Fishing Chaos app

You can manage whether the app shows the time the submitted photo was taken, instead of when it was submitted. Click here for a video demonstration

Managing Your Profile

 Tip: Customizing your profile

Every angler can add a photo, sponsors, a bio and more to the Fishing Chaos app, as well as select what the public can see in their tournament profile. To do so:

  • Click on your name in the left menu
  • Scroll down the menu and click on “Public Profile”
  • Add info, and use the toggle switches on the bottom to display or remove certain features from your profile.

Trick: Adding A Profile Photo

  • To customize your profile with a photo, simply click on the photo circle and upload a photograph.

Tip: Customizing your Catch Log Stats photos

Want to make sure to show your biggest fish first in the Catch Log Stats of your profile?

  • Go to ‘Catch Log” in the left menu
  • Select a photo of a fish
  • In the upper right corner, click on the three dots and select “Set Featured.”

Trick: View your Catch Stats by Year

  • Go to “Catch Log”
  • In the upper right corner, click “year” in the drop down menu, and select the year.

Kayak Bass Fishing will work to optimize Fishing Chaos as the season continues. To sign up, create an account or schedule a demo, visit Fishing Chaos today learn more.

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