The Kayak Bass Fishing HIGH SCHOOL SERIES provides high school kayak anglers opportunities to compete against teams from other schools on a state, regional and national setting.

Kayak angling is ideal for HIGH SCHOOL anglers. Even a kayak fully rigged for competition costs much less than a jon boat, motor and trailer, and it’s a fraction of the cost for a premium bass boat. Maintenance time and expense are almost non-existent. Schools can buy an entire fleet of loaner kayaks for the cost of a single bass boat. On- or off-campus parking, security and storage pose even fewer challenges. Preparation for practice fishing is a breeze by comparison, too; just portage your kayak and gear to a nearby pond, or toss your gear into a vehicle, strap a kayak on top, and go. Fuel and annual maintenance costs go way down. When traveling, competitors don’t limit themselves to hotels with room to maneuver and electrical hook-ups for bass boats in parking lots. Kayak Fishing also reduces group travel, practice and logistics issues in every way.

KBF uses online tournament management systems for CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) competition. Individuals and teams may compete without the necessity of meeting face-to-face for pre-tournament briefings and weigh-ins. Though these may be required in some situations, KBF tournaments are ideal for conducting virtual events that can comply with even the most stringent social distancing requirements. Competitors may launch anywhere in the designated boundaries from public launches, fish, and submit fish for scoring throughout the day. Results are instantly visible on automatically-updated Tournament Management Leader Boards. Kayak fishing preserves fishery resources, too. The mortality rate of fish caught in competition approaches zero (where it’s much higher in conventional bass tournaments using livewells and end-of-competition weigh-ins). Anglers have many more choices on where, when, and how to fish.

Kayak fishermen reach areas boats can’t and fish areas more thoroughly and effectively, the size and numbers of fish scored in kayak competition often outclass those posted in conventional bass tournaments. For healthy, low-impact, high-excitement fishing, kayaks and catch-photo-release are the way to go.

Throughout 2021, KBF HIGH SCHOOL Series Members hone their skills in competition against one another in their own clubs and against other teams in the KBF HIGH SCHOOL Series. The rules for each event spell out the start and end dates and times, eligible waters, and other conditions, but otherwise competitors can choose where, when, and how to fish..

KBF HIGH SCHOOL members may also enter KBF Challenge Series, KBF TRAIL Series and OPEN Tournaments to pit themselves against other KBF members in their states, regionally and across the country.

KBF HIGH SCHOOL Series Tournament consists of a virtual online series from May to September to qualify for the KBF HIGH SCHOOL Championship on Laurel River Lake in Corbin/London, Kentucky. In addition, KBF has partnered with USA BASS for a KBF HIGH SCHOOL OPEN to be held in Cookeville, Tennessee on Center Hill Lake on September

For high school students, KBF Membership dues are cut to zero as our way of investing in the future of the sport. They are eligible to upgrade for additional perks and discounts enjoyed by Ambassador and Premium KBF Members if they choose and their school program guidelines permit. As KBF Members, they may compete against anglers of all ages and states through other KBF State Challenge Series and KBF TRAIL Series tournaments.They are eligible to qualify on their own for slots at the KBF NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and are eligible to earn KBF Angler of the Year Points.

We’re consulting with HIGH SCHOOL team coaches, KBF members attending universities, and numerous other advisors now. Complete guidelines for high school teams and a full program descriptions are coming soon.

If you are interested in more information please contact KBF President Chad Hoover at kayakbassfishing@gmail.com.  To register your team please complete the form below.