FishOPS CATCH5 Challenge Series

We are launching the FishOPS brand at KBF to focus on supporting Veteran’s Advocacy, Public Servant and First Responder organizations. A portion of the proceeds from each CATCH5 Challenge Series event will go the charity or non-profit featured in each event. In addition, we will be partnering with manufacturers to create FishOPS co-branded merchandise to raise operating funding and to directly support our partner organizations.

Once we dial in the cost to facilitate each event we will post the exact amount that will go to the featured organization for each FishOPS CATCH5 Challenge.


We will be 100% transparent on the cost and contributions of facilitating each event along with the donation amount and we strongly encourage folks to contribute directly to the organization if they would like 100% of their contribution to go to that organization’s mission.


The first three events will benefit Behind the Lines Foundation and provide the baseline for getting FishOPS off the ground as a mission based brand. All competitors will receive a T-shirt and decal and those that complete the prescribed Challenge will receive a FishOPS Challenge Coin.


Once the event is over, those that receive their challenge coins will use it to enter a giveaway for premium prize giveaways from our supporting sponsors.

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Chad will travel to 22 States in 2022 and catch 22 fish in each state to raise awareness for Veteran’s Suicide and raise funds for organizations that help provide support that enhances Veteran’s Quality of Life while also helping prevent suicide in the veteran’s community.