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Bienville Plantation Sunrise

Monthly KBF Member-only Contests

Get some decals to dress up your ride. Get some great gear, too, from KBF and sponsors through monthly contests.

What: In addition to other benefits, discounts, and perks, KBF Members receive, each quarter, a set of decals that can be used to dress up a kayak or vehicle…or can be used to win prizes in monthly member-only Get S.O.M.E. Challenges.

S.O.M.E. stands for “Sticker of the Month Exclusive.” Get some stickers for each month of the year. Get in on some competition. Get your hands on some gear and prizes. Get it?

Where: Each Get S.O.M.E. Challenge is a virtual competition, so you can participate wherever you happen to be…as long as you’re able to meet the requirements of each competition, which are presented in contest rules posted here and on the KBF Members-only Facebook Page.

Get S.O.M.E. Challenges range from insane to arcane, piece-of-cake to make-or-break. And there can be several of these special Get S.O.M.E. Challenges each month.

When: Variable, but at least once per month, and more likely each week.

1. More fun for KBF Members
2. Increase awareness of KBF’s name and brand by using logo decals as event identifiers
3. Introduce, describe, and promote sponsors and their products, who partner with KBF to provide the decals and the product prizes each month.
4. Get great kayak, outdoor, and fishing gear into the hands of KBF Members, and generate a steady stream of objective, expert field test reports that will help inform our membership of sponsors’ products.

How: To qualify for this competition, one must:
1. Become a 2018 KBF Annual Member or KBF Lifetime Member.
2. Hang onto the packet of decals that you receive in the mail with your membership packet and then once each quarter through the year.
3. Follow the contest rules regarding display of the decal for the month and how to turn it into prizes.

Here’s what to expect:

  1. A unique decals is assigned to each month of the year.
  2. Members receive that month’s decal (plus future months’) by mail. if one joins by mid-January, he receives decals for Jan/Feb/Mar in his membership packet. Those who pay their dues by the 14th of February get the Feb/Mar decals. March sign-ups get Mar/Apr/May/Jun, and so on.
  3. By participating in a Get S.O.M.E. Challenge, participants agree to use, field test, and provide a review on Facebook (or other…see instructions for each event) along with photos of the product(s) in use, hash-tagging the sponsor as directed in the event rules.
  4. On the KBF Members-only Facebook Page and on this Web page, instructions will be posted on the current contest. Monitor Facebook and bookmark this Web page to learn how to display the current month’s decal for a chance to win.
  5. Display the decal, most often in a photograph, and post it wherever instructed (Facebook, a tournament event page, or other).
  6. Winners will be announced, along with the prizes awarded by sponsors.
  7. Winners receive the prizes, field-test and then post product reviews according to the event rules.

You may be thinking, “I’d lose my head if it weren’t screwed on tight. What happens when I lose my decals?” Glad you asked. Monthly decals will go on sale in the KBF Store. One may purchase a quarterly complement of three for $5 or buy them individually at $2 each. So whether you’re replacing lost decals or just like the way they look, you’ll not be stuck sticker-less.

Bienville Plantation Sunrise